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The New England Mountain vs The Seattle Viper

2 Feb

A shocking ending that no one could have expected!


The Trial of Tyrion: An Internet Sensation

15 May

tyrion1-672x372As we all wait to discover the fate of Tyrion Lannister and his trial by combat, Game of Thrones fans and video nerds alike took to the interwebs with their own versions of this judicial scene. Here’s some of the best ones we found- including one from Kibitzers!

God bless the internet!


Official World War Z Trailer Arrives…

9 Nov

Well it’s finally here… Paramount Pictures released the first official World War Z trailer starring Brad Pitt. And that’s pretty much all we have to say about it…

Online critics and The Kibitzers alike have been pretty harsh on the trailer- most notably for the drastic changes the film seems to have from the book. That, and the ridiculous way in which these “zombies” attack.

Director Marc Foster not only decided to allow his undead horde to be fast-moving (a break from tradition but as we saw in the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake- it can be done) but also to behave like a school of piranha or swarm of locusts. The trailer’s opening scene with Gerry Lane  guessing what creature his daughter is thinking of alludes to this wild animal theme.

Paramount and star/producer Pitt also had to bring in Damon Lindelof (co-author of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus) to re-write a new ending for the movie even after footage for the third act had already been shot. Its release date has been pushed back from winter of 2012 to summer of 2013 as well. So it seems World War Z is off to very rocky start. But hey- no one said the zombie apocalypse was easy, and turning it into a successful movie seems even harder…

For now let’s look back at the Kibitzer’s fan-made trailer and see how close we got to the real thing. YouTube users and zombie fans might hate on us for making a fake trailer, but something tells us they’ll be wishing we had been in charge of the film!

The Neverending Story: The Next Chapter

24 Mar

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Kibitzer’s exclusive fan-made trailer. This time we’re looking back to our childhoods to relive a classic film that taught you to never stop dreaming (that or some clever propaganda teaching kids the importance of reading). Either way, Orlando Bloom is now a grown-up Bastian Balthazar Bux who once again stumbles upon The Neverending Story. He learns that the terrible Nothing (and his servant G’mork) are back and plaguing Fantasia once again. Now Bastian must save the world (and the empress) that he loves so much.


Greatest Tweet Ever?

15 Jul

Courtesy of my Dad.

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