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The New England Mountain vs The Seattle Viper

2 Feb

A shocking ending that no one could have expected!


Week 1 NFL 2013 Predictions!

6 Sep


Yaaaay football is back! And yeah, we didn’t post this last night, but I mean, who could’ve predicted Peyton throwing 7 TDs anyways?!

September 5th – Thursday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Denver Broncos. This is a super tough game for the Ravens to open with on the road, plus it’s definitely a revenge game for that loss in the playoffs last year. I know that the Broncos lost Dumerville and are without Von Miller for 6 games, AND Champ Bailey isn’t going to be there… oh wait… uh so why aren’t the Ravens going to win? I’ll tell you why, because Peyton Manning is going to do what he does best, and that’s dissect defenses. The Broncos should be able to easily put up 30+ on the Ravens, and I just don’t see Ravens being able to match that kind of offensive firepower.

Greg – Denver Broncos. The Ravens come into this season a shell of what they were last year. So many people have left. That said, they will still be a decent team, but keep in mind before their Super Bowl run, Baltimore was debating firing coaches and questioning Flacco. I think the Broncos will win this one by at least 10. Hi Wes!

September 8th – Early Sunday Games (1:00 PM ET)

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – New England Patriots. I’ve been trying to think of a nice way of putting this, but I just don’t see a situation where New England loses this game. EJ Manuel and CJ Spiller will definitely cause some headaches for the Patriots defense, no doubt, but one or two mistakes (aka if the Patriots get too far ahead and force EJ Manuel to air it out a lot) and this game will be over.

Greg – New England Patriots. It seems the Bills and Pats always square off early in the season — and every year it’s Brady v some other quarterback. This time it’s an undrafted rookie. I expect the Patriots defense to be pretty strong this year, so hopefully this goes that way. Pats roll.

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