Week 7 2013 NFL Predictions!

17 Oct

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets

Week 7


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals 8:25 PM

Andrew – Seattle.

Greg – Seattle. The Cardinals put up a good fight last week against the 49ers, but ultimately came up short. Against this defense, we can be sure there will be a couple of costly turnovers by the Cardinals (GOTTA LOVE THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL RIGHT?!) — that will ultimately be their demise. Seahawks take this one easy.

Genesis – Seattle. This one is a difficult game for me to pick. Both defenses are pretty solid and the Cardinals are actually not that bad this year. But, the Cards offense has been struggling, including turning the ball over and the Seahawks defense loves causing turnovers. Plus, Russell Wilson has more rushing yards than the Cardinals’ rushers. If the Seahawks were playing in the East, then I’d say they lose, but since it’s a West coast game and the fact that they’re a more solid team, I say they come out with a win by a field goal.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. Going with home team here, but in Tampa…. I might pick otherwise. No Julio Jones and no defense that I can speak of, this game could be very upsetting for Falcons fans… oh wait they’re going to leave after the 1st quarter regardless… so they’ll never know.

Greg – Atlanta. Both these teams are in shambles, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both their coaches were nearing the chopping block. I still think the Falcons have enough weapons that EVENTUALLY have to show up right?

Genesis – Atlanta. ATLANTA’S BEEN SOME BUTT recently but I think they’ll right the ship against another team that has also been some butt. I expect to see a lot of passes going towards Tony Gonzalez’s way this game. The Buccs will get a win eventually, but it won’t be in Georga against the Falcons.

Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM

Andrew – Detroit. I don’t trust the Bengals any more and AJ GREEN IS NOT DOING WHAT HE SHOULD ON MY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM! Tough road game against a solid defense and an offense that can move the ball pretty well. I’d like to think it’d be close, but if Dalton continues to struggle, this game could get ugly.

Greg – Detroit. The Bengals are coming off a close game against (a backup qb) Bills team that they should’ve beaten easily. The Lions offense is clicking (even with Calvin Johnson semi-injured). The Bengals have the defense to slow this Lions team down, but I’ll take Stafford over Dalton in this one.

Genesis – Bengals. I’ll take the upset pick here. The Lions are a much more productive team, but I think the Bengals will find a way to win this one. Early struggles for Cincinnati will turn into a better/winning second half after some adjustments.

Houston Texans at Kansas City 1:00 PM

Andrew – Kansas City. Not sure who will be QBing for Houston, so I don’t think there will be much offensive production, and unfortunately their defense is on point and will make this a terrible game to watch. I’m expecting maybe 14 to 3, but otherwise no real fireworks.

Greg – Kansas City. There is just too much turmoil going on in Houston to pick them confidently. I think it will be a close game since the Texans get to leave the Houston “boos” — but the Chiefs will come out on top by a field goal.

Genesis – Chiefs. Schaub hurt? Their backup QB throws pick sixes galore? Arian Foster is their only hope? The Texans are in trouble right now and the Chiefs will take full advantage of that. I think this will be a blowout.

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Miami. Should be close, but home team wins this one.

Greg – Miami. Generally these games are pretty sloppy and difficult to predict between these two teams. However, the game being in Miami, and weather near 90 with humidity on top of that, I’ll pick the Dolphins at home.

Genesis – Miami. The Dolphins are playing great ball right now, and with both Bills QBs banged up, I can see a rested Miami get the win here. Yes, the Bills are putting up massive points on the board and losing/winning close games, but that’s when they had healthy players on their teams.

New England Patriots at New York Jets 1:00 PM

Andrew – New England. New York Jets only play to beat the Pats, so expect a really close game. Pats are thin at WR again, and a couple inopportune drops could swing this in the Jets favor. Actually, I don’t know what the line is but I would take the Jets.

Greg – New England. As usual, this game will be tight, but I think the Patriots will come in high on emotion from the last second win last week to squeak this one out.

Genesis – Jets. This will be a fun game for Geno Smith. Maybe Tom Brady will throw to the ground where a receiver should be? Maybe we’ll see another Buttfumble by the Jets? The world is our oyster! But with the injuries to the Pats defense, I can see the Jets actually doing some work. No, there won’t be busted coverages, but I think Geno will be able to run enough and not turn the ball over enough to get the win.

AP Patriots Saints 2_1381708575390_3513681_ver1.0_640_480

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM

Andrew – Philly. Upset, possibly? I’m not too sure, but if you’re anyone other than the Redskins, the Cowboys’ secondary is weak and should get burned by Jackson and those other speedy guys. If Dallas is as thin at the dline as they were last week, then this could actually be the Eagle’s chance to make their move in this terrible division.

