NFL Predictions: Championship Round

18 Jan


Sunday, January 20th

San Francisco 49ers AT Atlanta Falcons – 3:00 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Aaaahh yeah, I know, tough call with them on the road, also… I’m going by how Atlanta crumbled against the Seahawks in the second half, if the 49ers start faster than the general snail pace of the Seahawks, they have a chance to keep the Falcons off balance with their dynamic offense.

Greg – Atlanta. I am not confident with this pick at all, but something in my GUT tells me the Falcons are going to win this game. I have spent all week thinking about who will win this game. The 49ers dominated Green Bay’s defense, who primarily played man ALL GAME LONG for some reason. The Falcons are built to contain Kaepernick’s running ability in their zone schemes. I think the Falcons will be able to cause at least 2 turnovers by Kaepernick — this kid is still a first year starter folks! That being said, this game is still a toss up, and it all depends on which Matt Ryan comes out to play. I’m banking on the one who has played strong late in the season, and most importantly, not turning the ball over.

Baltimore Ravens AT New England Patriots – 6:30 PM

Andrew – New England. Ravens are coming off a long and emotional game on the road… to continue on the road is going to be extremely tough. Yes, some of Raven’s defensive inspirational stars are finally healthy, and they’ve been known to injure a Patriot or two… but like always, the success of the Ravens hinges entirely on how well Joe Flacco plays. Hard to say someone got lucky when they play in the divisional round of the playoffs… but that game tying touchdown pass…. was preeetttyy lucky….  I don’t see New England completely crapping out on defense, despite their history of bend but don’t break strategy.

Greg – New England. Not too happy about this matchup, the Ravens are not afraid of the Patriots (and actually might be boasting about that a bit too much this week). This will be a super close game — I expect the Patriots to come out with some different formations to confuse the Ravens early. Will be very interesting to watch Flacco’s play in the first half to see how he responds to being this close to the Super Bowl again.


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