Week 3 2013 NFL Predictions!

19 Sep


Week 3!

September 19th – Thursday Night Game (8:25 PM ET)

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles

Andrew – Philadelphia Eagles. I definitely think that the Chiefs have a shot, and given that their defense seems to be significantly improved, I feel as though this game could be lower scoring and closer than many people expect. However, if I had to pick the team that could most likely break it open, it would not be Alex Smith and the Chiefs. One more game though, and I may be convinced.

Greg – Philadelphia Eagles. I really think this game is a toss up. Reid coming back into town creates an emotional aspect for both teams. The chiefs will most certainly be playing up for their coach, but I don’t think they’ll be able to slow down this offense enough to win for Andy.

Genesis – Kansas City Chiefs. TALK ABOUT RACIST NAMES, AMIRIGHT?! This one is actually pretty tough to choose. With a 2-0 start, the Chiefs seem to be doing everything right – but Vick has thrown like 600+ yards, so clearly something’s working there. The key to this win is to stop the Eagles rush offense. If they do that, then the Chiefs win – but just barely.

September 22nd – Early Sunday Games (1:00 PM ET)

Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Green Bay Packers. Short(ish) week for the Bengals, coming off a tough division game on Monday. Should be close per home field advantage, might even give a slight advantage to the Bengals, but again, in a jam, I feel like Green Bay has more weapons offensively and is competent enough defensively to win this on the road.

Greg – Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers played out of his mind against the Redskins. He will not have that kind of game this week against a better defense, but it will still be enough to win. Throw in a Dalton turnover, and you have a Packers win.

Genesis – Green Bay Packers. They did WORK against the Skins last week. Rodgers won’t be putting up ridiculous yards like he did during that game because the Bengals have what people are calling “a defense.” He won’t throw for 800+ yards and I doubt their RB will get over 100 yards rushing again, but they’ll do enough on offensive work to get the win. But I see this as another close game.

St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are the more complete team here, and being at home should only increase their advantage. If the Cowboys lose, there is little hope for the NFC East.

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. Third week in a row I’m going with the Cowboys. They played pretty well last week, but at home, against the Rams. If they want to be taken seriously, this is an easy must win.

Genesis – Dallas Cowboys. I just don’t trust the Rams. Yeah, they can put up points on the board, but Dallas has way more people to do that with. It’s not the “glory hole” days, like Jerry Jones said he wanted, but the Cowboys are definitely at the top of the NFC East and should get this win. Pew pew – screw you, Cowboys.

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Tennessee Titans. What’s… happening… here… Are these teams good again? They definitely seem to be heading that way. I imagine a very close game, but a road weary San Diego will make a couple mental errors that keep them out of this.

Greg – Tennessee Titans. I still don’t know much about these two teams. I think they should both be .500 teams, but they’re both playing better than I expected. That said, let’s go with the home team. I don’t see Rivers keeping this pace, especially with Floyd out.

Genesis – San Diego Chargers. After beating the Eagles in a SHOCKING fashion, the Chargers will continue to ELECTRIFY and get the win this week against the Titans. Professional Bro and Tool, Philip Rivers, will take CHARGE once again this game and throw a lot of TD’s. He’ll also continue to be a massive douche bag.

Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Minnesota Vikings. Don’t see Hoyer doing much here, as the Vikings defense will look to do just about everything they can to confuse him. Also, giving away Trent Richardson was crazy. Unfortunately, I think the Browns will keep AP in check, but the defense can only do so much if they don’t get help from their offense. They. will. break.

Greg – Minnesota Vikings. Yes, the Browns are starting former backup qb to about 4 teams in 4 years, Brian Hoyer. But there’s also another qb on the other side who could also negate anything good the Vikings do, Ponder. I think Hoyer will play well, but ultimately will show that he’s just a backup. Vikings by 12.

Genesis – Minnesota Vikings. AP will run. Browns will try to catch up with whatever their QB is. It won’t work. Plus, they got rid of Trent Richardson. WHO DO YOU HAVE LEFT??!!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots

Andrew – New England Patriots. With no ground game, and no catching game, this looks like an uphill battle for Tom Brady, but honestly…. I couldn’t care less about the Buccaneers. They just continually disappoint, and who knows, if Josh Freeman shits the bed again this game, they might even pull him.

Greg – New England Patriots. These two teams held practices together and played each other this preseason, so they know each other well. With Gronk coming back, a better Patriots offense SHOULD show up (can’t get much worse right?!). Combined with internal issues in Tampa, should produce a win for the Pats.

Genesis – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even though I still think this team is on the decline, Tampa will manage to get the win. Sure, Gronk is going to come back, but I’m not entirely sure he’ll come back in true form. He’ll get some massive yardage and a TD or two, but after they Bucs defense starts double teaming him, who else is Brady going to throw to? Butterfingers McGee? Tom Brady will lose his cool again and the Buccaneers will accidentally win off of a field goal or something.




Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints

Andrew – New Orleans. Tough to beat New Orleans at home (remember when RG3 did it in the first game last year? OHGODIMISSHIMSOMUCH!!!!) Larry Fitz’s hamstring could potentially be an issue, not just for this game but all season. If he’s not around, or only plays a bit, then I have no idea who steps up in his place. This should be a straightforward win for the Saints.

Greg – New Orleans. These Cardinals have been playing pretty well, but not against an offense like this. Saints win easy peezy.

Genesis – New Orleans. Saints are way too good.

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins

Andrew – Detroit Lions. The Lions have beat much better Redskins teams in the past, even when they couldn’t beat ANY OTHER TEAM, IN THE ENTIRE NFL. If RG3 only plays in the 4th quarter again, this will be another long game. I don’t see how the Redskins secondary can even begin to cover Calvin Johnson, so there’s pretty much no hope there, let alone letting the most pedestrian of running backs look as elusive as Barry Sanders. So… yeah, don’t see this working out so well for the Redskins.

Greg – Detroit. Wow this Redskins defense is awful. Now that Meriwether has gone and knocked himself out, the defense is somehow even worse at defending the pass. Could be a similar start for the Lions that we’ve seen the Eagles and Packers jump out to.

Genesis – Redskins. I can’t see RG3 going 0 – 3. He’s going to will for this win to happen. Biggest fear? Suh – going for his knees. That guy is such an SOB.

New York Giants at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – New York Giants. Don’t know what to make of either team. Have to assume that the Giants can beat the wildly inconsistent Panthers, but they are in the NFC east so, anything goes.

Greg – New York Giants. Tough loss last week for the Panthers in Buffalo. Not much to build off of going into this week. And while there isn’t much to be said about the Giants from last week, they still can put up some points. Will be interesting to see how they come out in the first half.

Genesis – Giants. That loss to Buffalo last week is going to continue to sting this week. Two Cruz TD’s (one early, one late) will seal the Giants win on the road. Rawr.

Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

Andrew – Houston Texans. The Ravens still haven’t found their identity on defense, and with a couple people battling injuries, I’m guessing they’re not as comfortable as they would like. Alternatively, the Texans have played the Titans and the Chargers, two teams that should be bad this year, but apparently aren’t. Is it because the Texans are not that good that it made it seem like the Titans and Chargers are better than expected, or are those teams reenergized legitimate contenders. I’m not sure I know that answer to that question, but assuming they are better than expected, the Texans should be able to handle a tough road game against Baltimore.

Greg – Houston. The Ravens offense had trouble with the Browns defense (as I predicted!!). This week they go against an even better defense…that has an offense too! Should be a good physical game, but Texans come out on top.

Genesis – Texans. Ravens are still a good team, but that defense is still trying to find its identity after losing so many key players. Texans are going to exploit Matt “Blah-face” Schaub to Megatron all day. Plus JJ Watt and the rest of that defense will contain Ray Rice enough for the Texans to win.

September 22nd – Late Afternoon Games (4:00 PM ET)

Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Atlanta Falcons. I don’t… see… this… working out… for the Dolphins, but we’re all proud of you for trying!

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. That’s enough now Miami.

Genesis – Atlanta Falcons. I hope Miami takes the knee every play.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Andrew – Buffalo Bills. This should be a mess.

Greg – Buffalo Bills.

Genesis – Bills. Flying high off that squeeker of a win, they’ll handle the Jets easily. Jets score uhmm…one rushing TD and 2 fields goals. Bills score on 30 TDs and 1,104 safeties.

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – San Francisco 49ers. Colts don’t have the Seahawks defense, and in the safety of their own home, the 49ers should be able to handle whatever the Colts throw at them, including new addition Trent Richardson.

Greg – San Francisco 49ers.

Genesis – San Francisco 49ers. Tough loss last week against the Seahawks. But then again, much like baby not being put in corners, you don’t beat the Seahawks at home. I feel like Luck will get picked off a lot in this game. Kaepernick will def play a better game, which will result in a better offensive showing from the rest of the team.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks

Andrew – Seattle Seahawks. Potential trap game? but still…..

Greg – Seattle Seahawk. Oh brother.

Genesis – Seattle Seahawk. Come on.

September 22nd – Sunday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew – Chicago Bears. That Steelers offense is just struggling so hard. Sure they kept it close against division rivals, but how many games will that elderly Pittsburgh defense keep you in it? There’s a tipping point here, and once that dam breaks, the Steelers will find themselves underwater.

Greg – Pittsburgh Steelers.

Genesis – Chicago Bears. Steelers are looking mighty trashy right now. They’ll get their act together later this season, but right now, they are just not together on anything. Bears won’t win easily, but they will win off of a comeback.

September 23rd – Monday Night Game (8:30 PM ET)

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Denver Broncos. Not much to say here. Don’t really see the Raiders stopping Peyton Manning or competing with his ability to toss touchdowns like he tosses pizza dough. PAAAAAaaaaaapppppppAAAAAAAAAAaaaa

Greg – Denver Broncos.

Genesis – Denver. If only Oakland had the chosen one, Jason Campbell, I would pick differently. But they don’t.


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