New Batman v Superman Trailer Revealed!

23 May

The wait is over for the official title to Zack Snyder’s Batman/Man of Steel sequel and it’s… Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wow! OK, so nothing too surprising there (I think we all expected that they were setting up an eventual Justice League movie). We all saw the easter eggs in MoS of Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp. So the question becomes how do these juggernauts of DC Comics blend on the big screen?

It was one of our more difficult fan-made trailers to edit, but we here at Kibitzers bring you our take on the highly anticipated 2015 summer sequel. The story centers around Bruce Wayne teaming up with Lex Luthor in an effort to build defenses for earth from any future alien invasions/Superman city beatdowns. But when a sly Luthor goes rogue to develop his own cyborg mercenaries, Wayne’s only friend is the Man of Steel. Together they team up to take on Luthor but aren’t prepared for his own self-experiementation and discovery of Kryptonite.

Did we say this was one of the most anticipated films of the 2015 summer? How about for the whole year!


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