Super Bowl Predictions!!

31 Jan


The Super Bowl is here folks. Get your beers, chips, dips, wings, etc ready. HARBOWL TIME! HAHAH!!

Sunday, February 3rd AT 6:30 PM

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – Baltimore. I’m not too proud of this pick… I actually DO NOT  want the Ravens to win, and I DO want the 49ers to win. My personal opinion of these two teams, and some of the individual players, aside – I do feel that the Ravens a) had a much harder path to the Superbowl (especially considering there really aren’t that many elite teams in the AFC, they had to go up against two of the best/most experienced) and b) they seem to be playing out of their minds right now. There are a lot of “what ifs” that worked in the Ravens favor that landed them here, starting with the incredible 29- yard Ray Rice run that kept their playoff hopes alive (they would have lost 5 of their last 6 games had he not converted), continuing through to the horrible defensive play of the Broncos’ secondary, and ending with one of the most complete games against the New England Patriots.  Even though the Ravens will have their hands full with the dynamic 49ers offense, led by Colin Kaepernick, who seems to make being awesome look easy (maybe a little too easy), and he has had some monster games against some solid teams, I still have a bad feeling about this being his first year going up against this inspired defense.

Greg – San Francisco. Ok I have completely recovered from two weeks ago. The Patriots played probably one of the worst games I have ever see them play in recent history. That being said, the Ravens played well — a lot better than I expected they would. Because of their resurgence on offense in the playoffs, I think this game will be close. However, the most stable factor with the Ravens for the past decade has been their defense, and it will be their defense that lets them down this Super Bowl. The Ravens have been middle of the road defense all year, and yeah Ray Lewis is back and all emotional, but they haven’t faced an offense like this yet. Colin Kaepernick has (as Andrew put it perfectly) — made this look easy. The 49ers rushing attack is 4th in the league (and keep in mind Kaepernick didn’t come in til halfway through the season). These guys know how to run the ball, but recently, we’ve seen Kaepernick be able to throw the ball. I think that will be the key this game — lots of quick hits with him gunning the ball in there. I see this game being close for a while with the 49ers settling in a bit and then pulling away in the 4th for the victory. Should be lots of big hits with lots of helmet to helmets (hooray right?!). Overall, I think the 49ers are the better team going into this game — they’ll force at least one turnover, and we’ll all remember when Alex Smith was their quarterback.


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