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Sixteenth Century Superheroes!

13 Jan

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 5.12.43 PM
Awesome idea from French photographer Sacha Goldberger. I would differently decorate my Elizabethan chateau with these! Which is your favorite?

15_07_13_Super-Héros-Flamands-_03_Captain_America_0130_06 SuperHerosFlamands_Joker_RGB1998_006-copy 15_07_13_Super-Héros-Flamands-_04_Wolverine_0194_04 15_07_13_Super-Héros-Flamands-_16_spiderman_0827_08 SuperHerosFlamands_Batman_Robin_026-copy

View them all HERE!


Capture Jordan Photo Contest

16 Jun

OK, time for a little shameless self-promoting. Greg and Genesis have graciously let me post a link to a photography contest that I entered  in the hopes that I will continue editing videos for free. Well, it worked…


The Jordan Tourism Board is looking for the best amateur photography of the people and places of Jordan. With all the news coming out of the region related to terrorism or the Arab Spring, this contest is a great way to show off a side of the Middle East that is seldom seen- the stunning beauty of the land, its deep history and rich culture.

You can vote for more than one photo (and not that I endorse cheating but it looks like different web browsers on the same computer count as different votes too!). Enjoy!

Forget the link? No worries, CLICK HERE!!!

Time-Lapse Footage of Icelandic Volcano

14 May

Remember that crazy Icelandic volcano? Remember how nobody could properly pronounce it? Remember how you never got to see good footage of it? Well some guy’s got your back. Nature is crazy…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via NextRound.net]

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