NFL Week 11 2013 Predictions

14 Nov

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Week 11

November 14th – Thursday Night Game (8:25 PM ET)

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Indianapolis Colts. Uhh… not sure what happened last game guys… but that sure was a mess. Although technically the Colts have been dropping the “should win” games, I hope they can clean it up with this one.

Greg – Indianapolis. This year has been a mess in picking with consistency, no one seems to want to be great. On a short week, I think the Colts will respond best, guided by Luck (literally and figuratively!!!!) and they’ll take this game no one will watch.

Genesis – Colts

November 17th – Early Afternoon Games (1:00 PM ET)

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – New York Jets. I don’t know about this game. Both teams have had some pretty big highs and lows this season. I imagine it’ll be close, but I think the Jets defense should be able to keep the Bills out of any real contention.

Greg – New York Jets. Once again, the Bills started out this season with promise, and have utterly collapsed, in the midst of a 3 game losing streak. I think this will be a sloppy game with a few turnovers, but ultimately the Jets’ running game will be able to hold on for the win.

Genesis – Jets. Bills continue to struggle despite having a promising start to the season. A rested Geno Smith should be able to do some work against the Bills’ defense.

Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears

Andrew – Chicago Bears. Flip-flopped on this pick a few times. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the level of confidence that I need to be able to pick the Ravens on the road. I think the Bears have a capable back up that could net them a touchdown or two, which may be all that is needed to win this one.

Greg – Chicago. Even though it looks like Cutler will be out this week, I’m still going with the Bears. The Ravens have been playing better as of late, but I still believe them to be a bad team (much like most of the NFL this year). Bears will squeak this one out in a low scoring affair.

Genesis – Ravens. Again, like most teams this season, the Ravens go up and down every week. You never know which Ravens team is going to show up, but I’ll take a chance here and assume that the “good” Ravens team will get the win against the Cutler-less Bears.

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Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Cincinnati Bengals. I tried to pick Cleveland, but I just couldn’t justify it. I feel like having a capable quarterback in Jason Candle has launched the Browns organization light years ahead of where they were, but is it enough to beat a better (although hot/cold/struggling) Bengals team? Proooobbbaabbblly wouldn’t put my money on it, but don’t be surprised if the Browns get the upset win.

Greg – Cincinnati. That was a pretty embarrassing/big loss for the Bengals last week in Baltimore, a game they should’ve won. This week, they get the Browns coming off a bye week and a chance with a win to be 1 game back (Crazy, I know). With all that, I still take the Bengals at home and the desperation throws of Dalton to AJ Green actually working again.

Genesis – Browns. A rested Browns team against a tired and injured Bengals team that lost to the Dolphins. Upset city, here we come!

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew – Atlanta Falcons. Want to pick the Buccaneers to slap Atlanta in the face, but doubtful that dream will come true.

Greg – Atlanta. I mean, there shouldn’t be a way that the Buccaneers with TWO in a row right? I think the Falcons will actually show up and play some good ball this game for the win.

Genesis – Buccs. I’ll be the crazy one here! (maniacal laughter) The Falcons are just not a good team this year – granted Tampa Bay is much worse. But after getting their first win, they’ll be flying the black sails and getting their second win. Also, TB scored more than 10 points against their opponent, so….

Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars

Andrew – Arizona Cardinals. The Jaguars’ win last week was the exception not the rule. I don’t see that win spurring any future changes or performance improvements. Arizona just needs to squash any hopes the Jaguars have of winning another game outside of probably some garbage backup game at the end of the year.

Greg – Arizona. Same situation here like the Bucs — there’s no way the Jags can win two games in a row right? The Cardinals are also a pretty decent team and should be able to win this — although most likely closer than it should be.

Genesis – Cardinals. Dear Jags, Larry Fitzgerald has a message for you.

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. Back to back 27 to 24 losses for Houston and Case Keenum, but, I think the offense will benefit with Coach Kubiak coming back. Just keep throwing those long bombs to Andre Johnson.

Greg – Houston. The Texans are on a *7 game* losing streak. This was a playoff team. Now they are just awful. With that being said though — I am still leaning towards them to pull this one out against the Raiders who haven’t won a game on the road yet. Could see this game going either way though.

Genesis – Raiders. 7 game losing streak + QB turmoil + injured coach. Everything is against this team so, it’s upset time!

San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – San Diego Chargers. Not the easiest game for the Chargers to play, coming across the country….again. However, with everything going on with Miami, and more issues popping up each day, I don’t see the Miami Dolphins rallying together to pull out a win against a better team.

Greg – San Diego. The Chargers have made the East coast trek this season already, beating Jax easy, and barely losing to the Redskins — so they are used to this trip now. I think they will roll into Miami, enjoy the weather, and take care of business early on.

Genesis – Chargers. Another team that goes up and down whenever they feel like it. I trust in Rivers’ monster season though and expect them to, get this, score MORE than the Dolphins which will result in a win. Someone write this theory down, I think it has potential.

