NFL Week 9 2013 Predicitions

31 Oct

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Week 9

October 31st – HALLOWEEN / Thursday Night Football (8:25 PM ET)

Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals have to be feeling good coming off a monster win against the Jets. I think that Miami will put up a little bit more of a fight, but if the Bengals continue to fire on all cylinders then they will have a legitimate shot at making a deep run into the playoffs.

Greg – Cincinnati. Coming off a devastating collapse against the Patriots last week, the Dolphins just won’t muster much here. Meanwhile the Bengals’ Dalton has figured things out and Cincinnati is looking good. Bengals by 13.

Genesis –  Bengals. Dolphins have been playing pretty decent, but the Bengals are playing even better. Offense is clicking and I think this year’s Bengal’s team could be going to the playoffs. Thanks Hard Knocks!

November 3rd – Early Afternoon Games (1:00 PM ET)

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills can definitely steal a win here at home, so don’t count them out. I imagine this will be a close game again, with the Chiefs defense covering for any offensive woes.

Greg – Kansas City. I think the Bills will put up a decent fight, much like the Browns did last week, but this Chiefs defense is just scary and will force turnovers.

Genesis – Chiefs. Because, it’s the Chiefs.

San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins

Andrew – Washington Redskins. During the second game of the season, my friend’s girlfriend compared being a Redskins fan to being in an abusive relationship. Things are great when everything is going well, but it can turn bad at any minute, and you have no idea what causes it. I’m paraphrasing, but the gist remains. The Redskins have talent and skill to compete with some of the best teams, but can’t seem to keep it together for all 4 quarters. I think despite having more issues surface in this game, Washington should be able to win at home against a team traveling across the country. I hope.

Greg – San Diego. The Chargers have been pretty quiet this year, but a good team. Coming off a bye, I think they’ll take care of business against the Redskins.

Genesis – Redskins. The hopes of the Skins going to the playoffs is as imaginary as Tae’o’s gf

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Carolina Panthers. In the four games that the Panthers have won this year, they have outscored their opponents 134 to 38. I suppose that’s kind of a meaningless stat given the caliber of the teams that they won against, but impressive nonetheless. I would normally never pick the Panthers here, but I am hating how terrible Atlanta is playing and how inconsistent they are. If there was ever a team that crumbled under pressure worse than Dallas, it would be Atlanta.

Greg – Carolina. Carolina’s defense has been super impressive this year. And while their record is only 4-3, I have to go with them against a Falcons team that has underperformed all year and just seem to be unable to stop anyone on defense.

Genesis – Falcons. I almost want to say that this is an upset pick, considering how bad the Falcons have looked all year. Then again, I could really see Cam going Ham Newton again.

Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Dallas Cowboys. Have to go Dallas at home against a team that seems completely inept offensively, I just wish AP would have a monster day for my suffering fantasy team.

Greg – Dallas. I’m not sure if they have announced who is starting for the Vikings at quarterback yet, but I do know it won’t really make a difference. Once again, their hope rests in the legs of AP running for…like 400 yards.

Genesis – Dallas. Eff you.

Tennessee Titans at St. Louis Rams

Andrew – Tennessee Titans. I believe that Jake Locker is coming back, and in general

Greg – Tennessee. Andrew is correct, Locker is back — which means they should be good to go against a Bradford-less Rams. I think this will actually be one of the better games to watch on the day though.

Genesis – Titans. Who’s on the Rams now anyway? I feel like everyone is hurt.

New Orleans Saints at New York Jets

Andrew – New Orleans Saints. I fully expect the Jets to bounce back to mediocre/kinda competitive levels after the beating they took from the Bengals, I just don’t expect the Saints to notice as they roll through.

Greg – New Orleans. The up and down season of the Jets continues. This week, Geno should play better, but it won’t be enough to slow down the Saints. I think the Saints roll in this game and we all start to remember that, hey, those Jets really are not good.

Genesis – Saints. Although I think the Jets could pose somewhat of a problem for the Saints, the Saints march on with an easy win.

November 3rd – Late Afternoon Games (4:00 PM ET)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Seattle Seahawks 4:05 PM

Andrew – Seattle Seahawks. I imagine Tampa Bay has their first couple draft options on the board already. I wouldn’t normally expect anything from the Buccaneers on the road, across the country, but I’m expecting even less given that they’re playing in Seattle.

