Week 5, 2013 NFL Predictions!

3 Oct

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans

Week 5

October 3rd – Thursday Night Football TIME (8:25 PM ET)

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns

Andrew – Cleveland Browns. Brian Hoyer is the “Brady Quinn” that Brady Quinn always wanted to be. I honestly don’t know what to make of Brian Hoyer, but he is clearly doing enough to scrape together wins. The Browns defense should handle anything that the Bills throw at them, and until there is linebacker tall enough and fast enough to deal with Jordan Cameron (kicking myself for not paying attention to how high his stock was prior to my fantasy drafts), I imagine the middle of the field will be free for the taking. I’m impressed intrigued by the success that has occurred after the shake up, although I will probably forever be wondering if it’s primarily the absence of Brandon Weeden, and if getting rid of Trent Richardson wasn’t a mistake.

Greg – Cleveland. First off — can we stop Thursday night football? The games have been awful. Both of these teams are on 3 days practice, it’s going to be a mess as always. I don’t think either of these teams are good/will make the playoffs. But still, it makes for an intriguing matchup. Should be a close game, but ultimately I think the Browns defense will save them with a couple turnovers off of Emanuel. That being said — this should be a sloppy one on both sides.

Genesis –  Bills. If there’s a team with such crazy false hopes, it’s the Bills. Almost beating the Pats and beating the Ravens! That’s just crazy talk! The Bills will be able to handle the Browns, easily. I don’t think Hoyer’s success last week will come that easy this week.

October 6th – Early Afternoon Games (1:00 PM ET)

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

Andrew – New Orleans Saints. The return of Sean Payton and some key changes on defense (including how well they are adjusting to scheme switching from the 4-3 to the 3-4), and the New Orlean Saints have leaped out to their best start since their Super Bowl winning season in 2009.  One could argue that given the play of the teams they have faced this year, the Saints defense hasn’t truly be tested, so I imagine this game and the next one (against the Patriots) will be a good measuring stick for how good the Saints really are. I personally believe, barring anything totally unforeseen, New Orleans is on track for a pretty serious run into the postseason.

Greg – New Orleans. I am tempted to pick the Bears, however they really haven’t played any real competition up to this point. While the Saints are certainly an indoor weather team, it’s supposed to be in the 60’s and sunny on Sunday in Chicago. The Saints offense is clicking and I think this game should lead to a fun shootout.

Genesis – Saints. Everything is just clicking for this team. Brees is making it looks realy br-easy out there on the field (I’m not sorry for that pun.) The defense also made some pretty sweet plays last week, so I’m thinking that they’ll be able to shut down a lot of what Chicago has been doing. Saints remain unbeaten.

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – New England Patriots. The Patriots are playing better in all aspects of the game. Brady has pulled his wide receivers along and made them respectable threats to anyone’s secondary. I am nervous about Vince Wilfork’s injury, he figuratively & literally anchored the defensive line, so I imagine there will be a dropoff in production between him and his replacement, but otherwise the defense continues to rally around the “bend but don’t break” philosophy. With Andy Dalton seeming to play worse each week, and the defense not playing up to its potential, I think this will be a closer than anticipated game, but with the Patriots in control the entire time.

Greg – New England. Everyone seems to be jumping off the Bengals bandwagon pretty fast, but this game should be pretty close.

Genesis – Pats. I don’t know why I’ve been doubting the Pats for a couple of games – maybe it’s because their receiving core is in shambles and their defense kinda gives up a lot of points. But them being 4 – 0 with these concerns prove that they’re a good team, no matter who they have on their team. Pats win easily.

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Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams

Andrew – St. Louis Rams. It’s possible that the Jaguars could win this/a game, but I have to think that the Rams should be able to handle business at home.

Greg – St Louis. Every week I reminded that Jacksonville still has a football. If the Jags could sneak out a win, it would be this one. But I just don’t see it happening.

Genesis – Rams. Tebow time, Jags. Tebow time.