Greg – Philadelphia. The Cowboys got pretty lucky that the Redskins are awful last week and managed to get the win. This week, the Cowboys face a bigger rival in my opinion of recent years. The Eagles are finally figuring things out, and on top of Cowboy injuries, I think they can pull this one out at home.

Genesis – Dallas. They’re good. I said it. I hate you.

Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Chicago. Next.

Greg – Chicago. If not for a horrible special teams, the Redskins were in that Cowboys game. It seems a different part of the team finds a way to lose for the team every week now. Meanwhile, the Bears are coming off a long 10 days off to prepare for a Redskins team that is a shell of what they were last year. Bears by 13.


St. Louis Rams at Carolina Panthers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. The Panthers had a good game last week, so they’ll probably totally shit the bed this week, hahaha i don’t understand the nfl this year at all! Fortunately, I don’t think the Rams are good enough team to win this one on the road.

Greg – Carolina. I predicted Cam’s breakout game last week, yet didn’t pick them. I’m not sure if the Rams are good yet, I think this game will be close, but I’ll take Cam at home.

Genesis – Carolina. Rams sure know how to randomly take games they’re not supposed to win. But it wont’ happen this week against the Panthers. Cam will have another great game in this one and win by two TD’s.

San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM

Andrew – San Diego. I don’t know, difficult to pick the Jaguars, but I have started putting Justin Blackmon in my fantasy football team.

Greg – San Diego. So this is 100% my trap game of the week. The Jags played extremely well last week at Denver, and the Chargers are notorious for a big win, then huge drop off — especially travelling across the country. I think this game will be close at first, much like the Denver game, but the Chargers ultimately pull it out.

Genesis – Chargers. My prediction by way of the WWE. Guess which one represents the Jaguars.

San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans 4:05 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. I imagine that a better team could probably stop the 49ers but… I don’t think it’ll be the Titans.

Greg – San Francisco. I think the 49ers have figured a few things out, but still are not clicking completely. Vernon Davis saved them last week – who will step up this time? I’m looking for a low scoring affair that has the 49ers winning by 5.

Genesis – 49ers. Vernon Davis had a monster game last week and I think that continues this week. Titans still find ways to keep being in games, but I think the ‘9ers have gotten their act together. At least for this game.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers 4:25 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. These teams alternate looking terrible. I don’t know who to pick, but I feel the Ravens defense is clicking and should keep the inept Steelers offense in line.

Greg – Pittsburgh. I’m not too sure on this one, both teams are not what they were, but I still see more upside on the Steelers side than the Ravens (call me crazy!). The Ravens cannot move the ball on offense and the Flacco longball has been nonexistent. I think the Steelers will grind this one out for the victory.

Genesis – Ravens. Yay! The Ben Stillers finally got one win under their belt, but they still don’t look as impressive. Also not impressive, the Ravens. But, they’re more put together than the Steelers. Flacco will throw a pick or two, but it won’t matter. The Pittsburgh offense won’t be able to do anything and I think Suggs will get a sack on Hamburgler. (This is super detailed and probably none of it will come true)

Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers 4:25 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. The Browns should do ok on defense, but I’m not sold on their offense. Packers should be able to keep this out of reach at home. What kind of world are we living in if I’m even debating this!?

Greg – Green Bay. With all the injuries to the Packers receiving corps, it will be interesting to see how Aaron Rodgers will play. Should be a tight game, that Rodgers can win with his legs this time.

Genesis – Browns. UPSET CITY.

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts 8:30 PM

Andrew – Denver. I enjoy a good game, and I hope this is one, but the noise around Peyton coming back is already obnoxious.

Greg – Denver. Here comes Manning! I’m sure with nothing to prove right?! I mean, coming home to a place that discarded you because they thought you had nothing left and meanwhile you are setting touchdown records? HA – nothing to prove here!!

Genesis – Colts. This is going to be such an emotional game for Manning and the Colts fans and organization! This will be everything that everyone’s dreamed of and more! The game of the century! The man who left versus the man who replaced him! Manning to Welker! Luck to Wayne! For three! Goal!!!!!!!


Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants 8:30 PM

Andrew – Minnesota. haha I feel like when the schedule was made they were like “oh shit this is going to be awesome” and then this year happened. Enjoy AP’s 9 children! or whatever.

Greg – Minnesota. Glad this is the MNF game (can go to sleep early!). The Vikings are coming off a horrible loss against the Panthers last week amid the AP family tragedy. And now they get a new spark to the team with Josh Freeman starting at quarterback. With nothing to lose here, I expect the Vikings to over perform and take advantage of a horrible Giants team.

Genesis – Giants. If there’s a game the Giant should win, it’s this one. It’ll be close, but the Giants their first win against a weirdly shambled Vikings team. But that Josh Freeman tho!

•Bye: Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints


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