Wild Card Playoff Weekend Picks!

4 Jan


SATURDAY, January 5th

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans 4:30 p.m

Andrew – Houston. I haven’t been that impressed with Houston as of late, but I do think they’ll step up at home for this game. I feel like Cincinnati can drop the ball at times, and I’m anticipating them coming out a little flat against Houston.

Greg – Houston. The Texans have stumbled their way into the playoffs, losing 3 of their last 4. That being said, the Texans are still a good team, I wouldn’t classify them in the GREAT category, but they are certainly a better team than the Bengals. I expect the Texans to come out a bit slow at home, but to turn it on midway through the 2nd and not look back. Texans win by 2 scores.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers 8 p.m

Andrew – Green Bay. Not an easy pick, the Vikings reemergence has to be a bit unnerving for Green Bay. The only thing I can think of is that, last week the Vikings had to give Green Bay their best shot, whereas Green Bay really only had to show up a bit. Green Bay knows how they’re going to scheme (for the most part) and they should have an answer for it this time.

Greg – Minnesota. Ugh, so I had Green Bay written out and I expect the Pack to win — but I have been on the Viking bandwagon all year, why stop now?! This is going to be a very interesting first quarter to watch. If the Vikings can withstand the early onslaught the Packers have in store, then they have a chance. If the Vikings get down early though, there goes their only weapon in AP. Ponder will need to do SOMETHING for the Vikings to win this game.

SUNDAY, January 6th
Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens 1 p.m.

Andrew – Indianapolis. I originally put Baltimore, but then wrote about how Baltimore has fallen backwards into the playoffs, that usually means they’ll find a convenient way to exit quickly. I’m not that impressed with Andrew Luck, despite his successful season, and I’m a bit bitter that he may win this game against a crumbling dinosaur of a team.

Greg – Indianapolis. Will have to agree with Andrew here, the Ravens are just kind of …there, late in the season. As my friend Aaron said, the Ravens usually never show up offensively (8 out of 10), but for those 2 times they do show up, they will light you up. I don’t see that happening here, I see a low scoring close game that the Colts pull out — Viniatieri to the rescue?

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins 4:30 p.m.

Andrew – Washington. I realize that the Redskins are 3 point underdogs AT HOME… but I think people forget how relatively easy the Seahawks schedule was, and going this far cross country is not going to be easy. Sure, RG3 isn’t looking as fresh as he did earlier this year, and the Seahawks defense isn’t something to trifle with, but I believe this is the year that the Redskins shed the playoff curse of the Seahawks.

Greg – Seattle. I wanted to pick the Skins here, but after watching last weeks game and seeing just how unhealthy RG3 is, I can’t. He was basically walking. Tom Brady running. They also won’t be playing the Cowboys this week. Coming into FedEx is a team that is complete. Much more complete than the Redskins are right now. As much as I hate Pete Carroll and want him to lose, I don’t think they will. I expect a lot of pressure on RG3 from blitzes early to see just how healthy those legs are.


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