NFL Week 15 2013 Predictions

12 Dec


December 12th – Thursday Night Football

Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers

Andrew – broncos.

Greg – broncos.

Genesis – broncos.

December 15th – Early Afternoon Games (1:00 PM ET)

Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons

Andrew – Atlanta Falcons. Redskins suck.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. This is a winnable game for both team!! But man, there is just way too much drama surrounding the redskins this (and every) year. So with that, another quarterback change, and home field for the awful Falcons, I’ll say atlanta just manages to squeak this one out.

Genesis –

Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns

Andrew – Chicago Bears. Browns will keep it close, but won’t pull out the win. sorry.

Greg – Chicago. Hey Jay cutler is back! Good for him, bad for browns, who can’t stop any quarterback on defense right now. Not to mention the emotional letdown of last week against the Pats.

Genesis –

Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Arizona.

Greg – Tennessee. This is a toss up for me l, but I’ll go with the home team.

Genesis –

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – Indianapolis. I’d laugh if this is the game that the Texans finally win.

Greg – Indianapolis. Fighting for a playoff spot, the Colts need this game big time. Good thing the Texans are coming into town! Remember when these games used to be a rivalry?

Genesis –

New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams

Andrew – New Orleans.

Greg – New Orleans. So they play horrrrible one week, then lights out amazing the next. Who are the real Saints? Well while they aren’t a Super Bowl team, they are certainly capable enough to beat the Rams.

Genesis –

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – New England. They’ll struggle…. oh they will struggle, but they’ll win.

Greg – New England. I really don’t understand how this team is winning, and playing in Miami heat will certainly pose it’s challenges, but Pats pull it out late again. Miss you Gronk..

Genesis –

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Philadelphia. Chip Kelly – coach of the year? this has been very interesting, and not nearly as disappointing for the Eagles as I had hoped.

Greg – Philadelphia. For some reason I see this as another toss up game. The Vikings like to

play up to teams, and especially like the spoiler role. However, I think the eagles are playing too well how to be stopped by a mediocre team in Minnesota.

Genesis –

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants

Andrew – Seattle Seahawks. This will be a tough road game, and the Giants are playing with increasing confidence, but still very winnable for Seattle.

Greg – Seattle. Possible trap game for the Seahawks, but I’ll still go with Russell Wilson against these defeated Giants.

Genesis –

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

Andrew – Jackonsville Jaguars. They’re better than the Redskins!

Greg – Jacksonville. Going with the Jags at home against a northern team who won’t be too keen on the warmer weather. Jags just need to stay around and then pull ahead in the fourth.

Genesis –

San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew – San Francisco. IF the Bucs stay competitive in this one, it will be interesting to see what that organization does moving forward.

Greg – San Francisco. I don’t think the Bucs have much of a chance in this one. The 49ers offense is clicking at the right time as they make their playoff push.

Genesis –

nfl-cheerleaders-heat-winter-weather-week-14 (1)

December 15th – Late Afternoon Games (4:00 PM ET)

New York Jets at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Carolina Panthers. +/- 5 turnovers for the Jets?

Greg – Carolina. This would be a game the Jets would win, but I cannot pick a team with a quarterback situation as bad as theirs.

Genesis –

Kansas City at Oakland Raiders

Andrew – Kansas City. Potential trap game? Don’t let that win over the Redskins go to your head.

Greg – Kansas City. The Chiefs are feeling better about themselves after their tune up in DC, but be careful on the long travel! Close game, Chiefs win.

Genesis –

Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Dallas. No Aaron Rodgers, no chance.

Greg – Dallas. So Aaron Rodgers should just win MVP this year right? None of their quarterback options have come close to filling half the void left by Rodgers. A Superbowl contender has now been reduced to fighting for .500. I think the Cowboys go up big early on and then win by 12

Genesis –

December 15th – Sunday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew – Cincinatti. Big game for the Bengals, don’t mess it up.

Greg – Cincinnati. A chance for the Bengals to show primetime audiences who they are before the playoffs. I’d like to see that, because I sure don’t know who they are. Huge game, for both teams.

Genesis –

December 16th – Monday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions

Andrew – Detroit Lions. Not too confident about this one, but the Ravens seem to have a tough time playing a complete game. Lions should be able to keep this game out of reach.

Greg – Detroit. If you missed the end of the Ravens game last week, I feel sorry for you. Wow. Safe to say that will not happen this week and instead the arm of Stafford will maybe stop throwing 5 picks a game so the Lions can win.

Genesis –


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