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The New England Mountain vs The Seattle Viper

2 Feb

A shocking ending that no one could have expected!


Week 7 2013 NFL Predictions!

17 Oct

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets

Week 7


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals 8:25 PM

Andrew – Seattle.

Greg – Seattle. The Cardinals put up a good fight last week against the 49ers, but ultimately came up short. Against this defense, we can be sure there will be a couple of costly turnovers by the Cardinals (GOTTA LOVE THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL RIGHT?!) — that will ultimately be their demise. Seahawks take this one easy.

Genesis – Seattle. This one is a difficult game for me to pick. Both defenses are pretty solid and the Cardinals are actually not that bad this year. But, the Cards offense has been struggling, including turning the ball over and the Seahawks defense loves causing turnovers. Plus, Russell Wilson has more rushing yards than the Cardinals’ rushers. If the Seahawks were playing in the East, then I’d say they lose, but since it’s a West coast game and the fact that they’re a more solid team, I say they come out with a win by a field goal.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. Going with home team here, but in Tampa…. I might pick otherwise. No Julio Jones and no defense that I can speak of, this game could be very upsetting for Falcons fans… oh wait they’re going to leave after the 1st quarter regardless… so they’ll never know.

Greg – Atlanta. Both these teams are in shambles, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both their coaches were nearing the chopping block. I still think the Falcons have enough weapons that EVENTUALLY have to show up right?

Genesis – Atlanta. ATLANTA’S BEEN SOME BUTT recently but I think they’ll right the ship against another team that has also been some butt. I expect to see a lot of passes going towards Tony Gonzalez’s way this game. The Buccs will get a win eventually, but it won’t be in Georga against the Falcons.

Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM

Andrew – Detroit. I don’t trust the Bengals any more and AJ GREEN IS NOT DOING WHAT HE SHOULD ON MY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM! Tough road game against a solid defense and an offense that can move the ball pretty well. I’d like to think it’d be close, but if Dalton continues to struggle, this game could get ugly.

Greg – Detroit. The Bengals are coming off a close game against (a backup qb) Bills team that they should’ve beaten easily. The Lions offense is clicking (even with Calvin Johnson semi-injured). The Bengals have the defense to slow this Lions team down, but I’ll take Stafford over Dalton in this one.

Genesis – Bengals. I’ll take the upset pick here. The Lions are a much more productive team, but I think the Bengals will find a way to win this one. Early struggles for Cincinnati will turn into a better/winning second half after some adjustments.

Houston Texans at Kansas City 1:00 PM

Andrew – Kansas City. Not sure who will be QBing for Houston, so I don’t think there will be much offensive production, and unfortunately their defense is on point and will make this a terrible game to watch. I’m expecting maybe 14 to 3, but otherwise no real fireworks.

Greg – Kansas City. There is just too much turmoil going on in Houston to pick them confidently. I think it will be a close game since the Texans get to leave the Houston “boos” — but the Chiefs will come out on top by a field goal.

Genesis – Chiefs. Schaub hurt? Their backup QB throws pick sixes galore? Arian Foster is their only hope? The Texans are in trouble right now and the Chiefs will take full advantage of that. I think this will be a blowout.

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Miami. Should be close, but home team wins this one.

Greg – Miami. Generally these games are pretty sloppy and difficult to predict between these two teams. However, the game being in Miami, and weather near 90 with humidity on top of that, I’ll pick the Dolphins at home.

Genesis – Miami. The Dolphins are playing great ball right now, and with both Bills QBs banged up, I can see a rested Miami get the win here. Yes, the Bills are putting up massive points on the board and losing/winning close games, but that’s when they had healthy players on their teams.

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Super Bowl Predictions!!

31 Jan


The Super Bowl is here folks. Get your beers, chips, dips, wings, etc ready. HARBOWL TIME! HAHAH!!

