NFL Week 13 Predictions 2013

28 Nov


Week 13

November 28th – Thanksgiving Games!

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions 12:30 PM ET

Andrew – Detroit. Assuming that Aaron Rodgers is still working through injury, I have to assume that the Lions can win an important division game at home, right?

Greg – Detroit. The Lions are so inconsistent it’s tough to pick them in just about any game, especially a Thanksgiving Day game. However, I believe that they will come out with something to prove and take the win at home against a Rodgers-less Packers still.

Genesis – Lions. It’s really cool how this team has really turned things around the past couple of years. I remember the days when the Thanksgiving Lions game was an automatic win for the other team. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Packers without Aaron Rodgers cannot win.

Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys 4:30 PM ET

Andrew – Dallas. There is always a chance that the Cowboys begin their annual December crumble a bit early, but it’s tough to imagine a scenario where the Raiders win.

Greg – Dallas. Breaking: The NFC East is awful — but those Raiders are also awful. It’s good timing that this game will come on essentially as everyone will be sitting down to eat, and turn the tv off. The Cowboys rout the Raiders.

Genesis -Cowboys. Eff you.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens 8:30 PM ET

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Pretty split on this pick, but if the Ravens get behind early I don’t have enough faith in them to catch up and win.

Greg – Pittsburgh. Don’t look now Ravens fans, but objects in mirror are closer than they appear! The Steelers have turned on their offense and defense, making them tough to play right now, especially against a Ravens team that is struggling big time offensively.

Genesis – Ravens. Pretty big game here for both teams, but I have faith in Muppet Face and the Ravens. They’re basically not the same team that won the Super Bowl, but they’re just “meh” enough to beat the Steeler’s “yeah, ok” performance as of late.

The rest of the games after the jump!

December 1st – Early Afternoon Games (1:00 PM ET)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. I can’t fully explain the Buccaneers success so I am avoiding the topic. I think it will be a low scoring affair, and no team will be ahead by more than a touchdown at any time. (Sure hope I’m right!)

Greg – Carolina. The Bucs have been playing better ball as of late, but then again — so have the Panthers. And by comparing the two, I mean the Panthers should destroy the Bucs, especially at home.

Genesis – Buccs. Jam Newton struggled mighty heavily last week. I think that trend continues and the Sciano saving Buccs will squeak out a victory.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM

Andrew – Jacksonville Jaguars. I think my first official pick for them. So they’ll probably lose 😦

Greg – Cleveland Browns. Ugh — who cares. Good win Browns.

.Genesis – Browns. I’m on an iPad so I can’t put up a .gif this week. But you all probably know what I would put here if I could.

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM

Andrew – Indianapolis? Colts shooouuulllldd win this……should.

Greg – Indianapolis. The Colts stole a win on the road against the Titans two weeks ago (just barely), and I think coming back home, they’ll be able to pull out another close win.

Genesis – Colts. Luck has been struggling as of late too. Guess these QBs are getting pwetty tiyuhd. Colts should be able to get the win here, but as we all know – the NFL is stupid and teams who are supposed to win usually don’t.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City 1:00 PM

Andrew – Denver Broncos. Should be a good game, interested to see how both teams respond to their most recent loses, especially the Chiefs since this would make three division losses in a row. Despite what should be the Chiefs best effort to stay atop of the division, if this turns into a shoot out, I don’t think they have the weapons to keep up.

Greg – Kansas City. Although I find it difficult to see Manning losing two weeks in a row, I did predict last week that the Broncos would win their home game, and the Chiefs would win theirs. So, in sticking to my guns, I’ll go Chiefs.

.Genesis – Broncos. I would like to think that the Chiefs would come out and match Denver’s offense. This game is going to be pretty close with Denver just being able to win with a late TD.

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM

Andrew – Chicago. Don’t have enough faith in the Vikings, even when they are at home.

Greg – Chicago. Coming off a tie, the Vikings should be pretty fired up to go, but it won’t matter too much as Forte will wear them down over 4 quarters for a surprisingly close win for the Bears.

Genesis – Bears. Vikings continue their slump. Better luck next year.

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets 1:00 PM

Andrew – New York Jets. Defensive battle, if people like 10-7 games with multiple turn overs, enjoy!

Greg – New York Jets. I mean, I guess the home team? Should be colder than Dolphins are comfortable in causing Tannehill to throw some picks.

Genesis – Jets. Sure, why not?

Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM

Andrew – Arizona Cardinals. Ah tough game for them on the road but I think there is a chance that they can exploit some if the Eagles defensive weaknesses.

Greg – Philadelphia. This could be an interesting game. The Eagles have a 3 game winning streak and a bye to prepare for this game, so I like them at home. But this Cardinals team has been so under the radar at 7-4 that it could lead to some issues for the Eagles.

Genesis – Cardinals. I wish this was a prime time game so everyone can see how good Arizona is.

Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills 4:05 PM

Andrew – Buffalo Bills. I kind of have to right?

Greg – Buffalo. Man — who knows with this one. Are the Falcons this bad?

Genesis – Bills. Rip Falcons season 2013

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers 4:05 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Important game for the 49ers to keep pace with the increasingly competitive NFC West.

Greg – San Francisco. Looks like this offense is finally starting to come together, always helps to play the Redskins as a tune up though (sorry, zing). Could be a blowout in this one.

Genesis – 49ers. Thanks to the Redskins, Kaepermivjck got his swagger back. Watch out for another 200+ passing yard game.

New England Patriots at Houston Texans 4:25 PM

Andrew – New England. Not a lot of hope for the Texans here.

Greg – New England. Andre Johnson is the only way the Texans stay in this game — Talib shutting him down is the only way they stay out of the game.

Genesis – Pats. Rip Texans season 2013

Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers 4:25 PM

Andrew – San Diego. I like them at home and am nervous about the inconsistent play if the Bengals. Only thing that makes me hesitate with this pick is the fact the Bengals are coming off a bye.

Greg – San Diego. How bout dem Chargers huh? With a tough last few games of the season, this game is huge for both teams. I think the Chargers offense right now is just too difficult to keep up with.

Genesis – Bengals. Sure, the Chargers are actually playing real well – but real Bengal tigers are in danger of being extinct and I’m picking them to raise awareness of this issue.

New York Giants at Washington Redskins 8:30 PM

Andrew – New York Giants. Redskins just have way too many issues to overcome right now. New York on the other hand have to feel like they can play themselves into the playoffs.

Greg – New York Giants. Things are going pretty poorly for the Redskins, and while I’m semi-surprised this game didn’t get flexed — I guess some people just want to watch the world burn.

Genesis – Redskins. I hate you.


New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks 8:30 PM

Andrew – Seattle. Tough not to pick the Seahawks at home, after a bye. Hoping for a good one though!

Greg – Seattle. If in New Orleans, Saints win, if in Seattle, Seahawks win. Should be a fun one though!

Genesis – Seahawks. The Super Bowl Bound Douche Coach Gum chewing Seattle super Seahawks are going to win in this close game. There was a firefigghtt!!!!


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