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Andrew – Washington Redskins. This is probably one of the last straight up winnable games that I think the Redskins will play. Despite the Eagles torching the Redskins in the first game of season, I think the Redskins will be better prepared this second time around. If the Redskins want to make anything of this season, they should have won against the Vikings, but if they don’t want to get fired, they might want to win this game.

Greg – Philadelphia. This game is actually semi intriguing. I think this game will define where these two teams seasons go. Eagles have a chance to begin a playoff push with a consistent starting quarterback, while the Redskins can salvage their season with a few wins in the horrible NFC East. I just cannot pick the Redskins horrible defense in a game like this to withstand the Eagles. While it won’t be the onslaught they saw in week 1, I think the Eagles pull away come the 3rd quarter.


Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew – Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions needs this win to put some space between them and their struggling NFC North counterparts (especially with their starting QBs out). If the Lions can jump out ahead early in the game, I think Fairely and Suh should have some success preventing any Ben Roethlisberger comebacks.

Greg – Detroit. I wanted to pick the Steelers in this game, but then I thought about their secondary and how easily they can be torched. Good thing the Lions don’t have a star wide out, oh wait, Megatron. Deep balls all day. The big play helps the Lions win this close game.

Genesis – Lions. I can’t really see the Steelers doing well against the offensive powerhouse. Dare I say, this game will be a blowout?

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks 4:25 PM

Andrew – Seattle. The success that the Vikings has last week, is way overinflated. That will not happen in Seattle.…………

Greg – Seattle. The Seahawks get to gift another weapon Russell Wilson in Percy Harvin this week (against his old team too). I think he won’t be a huge impact stat wise, but coverage wise, will be helpful to Wilson to other targets. The Vikings will put up a good fight, but will come up short to Seattle.

Genesis – Seattle. The Vikings pulled off a stupid win that should not have happened and it definitely won’t happen this week against a SUPERBOWL BOUND TEAM. Legion of Boom will have a field day with Ponder’s shoulder.

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints 4:25 PM

Andrew – New Orleans Saints. Not that the San Francisco 49ers won’t bounce back from the loss to the Panthers, but more so, playing the Saints in the Superdome right now is dangerous for any team.

Greg – New Orleans. It’s not that I don’t think the 49ers couldn’t win this game, but as Andrew writes, the Saints at home are a different animal. This is also a semi-revenge game for the Saints, who were knocked around the past 3 meetings against SanFran. I’m not sold that the 49ers offense can keep up with the Saints here — the passing attack still seems flawed in SF.

Genesis – Saints. 9 points. That’s how much the ‘9ers were able to score last week – and that was at home. Superdome Saints are going to get the lopsided victory here.

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants 4:25 PM

Andrew – New York Giants. I don’t think I’ve picked a New York Giants game correctly this year, so enjoy the win Green Bay!

Greg – Green Bay. One word to sum up the Packers’ season so far is ‘injuries.’ I mean, who else can go down next? This is getting ridiculous. I am only picking the Packers to win this game in banking on some costly turnover by Eli and the Giants late in the game. I think Tolzien will hold his own and be able to make some good throws. My gut tells me to pick the Giants as they make their inevitable playoff push right now, but based on this year, I just can’t pick them right now. I think McCarthy rallies the troops and is able to pull one out.

Genesis – Giants. No Rodgers = no wins. The Packers won’t lose out, but they won’t get the win here. This could be a super sloppy game and I really miss the Eli derp face, so here’s to hoping it’s awful!

November 17th – Sunday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Denver Broncos. If Peyton Manning isn’t 100% for this game, he certainly won’t be 100% after it. That Chiefs defensive line can do some damage on the quarterback. I do think that Manning will be able to get some success in the second half, (assuming he survives the first one), but I think it will be the Broncos defense that keeps them in this one.

Greg – Denver. I looked at the schedule of Kansas City so far this season — look at that, they’re undefeated still — and look at the teams they’ve played, yeah, they better be undefeated. Even with a hurting Peyton, I think the Broncos still have enough offensive firepower to get this win and end Kansas City’s run. The Broncos steal this one, but I think KC wins in 2 weeks when back at home.

Genesis – Chiefs. Broncos were only able to score 28 points. THEY’RE ON THE DECLINE, SHEEPLE. WAKE UP!!! This is going to be a fun game to watch. With a bye week, the Chiefs had a while to prepare for this game. Peyton injured his footsies in his last game. The Broncos will definitely score more than 20 points, per yoosh, but I expect Andy Reid has a something special tucked away in that burly mustache of his.

November 18th – Monday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers 8:30 PM

Andrew – Carolina Panthers. Yup. Going for it. That Panther defense against a relatively shaky New England team… could be a rough ride for Boston fans.

Greg – New England. I think this team is starting to figure out what exactly they are good (and bad) at. The Panthers’ defense is pretty scary good this year, but when you look at the offenses they’ve played, no one stands out. This will be a very interesting test for the Patriots and Panthers to see where they are both at.

Genesis – Panthers. Well this is fun. Ham Newtown might go crazy with this bend but not break New England defense. Will the Patriots’ sometimes shaky offense be able to get passed the Carolina defense? STAY TUNED

•Bye: Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams


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