Sunday, February 3rd AT 6:30 PM

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – Baltimore. I’m not too proud of this pick… I actually DO NOT  want the Ravens to win, and I DO want the 49ers to win. My personal opinion of these two teams, and some of the individual players, aside – I do feel that the Ravens a) had a much harder path to the Superbowl (especially considering there really aren’t that many elite teams in the AFC, they had to go up against two of the best/most experienced) and b) they seem to be playing out of their minds right now. There are a lot of “what ifs” that worked in the Ravens favor that landed them here, starting with the incredible 29- yard Ray Rice run that kept their playoff hopes alive (they would have lost 5 of their last 6 games had he not converted), continuing through to the horrible defensive play of the Broncos’ secondary, and ending with one of the most complete games against the New England Patriots.  Even though the Ravens will have their hands full with the dynamic 49ers offense, led by Colin Kaepernick, who seems to make being awesome look easy (maybe a little too easy), and he has had some monster games against some solid teams, I still have a bad feeling about this being his first year going up against this inspired defense.

Greg – San Francisco. Ok I have completely recovered from two weeks ago. The Patriots played probably one of the worst games I have ever see them play in recent history. That being said, the Ravens played well — a lot better than I expected they would. Because of their resurgence on offense in the playoffs, I think this game will be close. However, the most stable factor with the Ravens for the past decade has been their defense, and it will be their defense that lets them down this Super Bowl. The Ravens have been middle of the road defense all year, and yeah Ray Lewis is back and all emotional, but they haven’t faced an offense like this yet. Colin Kaepernick has (as Andrew put it perfectly) — made this look easy. The 49ers rushing attack is 4th in the league (and keep in mind Kaepernick didn’t come in til halfway through the season). These guys know how to run the ball, but recently, we’ve seen Kaepernick be able to throw the ball. I think that will be the key this game — lots of quick hits with him gunning the ball in there. I see this game being close for a while with the 49ers settling in a bit and then pulling away in the 4th for the victory. Should be lots of big hits with lots of helmet to helmets (hooray right?!). Overall, I think the 49ers are the better team going into this game — they’ll force at least one turnover, and we’ll all remember when Alex Smith was their quarterback.

NFL Predictions: Championship Round

18 Jan


Sunday, January 20th

San Francisco 49ers AT Atlanta Falcons – 3:00 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Aaaahh yeah, I know, tough call with them on the road, also… I’m going by how Atlanta crumbled against the Seahawks in the second half, if the 49ers start faster than the general snail pace of the Seahawks, they have a chance to keep the Falcons off balance with their dynamic offense.

Greg – Atlanta. I am not confident with this pick at all, but something in my GUT tells me the Falcons are going to win this game. I have spent all week thinking about who will win this game. The 49ers dominated Green Bay’s defense, who primarily played man ALL GAME LONG for some reason. The Falcons are built to contain Kaepernick’s running ability in their zone schemes. I think the Falcons will be able to cause at least 2 turnovers by Kaepernick — this kid is still a first year starter folks! That being said, this game is still a toss up, and it all depends on which Matt Ryan comes out to play. I’m banking on the one who has played strong late in the season, and most importantly, not turning the ball over.

Baltimore Ravens AT New England Patriots – 6:30 PM

Andrew – New England. Ravens are coming off a long and emotional game on the road… to continue on the road is going to be extremely tough. Yes, some of Raven’s defensive inspirational stars are finally healthy, and they’ve been known to injure a Patriot or two… but like always, the success of the Ravens hinges entirely on how well Joe Flacco plays. Hard to say someone got lucky when they play in the divisional round of the playoffs… but that game tying touchdown pass…. was preeetttyy lucky….  I don’t see New England completely crapping out on defense, despite their history of bend but don’t break strategy.

Greg – New England. Not too happy about this matchup, the Ravens are not afraid of the Patriots (and actually might be boasting about that a bit too much this week). This will be a super close game — I expect the Patriots to come out with some different formations to confuse the Ravens early. Will be very interesting to watch Flacco’s play in the first half to see how he responds to being this close to the Super Bowl again.

NFL Week 1 Predictions!

