RGIII Perfect for D.C.

18 Nov


If you really stop and think about it, RGIII is the archetypal quarterback for DC. He came to the district with such promise and hype. In his first year he had historic accomplishments and was bestowed honors and awards that now seem senseless.

But this early success came at a cost- something he would never fully recover from. Ultimately the longer he stayed in Washington, the more beaten down and dejected he became. Faithful followers lost their loyalty and even his own teammates distanced themselves from their leader.

His ambition and attitude can be partially to blame. But it’s the system that also brought him down. Corrupt billionaires seeking profit and their own benefit derailed his career. The league figured out how he operates and adjusted their defenses.

All that’s left are the same old words that he repeats to the media as we look at a man who has little resemblance to the one who first came here. Redskins fans painfully remember the hope and change that was once promised as they face the realization that the nation’s capital chewed up and spit out their savior.

Really, is there anything more Washington than that?


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