NFL Predictions: Divisional Round

11 Jan


January 12th

Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos 4:30 PM

Andrew – Denver. I was impressed with Baltimore’s performance over the Colts, but I should have known better than to pick against them at home, against an untested Indianapolis team (aka, one that hasn’t been to the playoffs before with Andrew Luck). I’m not going to make the same mistake twice, hostile environment, against an all time elite QB, does not bode well for the on again, off again, Ravens team.

Greg – Denver. I am not comfortable with this pick. I think Denver is highly overrated. Yes they have been manhandling teams for the past 10 weeks, but they have also been playing pretty awful teams. I think Baltimore is riding an emotional streak right now into Denver. However, due to Baltimore’s inconsistency (especially on the road), I cannot pick them to win this. Denver wins by 10 here.

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers 8:00 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Tough game to pick…. I am not very high on San Francisco… but I probably should be so I’m going to give it to them. They’re at home, they have a great defense, they should be rested, Green Bay has been banged up all year (statistically the team with the most injured started – side note, Redskins were second most), and Colin Kaepernick can cause some serious issues for opposing defenses. Plus, last week the Packers pretty much got a freebie with Joe Webb playing for the Vikings and they still struggled…ok, no really but you would have thought they would have really been able to put away that game.

Greg – San Francisco. I heard one of the dumb Mikes from ESPN say that Aaron Rodgers was the BEST quarterback left in the playoffs. What? MVP years from Peyton and Brady don’t cut it I guess guys! Anyways, this should be a pretty fun game. I am semi-confident that with 2 weeks, Harbaugh was able to gameplan something to utilize Kaepernick in fun new ways. Look for some trickery like we saw last year with Alex Smith (maybe some fake punts too?). But I think too much is on Aaron Rodgers to win this game, if he has 1 mistake, it could cost them the game.

January 13th

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. BURN IN HELL SEAHAWKS!!!! More importantly though, the first two Redskins drives resulted in back to back touchdowns and 14 unanswered points. They easily moved the ball on an otherwise stout defense. It was obvious after by the end of the first quarter RGIII was operating barely above a walk (as Greg called last week) and the Seahawks proceeded to capitalize on the Redskins squandered opportunities. I don’t think they’ll get the same chances this week against a rested Falcons team. Normally, I call one and done on the Falcons, but I think if they’re able to establish the run a bit, they shouldn’t have any trouble with the Seahawks.

Greg – Seattle. Going out on a limb here, I think this might just be Seattle’s year. They just do not care who they play. Last week they went down 14-0 early on the road, and then ended up winning the game with 24 unanswered. Not many teams can do that (helps when you play a 1 legged qb though too). I just feel like the Seahawks are making the right plays at the right time. I don’t like them at all, hate Pete Carroll (I do like Russell Wilson though). Anyways though — this should be an interesting first half to watch, I expect the Seahawks to come out guns blazing early to try and counteract any chance of being flat like last week in DC.

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots 4:30 PM

Andrew – New England. Despite the national media’s best attempts to provide endless bulletin board material for the Texans, I don’t see this one falling their way. First off, the Patriots spanked the Texans earlier this season. I mean absolutely effortlessly spanked them. Great you held Wes Welker to a season low three catches, that probably only helped the Patriots offense as he wasn’t dropping all those passes. New England should have no problem handling their business at home throughout this game.

Greg – New England. Agree with Andrew here — the media is giving Houston all the ammo it wants. Also, I hate him for linking to that video, DO NOT CLICK IT!!!!  I predicted at the beginning of the season that one of these two teams was going to represent the AFC in the SuperBowl..that’s all, just humblebragging they’ve made it this far. I think this game will be a lot closer than everyone seems to expect, that being said, there is a x factor playing this week that did not the first time they met — the Gronk.


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