Greg – Seattle. Man, this could get rough. Seattle takes this one easy.

Genesis – Seattle. The Buccs stops here! Makes no sense, but I just wanted to use that pun.

Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland Raiders

Andrew – Oakland Raiders. Either teams have already figured out how to slow the infamous Chip Kelly offense, or the Eagles are too tired and injured to compete any more. Either way, I’m taking the home team here while knowing full well that at any moment the Eagles could explode for 400+ yards.

Greg – Philadelphia. Going out on a limb here with this pick with a (slight) upset? I’m not basing this off anything really, just think the Eagles will be able to pull this one out with Fowles in there at QB.

Genesis – Raiders. I’ll go ahead and say the Raiders do something silly and manage a win over the Eagles. Considering the Eagles have been off and on as of late (esp after losing to the Giants), another QB switch, and the Raiders getting Pryor back in the lineup, I can see this going Oakland’s way.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots

Andrew – New England Patriots. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Luckily for the Patriots they’ve managed to scrape together enough wins to stay afloat, but neither of these teams have been anywhere near their historic levels. Barring any kind of superhuman revival of the Steelers defense, I think New England will piecemeal together another win.

Greg – New England. It’s amazing to watch this team somehow slip by with wins week after week. I’m not really sure how they are doing it exactly, but I think they manage another one this week.

Genesis – Pats. Steelers still have to prove me wrong that they don’t suck. This week is not the week to do that.

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns 4:25 PM

Andrew – Baltimore Ravens. The little three win streak was a nice little bright spot for the Browns, wasn’t it? The Browns have managed to only score more than 17 points this season twice this season, while give up more than more than 20 points, in 6 games this season. More meaningless stats I know, the real story here is that they will always play the Ravens tough, and the Ravens are just inconsistent enough for me to doubt my pick, but given how poorly the Browns are overall, I have to think that the Ravens can get this win on the road. (Debated for a second scrapping this whole write up, picking the Browns and saying “COME OOOONNNN JASON CANDLE!” but I couldn’t pull that trigger).

Greg – Cleveland Browns. Neither of these teams are very good, but for some reason, I am leaning towards the Browns. I think the Ravens make a few key turnovers in the game that lead to them losing by 3.

Genesis – Ravens. This game will be as boring as Joe Flacco.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 8:30 PM

Andrew – Indianapolis Colts. As a Redskins fan, I rooted against Andrew Luck’s success, since he and RGIII seemed to be forever linked as the top one and two QBs taken in the 2012 draft. Last year, I downplayed his success but there is no getting around it…. Andrew Luck is a damn good quarterback, and right now the Colts have to be feeling pretty confident. Their wins this year have been against teams that are heavily favored to win the Superbowl, and their loses.. well… those have been weird. Even though they’re not the same team on the road, I think coming off a bye will give them plenty of prep time needed to continue their winning ways.

Greg – Indianapolis. I don’t really know what is going on in Houston, but Schaub isn’t starting this week. And while maybe the pressure of the fans got to them and they had no choice — I don’t like it at all. I think the Colts will pull this out by a touchdown and break the Texans’ hearts once again.

Genesis – Colts. Luck is great and can lead a team to victory. Matt Schaub is a schlub and will now be referred to as Matt Schlub.


Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers 8:30 PM

Andrew – Green Bay Packers. As I write this, Jay Cutler is injured and Josh McCown is penciled in to start. If that stays, I think the Packers will be able to capitalize on the Bears defensive issues and give themselves enough of a cushion to start forcing McCown into mistakes (or injuries given the way he was running against the Redskins).

Greg – Green Bay. Each week, the Packers seem to be gearing up for a long playoff run, looking better each time I see them. Their offense has been hit with injuries, and yet they continue to score 30+ points. I think the Packers are able to win this game by 8.

Genesis – Packers. No Jay Cutler and a clicking Packers offense = a Green Bay win. I can see some back and forth action for a bit, while the Packers try to figure out how to deal with Josh McCowen, but eventually it’ll go all Green Bay.

•Bye: Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars


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