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Miami Dolphins. I don’t understand what is happening to the Ravens, they have become so impossible to predict. Take heart Ravens fans, I imagine that since I have picked Miami, then you will be sure to win.

Greg – Baltimore. The Dolphins are coming off a horrible loss to the Saints where nothing went well, and meanwhile the Ravens played awful against the Bills. Both teams need to get back on track with a win here. I still don’t have confidence in either team, but less so with the Dolphins. Toss up game, but Ravens win a close one.

Genesis – Ravens. Joe Flacco aka Mr. Muppet Head is struggling and that’s weird. 5 picks last game and only 2 TDs. You guys paid for that? But despite his struggles, he was able to hit Torrey Smith for what seemed like a million times and drive up the field and keep the game close. I think the Ravens and Muppet Head will right their wrongs and come up with the win.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Andrew – New York Giants. One of these teams has to win, so….. *flips coin*

Greg – Philadelphia. I’ve tried to pick the Giants the past few weeks thinking they will rebound, but every week they seem to stay stagnant and play AWFUL. This week, in a division game, it’s a must win. With a Giants loss, look for the fire Coughlin chants to begin in New York.

Genesis – Eagles. I originally picked the Giants, but after re-watching the Panthers game highlights, I realized that they have no defense. So, sorry guys.

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

Andrew – Green Bay Packers. I believe that the Detroit Lions, who currently sit in first place of the NFC North, have greatly benefited from an easy schedule (they played the Redskins, c’mon!). I also believe that Reggie Bush has been a huge addition to their team. A couple key turnovers (four!) really kept the Bears out of their last game… and I don’t see Aaron Rodgers having those same issues.

Greg – Green Bay. A risky pick (in my mind) with the way the Packers have been playing, but I don’t see the Lions coming into Lambeau and leaving with a clean victory. A turnover here or there should lead to a Pack victory.

Genesis – Lions. The undefeated Packe…(listens to earpiece) oh, they’re not? The 2 – 1 Pack…(listens to earpiece) oh, they’re not? Well it’s not like the Lions are number one in thei…(listens to ear piece). Well shoot.

Kansas City at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Kansas City. Lets review shall we? The Chiefs are undefeated, but have played the Jaguars, the Cowboys, the Eagles, and the Giants…. and only the Cowboys have a win outside of the NFC East (it’s own division). Think about that. These teams are a collective, 3 and 13. THAT IS TURRIBLE. The Titans have also gotten an off to a surprising start at 3-1, losing to the respectable Texans. They have beat suspect Jets (despite being 2-2 with wins against the Bucs and the Bills), the consistently inconsistent San Diego Chargers (also 2-2, with only wins against the terrible NFC East) and the winless Steelers. Given that these teams have really only played and won against terrible teams, I’m still not entirely sure who I think is the better team. I’m thinking that Fitzpatrick struggles in his first start filling in for Jack Locker and the Kansas City defense continues to keep their win streak alive.

Greg – Kansas City. There are a lot of teams that have good records this year, that just are not that good. I see the Chiefs and Titans as two of those. With no Jake Locker, the Titans won’t be up to toppling this tough Kansas City defense.

Genesis – Tennessee Titans. Jake Locker has been prettttyy impressive. Chris Johnson hasn’t scored anything yet, but I think he’ll score at least one TD this week. This will be a close game, but I think the Titans will squeak out of with the win this week and give the Chiefs their first loss.

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – Indianapolis Colts. Hmm, a bit risky, I know, but Seahawks are a terrible team on the road, and the Colts are generally significantly better at home. Not to say that on neutral territory that the Seahawks wouldn’t win, but I’m thinking that this game will be close into the fourth, where Andrew Luck has earned his keep.

Greg – Indianapolis. As Andrew points out, the Seahawks are basically a different team on the road, and in a bad way. I think this game should be close, but the Colts pull out a squeaker maybe on a wild play in the 4th.

