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The Return of Dr. Doom

13 Nov

316369It’s been a while here at the Kibitzers since we brought you one of our mashup trailers. We hope you’ve missed them as much as we have. This time we thought we’d revisit the origin story of a classic Marvel supervillian, Dr. Doom.

Throwing out the crummy storyline from 2005’s Fantastic Four, Victor Von Doom was born in the European country of Latveria to gypsies. His mother is killed for being a witch and young Victor and his father head out into the wilderness of their war-torn country. Left all alone when Papa Doom succumbs to the elements, little Vickie grows up in a harsh world that turns his soul. Seeking enlightenment and power from an ancient monastery, Doom dawns his armor  (and I guess power?) to carry out his evil plot for world dominance.

So maybe there’s a few holes in our storyline but must we remind you this a fan-made trailer?

Still, a lot better than Julian McMahon’s character, right?


New Inception Trailer Blows Your Mind!

28 Dec

Director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) has released a new trailer to his new film Inception. This trailer answers maybe one question (yes, it looks awesome), and brings up just about 100 more. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine and Dileep Rao. It will be in theaters on July 16th. If Nolan directs it, DiCaprio stars in it, I will be there opening night.

Head on over to apple trailers (where they have a tight grip on this trailer) to watch it in HD.

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