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First Look At Thor 3 Ragnarok

24 Nov


While we’re still waiting to watch Ultron cut his strings from The Avengers, let’s skip ahead to 2017 when we get the next stand-alone movie for Marvel‘s favorite demigod.

Kevin Feige confirmed that Thor‘s third film will pick up immediately following the events of Age of Ultron. Presumably taking place back in Asgard where Loki is masquerading as Odin, we think this where Thanos gets his hands on the the infinity gauntlet and starts his villainous quest as Marvel’s mad titan.

Somehow Odin’s ancient immortal enemy Surtur is released as he uses his powerful sword, Midnight, to bring about Ragnarok or Armageddon .


Pitch Perfect 2: Sequel or Beerfest Remake?

20 Nov


As awesome as is that Pitch Perfect 2 will be coming out next May, the official trailer for the film looks like one we’ve already seen…


Fan-Made ‘Friend From Foe’ Trailer

14 Nov

Sequence 1 Copy  8

OK, so we know that Kevin Feige just announced all the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe up through 2019, but we still think he forgot one!

Last August, Marvel released Black Widow #9- Friend from Foe, which is a crossover of our favorite femme fatale with the Punisher as they take on Crossbones aboard a stranded oil tanker.

So with this source material, we decided to mix in Hawkeye and Nick Fury to create an alternative origin story for Black Widow (and how Fury got that eyepatch). Enjoy!

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer FINALLY Here!

17 Sep


It’s been in the works for a while and now we’re proud to reveal our fan-made trailer for next summer’s blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron. There’s lots of internet speculation as to who might not make it out of this film alive. Will we see more of Thanos and the infinity gems? Or will Joss Whedon be laying the groundwork for the civil war storyline with Iron Man against Captain America? One thing that is confirmed is the addition of “miracle twins” Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver to the mad world of Marvel. In any event, we cannot wait so we had to make our own trailer to hold us over!

Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer

18 Jun


We’re still months away from getting our hands on a Captain America 2: The Winter Solider DVD to complete our Avengers 2: Age of Ultron fan-made trailer. But in the meantime, enjoy this little teaser trailer to see what we’ve got up our sleeves.

New Batman v Superman Trailer Revealed!

23 May

The wait is over for the official title to Zack Snyder’s Batman/Man of Steel sequel and it’s… Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wow! OK, so nothing too surprising there (I think we all expected that they were setting up an eventual Justice League movie). We all saw the easter eggs in MoS of Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp. So the question becomes how do these juggernauts of DC Comics blend on the big screen?

It was one of our more difficult fan-made trailers to edit, but we here at Kibitzers bring you our take on the highly anticipated 2015 summer sequel. The story centers around Bruce Wayne teaming up with Lex Luthor in an effort to build defenses for earth from any future alien invasions/Superman city beatdowns. But when a sly Luthor goes rogue to develop his own cyborg mercenaries, Wayne’s only friend is the Man of Steel. Together they team up to take on Luthor but aren’t prepared for his own self-experiementation and discovery of Kryptonite.

Did we say this was one of the most anticipated films of the 2015 summer? How about for the whole year!

The Dark Knight Returns!

26 Feb

Dark KnightAnd so do we with another fan-made trailer! Forget Batman vs Superman, Justice League rumors and how you feel about Ben Affleck, check out our take on where the Dark Knight storyline could go after Christopher Nolan’s franchise. Merging the the world of video games and film, we let Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s John Blake face some of Batman’s classic enemies; Joker, Riddler, PenguinHugo Strange and even Killer Croc. As Gotham moves beyond the days of Batman, Dr. Strange takes charge of dealing with the city’s public enemies. His solution? Arkham City– a no man’s land of crime and murder. Watching the streets return to violent chaos, Blake (or Robin as we come to learn from Nolan’s films) must suit up and save the day. So how does Alfred feel that The Dark Night Returns?

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