5 Sep

The first couple games of the seasons are generally pretty sloppy, teams are still figuring out their personnel and the players are still shaking off the rust… which in general make them pretty hard to predict… but FOOTBALL is back…so no excuses.

PS – Last year, for the regular season Andrew picked 165 correct, 87 incorrect, and 3 did not picks. Greg went 154 – 90 – and 10 did not picks. Just for your reference, the people that do this for lots of money – Golic: 161-95, Hoge: 162-93, Jaws: 155-85, Mort: 155-101, and Schefter: 158-98. In the post season Andrew went 6-5, and Greg went 5-6.

Wednesday, September 5th

Dallas Cowboys AT New York Giants (8:30 PM ET)

Andrew – New York Giants. I’m convinced that the Dallas Cowboys are about one or two good players away from being a really solid team, but I’ve seen this act before – the Redskins used to play it for years, and the much more likely thing is that the team will be perpetually average.  Big D’s offense seems to be moving backwards, drama abounds, and losing makes everything worse – this could be a legit terrible year for Dallas fans. Those cryptic predictions aside, I think that the Dallas’s offensive line won’t give Tony Romo the time to effectively string together enough to pull out a win.

Greg – New York Giants. I wanted to go out and pick the Cowboys on this one. I really did. But then I actually thought about it. Cowboys, on the road, personnel issues, and in a night game…would be tough. I don’t think the Giants are actually much better this year, but they are better right now. We will see who is better when they meet again in Dallas.

mk mk mk mk mk that’s it for now folks…. we’re still in pre-season mode so give us a minute and we’ll be posting the rest of the picks along with our new and improved podcast very, very soon.


Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears

Andrew – Chicago Bears.  This is a tough road game to start the season for Colts savoir Andrew Luck. While I feel like Luck significantly improves the Colts ability to score, the issue remains that they are one of the worst defenses in the league, with little hope of getting better this year as they convert to the 3-4 (even the Steelers were the worst in the league the first year they switched, then 13th, then top 5). It’ll be hard for them overcome the Bear’s defense, let alone slow down their explosive offense.

Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns

Andrew – Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles finished last year hot, hot, hot and did not lose any key members of their squad in the offseason. The Browns… are still the Browns… and while they probably won’t make it easy for the Eagles, I don’t see them opening their season with a win.

New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – New England. The big questions is here is – WTF is New England doing with all those tight ends? Wait no… the big question here is… does Jake Locker really give the Titans the best chance to win over Matt Hasselbeck?  Hmm… noo, that’s not quite it either… oh here it is – is Chris Johnson going to come out and shit on the field like he did last year, or will he 2,000 yard back he used to be? While I don’t know if the Pats will make back to the Superbowl this year, I do know that they can put up big numbers when they want, and the Titans won’t be able to hang point for point.

Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew – Atlanta. Is it just me or did both of these teams fall off last year? In general, I feel like the Falcons are a well rounded team, maybe the Ravens of the South (and no not just because they’re also a bird), nothing flashy but consistently close to winning their divisions – which is good because both teams are in tough divisions. The same can’t be said for the Chiefs who generally race against the Dolphins to the bottom of the AFC East. Is this the year the Chiefs finally put it all together? My gut tells me “chicken sandwhich?”

Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Minnesota? The battle of the inept starting QBs. Despite being overshadowed entirely by MJD failed hold out, Christian a’Ponder(ing) is the feel good story of the preseason – but don’t be fooled (John Beck anyone? Anyone!? Shanahan?), doing well in the preseason basically means you have figured out the most basic defensive packages… it does not mean you can play with the big boys. I anticipate the Viking’s defensive line will give Ponder plenty of trouble and if MJD doesn’t come into save the day (let alone play) this could be a long awful game, with the Vikings winnings with a field goal.

