Week 2 2014 NFL Predictions

11 Sep


Septermber 11th – Thursday Night Football (8:25 PM ET)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Andrew – Pittsburgh Steelers. Not sure if the Bengals are that good, or the Ravens are that bad. If the Steelers have another second half collapse and the Ravens are able to bounce back in the second like they did against the Bengals, this could actually end up being a tie. Close game throughout with the Steelers winning late in the 4th, or even OT.

Greg – Pittsburgh.

Genesis – Steelers. Ravens played like doo doo last week and with all of this horrible press regarding their organization, I can’t see Baltimore being mentally ok for this game.

September 14th

Early Afternoon Games (1:00 PM ET)

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – Miami. Sad to say it, but this will probably be a tougher test for Miami than the game against the Patriots (and not just because they’re on the road either). The two teams are statistically similar on offense, but the Dolphins defense is what really impresses, so I imagine they’ll continue to shine against the Bills.

Greg – Buffalo.

Genesis – Dolphins. These teams are pretty evenly matched, but if you can beat the Pats, then I’m going to pick you

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Detroit. Cam Newton is back, just in time for a tough matchup on the road against the Lions. Anything is possible with both these teams having had crazy ups and downs over the past couple years, but I have to go with the Lions and how good they looked this past weekend dismantling the New York Giants.

Greg – Detroit.

Genesis – Panthers. Spam Newton is going to try to make an immediate impact upon his return. There’s obviously a chance that he’s rusty and will make horrible plays, but hey…is it too late to change my pick?

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals defense should be able to slow the high powered Falcons’ offense enough to sneak out a win here, but it’ll be close. It. will. be. close.

Greg – Atlanta.

Genesis – Falcons. I just kinda have a feeling that Julio Jones and his bionic foot are going to have a big game this week.

New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns

Andrew – New Orleans. So close. I didn’t think Atlanta was going to be able to put all the pieces back together so quickly, my mistake. I do think the Saints will be able to capitalize on the tumultuous Cleveland Browns organization though.

Greg – New Orleans.

Genesis – Saints. I took a risk with the Browns last week. NEVER AGAIN.

New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – New England. Don’t have a lot of faith, and no it’s not just because the Patriots just laid there in the Miami game, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s more so about the continued over reliance on Tom Brady, while purging all the pieces he needs to be successful (Logan Mankins is of course the most recent example in a growing list of many, many names). This could be one of those odd years when the Patriots only tie for first place in the AFC East, but I’m not sure the Patriots have too many all star pieces to give away before this gets borderline dangerous (and uncomfortable for fans to watch).

Greg – New England.

Genesis – Pats. There are numerous reasons as to why this organization is great. One of those reason is their ability to make necessary changes and win the next game after a loss.

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

Andrew – Arizona. This is a hell of a road game for the Cardinals, so I’m mentally putting them at being down a touchdown, I just hope that defense can continue to wreak havoc on the Eli Manning and the Giant’s offense, to keep them out of the game entirely.

Greg – Arizona.

Genesis – Cards. Eli Manning….haha

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Tennessee Titans. Well, the Titans did a number to the Chiefs, who are considered to be better than the Cowboys at this point, so if that’s the case, then the transitive property in mathematics tells us that Titans should also be able to beat the Cowboys, (pushes up glasses) ceteris paribus, of course. Stay in school kids.

Greg – Dallas.

Genesis – Titans. Tony Romo…haha

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins

Andrew – Washington. I have little, to zero, faith that Washington can win the game. I just kind of imagine they have to, or fans will riot in the streets (hopefully in Maryland, near FedEx, like it deserves). The fanboy in me wants to say “all the mistakes from the Texans game are correctable in the immediate future” (two major fumbles, a blocked punt for a TD, and a blocked PAT all should be addressed/fixed by this weekend), but the realist in me says “I’ve seen this shit for too long, and it’s not just those issues that are causing the Redskins to lose games.” I won’t blame RG3 for that lose, entirely, but I am still wondering what type of muscular dystrophy he suffers from that makes him run like he just got done riding a horse on a boat for six months. If the Redskins do lose this game though, I will not be picking them again until they show me some (any) kind of improvement (please god, anything).

Greg – Washington.

Genesis – ……..Breadskins. I mean…idk man…just win, God…

Sunday Late Afternoon Games (4:00 PM ET)

Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers

Andrew – Seattle Seahawks. The Chargers at home should be a better test for the Seahawks than the Packers were, but given San Diego’s own history of inconsistent play, I still have to pick the Seahawks here. Seahawks are too good on both sides of the ball to really pick against at this time.

Greg – Seattle.

Genesis – Seahawks. This team looked unbelievably good against the Packers. I’m expecting another lopsided win.

St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well obviously my Tampa Bay will be good prediction is garbage, after they couldn’t even beat whoever Cam Newton’s back up is (seriously, who?), but if they lose this game, then I don’t know what to think. (They probably will and then once I stop picking them they’ll go on like a 9 win run… Much NFL! Very consistency!)

Greg – Tampa Bay.

Genesis – Buccs. The Rams are going to go 0 – 16 this season. Wait, do they play the Skins?

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Denver Broncos. The Chiefs need to bounce back and prove that they are still the same team that they were last year… uhh… but… unfortunately… it’s not going to happen this week. Even last year they couldn’t beat the Broncos at home.

Greg – Denver.

Genesis – Chiefs. I’m going to say that this team is going to “upset” the Broncos – but we all know that I’m wrong.

New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

Andrew – Green Bay Packers. I’m not picking the Packers because I think they are going to be that elite of a team (injuries, depth issues, offensive line issues, etc.) but more so because I have no faith at all in the New York Jets, especially on the road.

Greg – Green Bay.

Genesis – Packers. I’m going to say that this game is going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks. But the Pack at home is something that always helps them win.

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

Andrew – Houston Texans. It sucks for the Texans that Clowney is already out for 4-6 weeks, but given that the Raider’s offense is on par with the Redskins (aka bottom of the league), then I don’t think the Texans will have much need for him anyway. I’m picturing this game to go exactly the same way the Texans game went last week, sloppy, but a win.

Greg – Houston.

Genesis – Texans. JJ Watt is a monster.

Sunday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – San Francisco. Difficult to tell with these teams, I think I had discounted the 49ers a little too much earlier this season, and I probably always over value the Bears due to the occasional (and historical) fantasy impacts that individuals (and the defense) can and have had for me. That being said, if Jay Culter continues to throw interceptions, then just copy and paste the 49ers/Dallas score from last week and we’re good here.

Greg – San Francisco.

Genesis – 49ers. As stated above, I expect a “Cowboys” situation here

September 15

Monday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – Indianapolis. The Eagles’ first game reminded me of two things, first they can score lickity-split, which is always impressive, but two, their defense has some weaknesses that teams can expose. Obviously, the Jaguars aren’t the type of team (yet…?) to contend with that level of playing, but I believe the Colts at home definitely are. Hoping for an exciting game into the 4th quarter, where Andrew Luck does his thing and brings it home.

Greg – Philadelphia.

Genesis – Colts. I’m going to go ahead and say that teams now have enough video of the Eagles to shut down that tomfoolery. They had trouble in the first half against the Jags. Yes, they scored like a million unanswered points to eventually win, but I don’t see the Colts allowing that to happen this game.


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