NFL Week 14 2013 Predictions

5 Dec


Week 14
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars 8:25 PM

Andrew – Texans. Could not care less about this game.

Greg – Jacksonville. Oh man. This game just COMPLETELY sums up the entire Thursday night football schedule. Cannot wait to see the crowd at this one. NFL, you are horrible, stop TNF and do it how it used to be with flex scheduling. Jags win because nothing is going the Texans way.

Genesis – Texans. Sure.

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM

Andrew – Bengals. Colts have been questionable, especially on the road.

Greg – Cincinnati. Totally forgot about the Bengals for a good three weeks now, and after reviewing some of their recent games, they’ve played well when they had to. I think this should be a tight game, but on the road, I just can’t trust Luck anymore!

Genesis – Bengals. Forgot they existed too. Colts struggling so this could be an easy win for the rested Bengals.

Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Tampa Bay. Good defense?

Greg – Tampa Bay. Poor Buffalo, basically have two home games taken from them in Canada, and now have to travel to hot Tampa. This is certainly a toss up game for me, but I’ll go with the Bucs who have been playing better ball recently.

Genesis – Bills? Man, Idk.

Kansas City at Washington Redskins 1:00 PM

Andrew Kansas City. No chance for the Redskins.

Greg – Kansas City. The Chiefs are in need of a win, and much like San Francisco did a couple weeks ago, you come to DC to get tuned up before making your playoff run. The Redskins played much better last week and should be able to score some points on the Chiefs, but this is a game RG3 has to be careful in. Do not get hurt — this Chiefs dline can get after him in a hurry.

Genesis – Skins. Whatever.

The rest of the games after the jump!

Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. Stop AP and should be fine.

Greg – Baltimore. Coming off a huge win last week against the Steelers, there’s a chance of a letdown, however the Ravens are starting to make their playoff push and playing better. They still are not a great team, and have a lot of issues (ie – Flacco, their secondary, etc), but I think they can do enough to beat a worse team in the Vikings this week.

Genesis – Ravens. yeah, alright.

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots 1:00 PM

Andrew – New England. Good luck Jason Cambell.

Greg – New England. With a healthy offense, the Pats have been putting up a lot of points over the past few weeks — they also have been giving up a lot too. If the defense forces 1-2 turnovers early, could get ugly.

Genesis – Pats. Because Spy Gate Vol 2!

Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Altanta. No Aaron, no chance.

Greg – Green Bay. Whoa Atlanta won a game last week! Good for them. However, now they venture into the frrrooozzzeennnnn tuuuunddrraaaa, where they are not good outside their dome. This is sure to be a sloppy game, especially with no Rodgers coming back still (at time of writing this on Wednesday).

Genesis – Packers. FALCONS SUUUCCKKK

Oakland Raiders at New York Jets 1:00 PM

Andrew New York Jets. Man the Raiders schedule is roughhh.

Greg – New York Jet. I’m not sure why I have picked the Jets the past couple weeks, I thought they were horrible all year, and they are, but they managed to win a couple key games. Then last week against the Dolphins, they benched Geno and now have more quarterback issues and storylines for a team that won’t even make the playoffs. Who cares. Picking Jets really just banking on Rex getting his team fired up enough to squeak out a victory.

Genesis – Raiders. Jets are turrible.

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM

Andrew – Eagles. Not sure on this one.

Greg – Philadelphia. Oh this could actually be a fun game to watch from an offensive standpoint. Both teams have been playing well offensively (if Stafford would stop throwing 4 picks a game!!), but I’m going with the hot hand 4 game winning streak Fowles’ Eagles in this one.

Genesis – Lions. Only because I really don’t want Fowles to be like the best QB of all time.

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh.

Greg – Pittsburgh. I want to pick Miami, I really do. I’m beginning to think Tomlin is on the verge of losing his job, even though I think he’s a pretty good coach. I just couldn’t bring myself to pick the Dolphins, even after their destruction of the Jets last week. Should be a low scoring game, the Dolphins defense is playing well this year, but I’ll go with a late score by Pitt to win.

Genesis – Steelers. If they don’t win against this team, that’s just…awful

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos 4:05 PM

Andrew – Denver.

Greg – Denver. The weather is getting colder, which means Peyton’s numbers should continue to drop slightly. But he’ll still have enough to win this game at home against the Titans.

Genesis – Broncos. “Cold weather, can we trust him??!!” – Peyton Manning

New York Giants at San Diego Chargers 4:25 PM

Andrew – San Diego.

Greg – San Diego. The Chargers are again on the up and down roller coaster of a season, just like they always do. The Giants meanwhile are on their playoff push and are in must win situations for the rest of the year essentially. And while they beat the Redskins last week and destroyed them in the 2nd half, they still made the Redskins offense look pretty decent in the first. I think the Chargers sort things out and get going for a 10 point win.

Genesis – Giants. Can’t believe the Skins are in last place after this team started 0-6. DAS ST00PID

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers 4:25 PM

Andrew – Seattle.

Greg – San Francisco. Well this is a good game. The Seahawks completely manhandled the Saints and made them look like a less than .500 team — but in Seattle. Now they venture to San Francisco — who are still fighting the Cardinals for a wild card playoff spot in the NFC West. I think the 49ers get the best of the Seahawks and win in a tight game.

Genesis – Seahawks. Close game, but Seattle should win. Keep chewing that gum, Pete.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals 4:25 PM

Andrew – Arizona.

Greg – Arizona. The Cardinals are coming off a huge loss to the Eagles last week and I’m sure will be happy to be home. Big game for them to keep pace of the wild card spot with San Francisco, look for them to come out big early on.

Genesis – Cardinals. Rams are also very bad. LOTS OF VERY BAD TEAMS

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints 8:30 PM

Andrew – New Orleans. Night game in New Orleans = prime time Drew Brees.

Greg – Carolina. A game to take the lead in the NFC South, should be fun to watch. The Saints looked pretty awful last week, and while they are a completely different team in the Superdome, I am going out on a limb and taking a chance on these Panthers this year. A huge game for both, especially because they meet again in two weeks.

Genesis – Saints. Can’t see Brees losing again.


Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears 8:30 PM

Andrew – Chicao Bears.

Greg – Dallas. The Cowboys are in their December run, where Romo turns it on and gets them into the playoffs so they can lose. They also are getting healthier and Sean Lee returns this week for their defense. Should be a good ground and pound game for both teams, but I’m taking the Cowboys late to make a big play to win the game.

Genesis – Dallas. Game will be randomly close, but eventually Dallas wins. Ugh.


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