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Earth’s Most Diverse Heroes

13 Feb


With news that Sony and Marvel will be sharing Spider-Man, internet rumors are abound that this now third reboot for the web-slinger could see someone besides Peter Parker behind the mask. With Black Panther and Captain Marvel getting their own movies, is it time for Miles Morales or Spider-Girl?


‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer!

20 Jul

The Gwen Stacy¬†plot-line. Thank you. Should’ve been done the first time!!! Intrigued, but I also am the biggest Spider-Man fanboy. But what is the deal with that final computer scene? Could it look anymore fake??

Perusing the Internet! (just for you)

16 Nov

I figured since I am constantly getting either chats/emails sent my way or stumbling across random articles and videos, I should post them for my beloved followers! Well, here is your list today.

  • Where airplanes go to die: The Mojave Desert
  • Photo evidence of Spiderman being arrested.
  • A drunk man steals a giraffe, a lot.
  • The worst predictions of 2010: Newsweek
  • The full 35 min Assassin’s Creed lineage video: G4TV
  • Gaddafi tries to convert girls to Islam – but only the hot ones: BBC
  • Michigan Militia is growing, thanks to Call of Duty! CNN

And for all those who aren’t working today (cough cough Gen cough), practice your jerking!

New Movie Buzz (Nov 11, 2009)

11 Nov

RachelMcAdams-rachel-mcadams-741925_1024_768New Spiderman 4 news straight out the ol’ rumor mill! According to multiple sources on the interwebs, the Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy will be the new villain. And who to play this “villain” you ask? Well the website Hey You Guys! has reported from reliable sources that the beautiful Rachel McAdams has met with director Sam Raimi and staff for the role. Rumors are they are also re-casting for Dr. Connors (aka the Lizard). But what a sight that will be to see McAdams playing a bad girl role instead of her typical perfect roles she’s been so accustomed too.

Two trailers were released yesterday worth noting. The new Sam Worthington epic Clash of the Titans, and the soon to be cult film Kick-Ass. Both of which I am excited for. You can head over to Yahoo! to watch Clash in HD or better yet, watch it right here:

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And here is the new trailer for Kick-Ass via EmpireMovies:

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