Week 15 NFL Predictions!

13 Dec



Thursday, December 13th
Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles 8:20 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati. Philadelphia did really well to win their game last week, and the Bengals didn’t do enough to win theirs… both of these can be great so in a way this game is a toss up. The only thing I can go on is that Philly is prone to giving up big plays on defense, and the Bengals should be able to capitalize on them.

Greg – Cincinnati. I think this game will either be really close or a complete blowout in the Bengals favor. The Eagles are limping their way to the end of the season, and while they are coming off a big win, I still think the Bengals will win here. A must win playoff push fueling the Bengals gives them the drive in the 2nd half to power through and win.

Sunday, December 16th
New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM

Andrew – New York. I don’t know what is going on with the Falcons but I have not been impressed recently.  Their last couple wins have been sloppy as best, and their losses seemed to really expose their weaknesses. I don’t like picking the Giants, but this is usually when they pull themselves together.

Greg – New York Football Giants. Once again, here come the Giants, and there go the Falcons. The Giants are now fighting for their division (and a playoff spot!). I think they will get both, and a win here would certainly help.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. Last time Green Bay played the Bears, they absolutely manhandled them, not to mention that Chicago can’t seem to protect their QB to save their lives. The Packers are getting a couple of their injured players back on defense which should only secure their rise to the top of the NFC North.

Greg – Green Bay. It’s a battle of who has the worse offensive line! I don’t see the Bears defense being able to slow down the Aaron Rodgers show. The Packers playoff train is starting to get going, and while I don’t think they are a complete team for a Super Bowl run, I do believe they are the better team today.

Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM

Andrew – Cleveland. A couple things… these are the games that the Redskins *always* lose, now… I know that RG3 has changed the football culture in DC and I think the Redskins will play inspired ball… but I’m also thinking that the coaches may take this time to rest RGIII and have him game plan for the Cowboys and Eagles. The Giants definitely have the harder schedule, and the Redskins can still be in the playoff hunt if they drop one game. I DON’T LIKE IT, it’s reminiscent of the Strasburg shut down controversy…. but I say keep him on the bench, drop this game, and look to beating Dallas and Eagles…. 9-7 can still win the division!

Greg – Cleveland. I want to pick the Redskins this week, but I just can’t. RG3 has done an amazing job this year in actually turning them into a winning/competitive team, but silently, the Browns have been playing tight games all year. Their defense has been playing outstanding, only giving up 20 points per game (9th in the league), but their offense scores only 19 (24th in the league). That being said, look for a low scoring ugly affair — especially if Cousins starts.

Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams 1:00 PM

Andrew – Minnesota. Man, Adrian Peterson…. amazing. Whenever the Vikings lose, I hope AP just stares down Christian Ponder while making threatening gestures. St. Louis has a stout run defense, but I thought that of Chicago (308 total yards and 2 TD in two games), Green Bay (220 total yards, 1 TD),  and the Lions (176 total yards, 1 TD). The man is an animal, god forbid AP is stopped because if he is, Christian Ponder will not be able to dig them out of this game.

Greg – Minnesota. Just keep running with AP. Everyone knows they are handing the ball off to him, and he still gets 150+ yards. MVP?

More picks after the jump!

Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Miami. Low scoring, boring game, Miami wins it because Jacksonville is legit the worst team in the league.

Greg – Miami. Oh man, I want to see the attendance at this game..and how quickly the fans who actually go, leave.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints 1:00 PM

Andrew – Tampa Bay. The last time these teams played, Josh Freeman had a hell of a game, which ignited the team through this recent resurgence. If he can play half as well as he did last time (assuming that New Orleans’s defense hasn’t gotten any better, which they haven’t really) then they should be able to control this game throughout.

Greg – New Orleans. I am a bit torn on this pick. The Saints’ defense is pretty horrible, but for some reason I am going with the emotional lift. Coming off the mess of the Bountygate, I expect the Saints to come out guns blazing at home looking to put on a show.

Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. It’s obviously very tough to bet against Peyton Manning. There aren’t that many times when Peyton gets flustered, but if someone is going to do it, it’s the Ravens defense. With Cam Cameron getting fired, we could see some different offensive play calls that might not be on tape. I don’t know… I’m thinking renewed energy / spirit / fight for your playoff spot. Should be a good one.

