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The New England Mountain vs The Seattle Viper

2 Feb

A shocking ending that no one could have expected!


NFL 2009: Wild-card Round Playoff Predictions

9 Jan

Playoff time! And you know what that means…a shorter blog! Thank G! Everyone had a great week last week – except Pittsburgh, Houston, Denver, and Miami fans, but what we actually mean is both Andrew and Greg went 13 and 3 and Genesis went 12 and 4. That’s pretty darn good if you ask us. Andrew still leads with 65 total wins and 31 losses. Greg inched himself out of last place and now has 62 win and 34 losses and Genesis has fallen behind with 61 wins and 35 losses.

By the way Hoi Polloi, does anyone think it’s really dumb that all four of these match ups have already occurred this year and three of the four were in the last week? Dumb.

Saturday, Jan. 9 4:30 PM:

New York Jets AT Cincinnati Bengals – Last week, the Jets cleaned up the Bengals 37-0 to secure a playoff wildcard game. The argument could be made that the Bengals didn’t have anything to play for, and therefore their hearts weren’t into it, but that doesn’t mean Carson Palmer should embarrass himself with 1 completion to his team (he also had one interception) out of 11 attempts, zero yards, and a passer rating of 1.7 before getting benched in the third quarter. During the time that Carson Palmer was playing, in the first quarter the Jets ran 24 plays and the Bengals had three, out gaining Cincinnati 138 yards to 1. By half time New York had 250 yards, including 190 on the ground, compared to 7 total yards for Cincinnati. Aside from this game, the teams have been generally even matched. The real difference is at the Quarterback, where Carson Palmer can be a key play maker. Even with the stunning come back over the Colts (after they rested the starters) Mark Sanchez completed only 12 passes and between the two games he has completed 20 passes. The Jets could be in deep trouble if the Bengals can stop the Jets rushing attack.

Andrew’s pick – New York Jets. I believe that the Bengals didn’t show their actual game plan last Sunday and that they will present as a much stronger team on Saturday however, the Jets finished ranked number 1 in the NFL in total defense, passing defense, points allowed and rushing offense. This sounds a lot like the Superbowl winning Ravens to me.

Greg’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Last week we saw the Jets throw everything at the Bengals (and it showed). Thus this week, Cincy will be ready for anything. Jets have said 30% will change, but the 70% will be the same. AND IT’S OCHO CINCO’S BIRTHDAY!

Gen’s pick – New York Jets. As much as I like Ciny because of Ochocinco and their impressive stats, I feel like they have been untested for the majority of the season. And when they were, they were manhandled (i.e. the game against Minnesota). Now although the Jets aren’t really a team that counts as a team that “tests” other teams, the Jets will probably give the Bengals enough problems this weekend to get a win.

Saturday, Jan. 9 8:00 PM:

Philadelphia Eagles AT Dallas Cowboys – Not only did the Eagles and Dallas play last week, they also played week 9, with Dallas winning both times. This year, Dallas has out scored the Eagles 44-16, with all of the Eagles points coming in the first game. If the Eagles were trying to not show Dallas their cards the second time around, they missed out on the division title and a shot at the first week bye. The Eagles have an extremely explosive offense but have no answer for dealing with DeMarcus Ware or Anthony Spencer off the edges. Between the two games Donovan McNabb got sacked 8 times and fumbled twice. The problem for Dallas is that they are going to have a hard time repeating these performances for a third time.

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