NFL Week 12 2013 Predictions

21 Nov

Week 12

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons 8:25 PM

Greg – New Orleans. While I think that the Falcons might ACTUALLY show up for this game, I just cannot pick them based on their play this year. Matt Ryan is having an ICE COLD season and the rest of the team is following his lead. The Saints should pull out in front early, and then end up winning by a touchdown.

Andrew – New Orleans.

Genesis – New Orleans.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Squeaker. Defensive battle.

Greg – Pittsburgh. Don’t look now, but the Steelers are coming and are creeping up on the AFC North! They’ve been playing much better lately, showing that their offense might be back on point in the past few weeks. Their weakness this year though is their secondary, but I don’t anticipate the Browns being able to take advantage of it enough to win this game.

Genesis – Steelers. Who cares.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM

Andrew – Detroit. Better team at home.

Greg – Detroit. I suppose this would be my lock game of the week, but I really hate picking with Detroit — can they just be consistent? They seem to struggle against teams they should beat — playing down to them. That being said, I still think they win this.

Genesis – Lions. Buccs are playing like they’re trying to save their coach’s job. But that will be put on hold here when Megatron goes crazy on Revis.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Minnesota. Toss up.

Greg – Green Bay. This is actually a tough pick — this game is a toss up, but I’ll go with the backup at home getting more and more experience. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Minnesota pull this out though.

Genesis – Packers. Without Aaron Rodgers at the helm, Green Bay’s offense looks unrecognizable. But, the Vikings have been struggling all year. Yeah, the Vikings couls steal this win, but I just can’t get over their existing turmoil.

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City 1:00 PM

Andrew – Kansas City. Despite the loss Cheifs should feel some what validated by their play. Bounce back, solid win.

Greg – Kansas City. That was a tough loss last week for the Chiefs. I’m sure the dumb 1972 Dolphins were popping champagne like the jerks they are. Now the Chiefs get to go back home, regroup and take on the Chargers — another tough matchup. A close game, but the Chiefs pull it out behind their crowd.

Genesis – Chiefs. So much for a perfect regular season. I can see Rivers keeping pace with his bid for the most perfect QB this season, but the Chiefs are going to want to make amends for last week’s loss.

Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams 1:00 PM

Andrew Chicago. Capable back up against a down and out team/franchise.

Greg – Chicago. With no Jay Cutler still, I think I am beginning to see some promise in McCown for the Bears — he has been keeping them in games and filling in nicely. The Rams are coming off demolishing the Colts two weeks ago — but the Bears offense I think will be able to power through and steal a road win.

Genesis – Bears. Chicago is in a weird position. Their main QB is good but is always fetting hurt. Their backup is also very good, but not as good as their starter – but he isn’t made out of glass. Keep Cutler or trade him? Think about it. Either way, Bears are the better team.

Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. Defense keeps them in it, Cam takes off late third quarter.

Greg – Carolina. This is a possible trap game for the Panthers — coming off two huge (AND ONE CONTROVERSIAL) wins. Now they take on the Dolphins who are just trying to claw onto the edge of the playoffs before falling off into the abyss again. After watching the Panthers last week for the first time, they are very good, still make some mistakes, but they should win this game.

Genesis – Panthers. SCAM NEWTON STRIKES AGAIN!! Panther defense might be having a field dayin this game. Get some Gatorade in you, Scam. You’re going to be on the field a lot.

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM

Andrew – Ravens. Even though Ravens are banged up defensively and Ray Rice is a non factor, the Jets have been playing like garbage on the road, and I expect nothing less here.

Greg – New York Jets. Going out on a limb here with this pick, I think the Rex Ryan defense will be able to shut down and get some turnovers from Flacco in a tight defensive matchup. A toss up for sure, but an interesting one to see if either of these teams have a playoff run in them.

Genesis – Ravens. Jets are in shambles after a promising start to the season. Geno Smith has been underperforming and you can’t win on field goals alone (Just ask the Redskins

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston.

Greg – Houston. I mean, they SHOULD win this game, but I have most certainly said that before about this Texans team.

Genesis – Texans. Time to right that ship.

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals 4:05 PM

Andrew – Arizona. A surprising toss up in my mind.

Greg – Indianapolis. Will be interesting to see who wins this game — def a toss up as Andrew said. However — I won’t watch it.

Genesis – Cardinals. Luck runs out. (rim shot)

Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders 4:05 PM

Andrew – Oakland.

Greg – Tennessee. Sure why not?

Genesis – Titans.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants 4:25 PM

Andrew – Dallas.

Greg – Dallas. This game is going to be sloppy, but I’ll take the Cowboy’s running game.

Genesis – Giants. Why not?

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots 8:30 PM

Andrew – Broncos. New England secondary is nonexistent.

Greg – New England. This game should be pretty sloppy with a few turnovers — a late one to decide the game.

Genesis – Broncos. Shootout that eventually ends with a Wes Welker TD for the dagger.


San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins 8:30 PM

Andrew – San Fran. Easy.

Greg – San Francisco. Surprisingly interesting to see which quarterback shows up for each game, I just think it will be Kaepernick that does more.

Genesis – Redskins. I believe in you. ❤

•Bye: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks


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