Greg – Denver. Ravens are in a must win situation, but coming into this week after firing their OC Cam Cameron and now a guy who has never called plays in his life comes in. I expect a lot of Ray Rice handoffs early. This should be a close game that Peyton will be able to win down the stretch.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. Last week, Houston got out-coached in every single aspect of the game. I don’t anticipate the same thing happening this week against their division rivals, but last week’s demonstration on how to man-handle the Texans has got to give the Colts some hope. If the Texans don’t bounce back and take this game, the end of the season could get reaaaallly interesting.

Greg – Indianapolis. Yeah, I’m doing it. Houston was absolutely destroyed by the Pats on MNF. That was embarrassing. Every single aspect of the game, the Pats beat them in it. In a short week, that is pretty difficult to coach on. This is a huge game for both teams really. Texans need to reprove they are the best team and the Colts are trying for a playoff spot. I just like the Colts momentum right now, as long as Luck limits his turnovers, the Colts win this game real close.

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals 4:05 PM

Andrew – Detroit. No chance the Cardinals win this one unless the Lions just completely collapse (ala Arizona in Seattle).

Greg – Detroit. If there was ever a game to get your feet right, it’s this one Lions! Figure things out, get your head right, enjoy the warm air, prepare for next season.

Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers 4:05 PM

Andrew – Carolina. I don’t like the fact the Panthers are going cross country, but it is easier for teams to go from east to west, rather than vice versa. San Diego did well to keep Big Ben from coming back, but considering how that game started, the final score was a lot closer than it should have been. Good win for San Diego, but if they don’t those same type of breaks / turnovers, this game will not nearly be as fun for the fans.

Greg – Carolina. Cam Newton is finally playing like Cam Newton. This is a risky pick with the Chargers doing everything they can every year at the end to make you think ‘hm maybe they were good after all!’ But no, they aren’t. They never are.

Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills 4:05 PM

Andrew – Seattle. I don’t imagine this game will be easy for Seattle by any means. I’m thinking their defense keeps them in it until their offense starts to click.

Greg – Seattle. This should be a tough game for Seattle. Weather shouldn’t be an issue for them, but I feel that any team on the road in Buffalo has a harder time. But I still think they’ll win here easy.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys 4:25 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Man… I’m picking a lot of the away teams this week, and I do not like it. Pittsburgh started to play well at the end of the San Diego game… maybe because San Diego started to relax, or maybe because Pittsburgh started to get it’s act right. I’m going with that latter; and hoping that the Steelers’ defense can limit Dallas’s traditional second half comeback.

Greg – Dallas. I’m going with Romo in December here. It’s a pretty risky pick, considering the Steelers should win this game, but at home, I’m going with the Cowboys. The Steelers have been banged up all year and have been pretty inconsistent. I’ll take the Cowboys going for the playoffs at home here in a tough game.

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders 4:25 PM

Andrew – Oakland. The Chiefs are the second worst team in the league, but it’s not like Oakland is that much better. Assuming Bowe is out, the Chiefs have little offensive power beyond Jamaal Charles, so should Oakland put up more than 14 points, the Chiefs have little hope.

Greg – Oakland. I’m just going with the home team here, no real explanation to waste your time!

San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots 8:20 PM

Andrew – New England. Back to back tough prime time games for New England. They are lucky that both are in Foxborough, but to honest, luck has little to do with how well the Patriots are playing right now. Once again, Bill Belichick has proved beyond a doubt that he is the league’s best head coach of the past decade. I don’t imagine a complete blowout like last week, but I do wonder if this game will be close at any point.

Greg – New England. Don’t pick against the Pats in December. This should be a close game though.

Monday, December 17th
New York Jets at Tennessee Titans 8:30 PM

Andrew – Tennessee. Jets could barely muster a win against the worst team in the league… maybe New York’s defense keeps them in this game for a bit, but I don’t see the Jets winning this game at all.

Greg – New York Jets. Wow this is awful. Just. Awful. The ratings will be so low. And a crazier part of all this, is the Jets could still get in the playoffs!!! No reasoning here in the pick, just late season Jets take it.


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