Genesis – Seahawks. QB battle!!! (electric guitar solo) Last week, the Seahawks proved that they’re turrible on the road – but they also proved that there is something special going on over there with that win. I can see Russell Wilson continue to struggle, so the Seahawks will have to rely on their defense and run game. Seahawks win in another close contest.

October 6th – Late Afternoon Games (4:00 PM ET)

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals

Andrew – Carolina Panthers. Tough game way out on the road, but they are coming off a bye, and their defensive front should give Carson Palmer nightmares. If Palmer continues to struggle, I expect the odds to increase significantly for Carolina.

Greg – Cardinals. Neither of these teams are good (God the NFL is horrible sometimes), but I’m going with the home team here. No real analysis for you, SORRY I’M NOT SORRY!

Genesis – Cardinals. Off of a bye, yes, but going West is always a factor when you’re an East Coast team. I expect the Cardinals defense to continue to put in work and get a couple more picks. Cardinals win in a low scoring game.

Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Denver Broncos. Dallas may be the best team in the NFC East with a .500 record, but that won’t stop Peyton Manning from having his way with that secondary.

Greg – Denver. Peyton has got to stop this nonsense. Someone pick him off?! Please?! I think this game will be close going into the half, but the Broncos will pull away. Plus, the NFC is horrible this year.

Genesis – Broncos. Nobody can stop this team. They might even go 16 – 0. Peyton will probably throw another 10 TD’s this game just because he can.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Andrew – San Diego Chargers. Not that the Chargers are without their faults, and with the return of Terrell Pryor, the Raiders should be somewhat more competitive, but I mean… they did lose to the Redskins.

Greg – San Diego. Love that this game is at midnight. BAASEEBALLLLLLLLL!!! The Raiders just lost…at home…to the Redskins. That’s enough right there to prove they are awful.

Genesis – San Diego. THEY’RE PLAYING THIS GAME AT LIKE 11:35PM OVER HERE BECAUSE THE OAKLAND A’S NEED THE FIELD. Because of that, I’m picking the Chargers. But I had no idea that Naya Rivera’s (from Glee) brother played for the Raiders. That’s probably the only reason I’d ever watch an Oakland home game. I wouldn’t ever cheer for them, but I’d watch it just to see if she comes back on. I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

October 6th – Sunday Night Football (8:30 PM ET)

Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – San Francisco 49ers. Still having figured out what is keeping the 49ers from absolutely dominating. This should be a good game, hopefully high scoring and fun to watch, but if the 49ers play up to their potential, it shouldn’t even be a question (and that’s not to say that the Texans are bad, but just not as good).

Greg – San Francisco. I am beginning to think that the 49ers maybe have figured out the early kinks? Both of these teams have struggled through the first 4 games and have lost bad. However, I think the 49ers are the better team when playing to their potential — which they should at home on SNF.

Genesis – 49ers. Kaepernick is stru-ggel-ing. Much like the Skins, they’re simply just not running the ball enough and it allows for the defense to play normally. I can’t see the ‘9ers only scoring once again this week, but I do see Matt Schuab the deck play poorly. Picks on picks – maybe even for both QBs.

October 7th – Monday Night Football (8:30 PM ET)

New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons

Andrew – Atlanta Falcons. Jets defense should keep them in, but the questionable quarterback play continues to plague the Jets offense. I think even if they have success against the suspect Falcons defense, they won’t be able to keep up with the Falcons offensive powers.

Greg – Atlanta. The Falcons almost came back vs the Patriots last week (Even though half their stadium left in the 4th). They are a good team that just hasn’t quite figured out everything yet. I think they win this one easily with an explosion of offense early in the game.

Genesis – Falcons. I wassss going to pick Buttfumble, but I came off my meth high and realized my folly. The Falcons have a very talented receiving tandem in Roddy White and Julio Jones (even though Jones didn’t practice this week because of an injury). And they have Tony Gonzalez who can still make great plays. The Jets have buttfumble. Although, I’ve come to realize that if you pressure Matt Ryan into throwing while in motion, he does not look like a good QB.

•Bye: Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins



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