Washington at New Orleans       1:00 PM

Andrew – New Orleans. I’m torn on this game to be honest. Part of my wants to pick the Redskins, not because I’m a blind homer fan, but because the Redskins have significantly improved their offense and their defense during the offseason, which I don’t think a lot of analysts are taking into account when they think the Saints are going to march all over Washington. The other part of me legitimately thinks that New Orleans is going to fired up like crazy, they want to get past the turbulent offseason and prove they’re still a winning franchise. I do think that allowing the Saints players that were suspended to play in this game on such short notice is kind of bullshit. The Redskins have planning for this game for weeks, and to throw in a monkey wrench like that a couple days before the game is garbage. Either way, I’ll go with my gut here – the game will be close, and Washington might even hold the lead at one point, but the injuries to Washington’s secondary will ultimately be its demise as the Saints regain control and take the win.

Buffalo Bill at New York Jets        1:00 PM

Andrew – Buffalo Bills. – I am singing the Bill’s praises this year! (I did that last year for the Bucs and we all know how well that turned out). But regardless, I feel like Fitzpatrick is borderline legit, their receivers are up and coming, and the defense (especially the defensive line) is going to be dominate. It doesn’t matter that the Jets will still have a formidable defense since they have no idea what’s going on this year. I do know at some point this season, Tim Tebow gets named the starting QB. Heard it hear first folks.

St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions  1:00 PM

Andrew – Detroit Lions. I’m sure the Rams have some tricks up their sleeves to keep this game interesting at first, but the Stafford to Megatron connection can’t and won’t be stopped. I’m not anticipating a blowout, but I don’t see the Rams keeping it close at any point.

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. Just like everyone else in survivor leagues, this is my absolutely lock pick of the week (although I didn’t pick it in my league because I wanted to keep Houston for when I need it). Anyway, I don’t see Miami having a chance here, does anyone?

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers 4:25 PM

Andrew – Green Bay Packers. Easily the best game of the week. I’m not 100% sold that the 49ers will continue their performance from last year. Essentially, I’m considering this Alex Smith’s sophomore year (since it’s Jim Harbaugh’s second), and now that book is out on their plays and schemes, will teams have adjusted in the offseason and if so, how will the 49ers adjust back? Those questions aside, I think it will be tough for them to come into Green Bay and steal a win – it’s not like Green Bay has lost a step from last year either (in fact, may have found themselves a running back which would only add to their offensive power).

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Andrew – Arizona Cardinals. This is a tough game for me to care about. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not expecting much from either team. I’m going with the home team pick here and the notion that John Skelton doesn’t get enough credit for his wins.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4:25 PM

Andrew – Carolina Panthers. I don’t think any one team looked worse in preseason than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was awful to watch. I’m not entirely sure what changes they’ve bad but they’re fallen far from their potential in the 2010 season. I hope that Cam Newton continues to dominate in all aspects of the game, so that at least the Bucs fans can see what good football looks like.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos 8:20 PM

Andrew – Denver Broncos. I bet if you asked the Steelers defense what their nightmares were during the offseason, it would have been that 2012 playoff game in Denver that they lost, but instead of the Broncos having Tim Tebow, they had Peyton Manning. Thank god it was just a dream, right?


Monday, September 10th

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens 7:00 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati Bengals. I don’t know what it is… I don’t know Cincinnati has me entirely convinced yet, but I don’t think the Ravens are as good as everyone thinks they are. Their offense struggles against good defenses and their defense fails to contain good offenses. You think if it wasn’t TJ Yates throwing those interceptions in that playoff game that the Ravens would have even gotten a wiff of the AFC Championship game? Hell no – and they still could barely beat the Texans. So people, please, get realistic – the Ravens aren’t that good. Just. Watch.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders 10:15 PM

Andrew – Oakland. I’ve heard good things coming out of Oakland’s camp. If Darren McFadden is back and healthy, they will be a tough team to beat (until he gets injured again). San Diego seems to have some underlining issues coupled with a history of starting slow. I think this one goes Oakland’s way.

Super Bowl Week Podcast!

2 Feb

It’s a big week in sports people. We make our predictions of who will win, who will be an impact player, and more! LISTEN NOW

Hutch wasn’t able to join us on in this one, so instead we brought Andrew Brandt into the studio! Enjoy, especially the ending..

Feel the Power of the Bark-Side.

20 Jan

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