Week 13 NFL Predictions!

29 Nov

Thursday, November 29th
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons 8:20 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. Bit of a toss up, New Orleans *really* needs this win to get back into the playoff picture, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to upset the Falcons in Atlanta. Should be a close and hopefully exciting game though.

Greg – Atlanta. I lost a bit of faith in the Saints last week, not being able to beat a rookie quarterback, and at home?! So I’m going with the Falcons to not only be able to match the Saints firepower, but slow down the Saints enough to pull away in the 2nd half.

Sunday, December 2nd
Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills 1:00 PM

Andrew – Buffalo. I’m legit pretty torn on this game. I think the Jags defense can keep them in it, regardless of suspect quarterback play. Obviously, Chad Henne has ignited something in this offense, but I don’t know if it will be enough to win on the road in Buffalo.

Greg – Buffalo. The Jaguars will go up to cold Buffalo (where it’s forecasted in the high 40’s and rain, beautiful). I think the Bills will be able to win this one easily. I am predicting that the Jags play like the Jags and have 3+ turnovers.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM

Andrew – Chicago. Assuming that the two starting corners for the Seahawks are still out, I’m leaning towards blow out.

Greg – Seattle. The  Bears offensive line might be as bad as any. They are awful. Jay is still coming back from his concussion and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few wobbly passes into the Seahawks secondary. I think it will be a low scoring affair, with neither team  being able to get much of anything going.

Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM

Andrew – Detroit. One thing I thought about this year was “thank god the Redskins don’t play the Lions this year,” mainly because of Detroit’s ability to tear through the opposing team’s offensive line and get after the quarterback. I think Luck will still do well enough in this game, but it might be a tough one for him physically.

Greg – Detroit. The Lions were SO close to ending the Thanksgiving streak last week. Now with extra time to rest and prepare for the Colts, I think they will win this one. The Colts are not too good away from home (5-1 home, 2-3 away). So I expect the Lions to be able to win this game fairly easily.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. The Packers could hardly move against the Giants, but I’d be surprised if they had another outing like that against a NFC North rival. The rough thing for the Vikings is basically, if they get too far behind, they have to rely on Christian Ponder to lead them to victory and that is just not going to happen.

Greg – Minnesota.  I am really torn on this game. I really like the Vikings team, they played sloppy last week, dropping passes, turnovers, penalties. I don’t expect that to happen this week, should be a really close game. The Vikings schedule is brutal right now, so this is a must win for them. The Packers are coming off a beat down from the Giants, so I expect them to show up early, but I also expect the Vikings front line to be able to get to Rodgers. The Packers’ offensive line is pretty rough. The Packers rely on their QB more than any team in the NFL, if he struggles just a bit, the Vikings should be able to capitalize.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. I’m not really sure what it is about the Titans that makes me nervous to pick them. They’ve done well enough in all phases offensively, and their defense isn’t that bad… but they just can’t seem to win consistently enough for me to feel good about them.  Texans on the other hand are about as well rounded a team as you get, on all sides of the ball, so I have to give them the upper hand here.

Greg – Houston. The Titans have been playing pretty well lately, but I just don’t see them winning this game…at all. The Texans are (IMHO) the best team in the league. Easy win here.

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Carolina Panthers  at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. A friend of mine always asks for advice for his pick’em league, and I always ask “who are the Chiefs playing this week?” Done and done.

Greg – Carolina. Hey everyone! Did you see Cam actually played well last week!? That was nice. I don’t expect him to have another game like that, but against the Chiefs, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams 1:00 PM

Andrew – St. Louis. I’m nervous about this one. Rams will give Colin Kaepernick a tough time and it’ll be tough for them to travel across the country. Obviously there is a good chance this could blow up in my face, but I’m a gamblin’ man this week.

Greg – San Francisco. Colin Kaepernick (always pronounce that wrong) has been playing pretty well. His past game wasn’t amazing, but his defense saved him. I think the Rams don’t have enough to compete with the 49ers for 4 quarters. Look for a tight game and the 49ers to pull out a win.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM

Andrew – New England. I’m sure some team will come around slow down the scoring juggernaut that is the Patriots’ offense, but it won’t be the Dolphins this week.

Greg – New England. Patriots have won 11 consecutive regular season December games, dating back to a win vs. Carolina 12/13/09.

Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets 1:00 PM

Andrew – New York. I had no idea who that quarterback was that played for Arizona, I’m just dismissing this game for the home team.

Greg – New York Jets. Yep. Even after the AWFUL HILARIOUS AMAZING performance they put on last week against the Pats. I have to go with Rex and the turn around he can produce. The Cardinals have now lost 7 in a row (started 4-0 remember?). I just cannot pick that team to win against anyone right now.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos 4:05 PM

Andrew – Denver. If this game was in Tampa Bay, maybe… maybe… I would have picked the Bucs, but I don’t think this one is falling their way in Denver.

Greg – Denver. This game actually could be super interesting (but still won’t watch it). The Broncos are on FIRE right now, and this is a huuge game for the Bucs. However, I cannot pick the Bucs going into MileHigh and winning. Manning gets another win on his run to meet up with the Colts in the playoffs….

Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers 4:25 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati. Tough to pick the Chargers, even at home, during this disastrous season, and it doesn’t make it any better that I’m kind of a Cincinnati fan boy. The Bengals are just clicking on all cylinders right now and I’m not going to bet against them (until the playoffs).

Greg – Cincinnati. The Bengals are playing some really good football the past 4 weeks. With the Chargers losing however they can this year, I expect the Bengals to go cross country and still get the win. And seriously, is there such a thing as a Chargers fan?

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders 4:25 PM

Andrew – Oakland. I mean… they have to win this game right? (Last time I said that, the team I picked lost so… who knows).

Greg – Cleveland. The Raiders have shown us they like to lose at home. So I’m going with the Browns who are playing pretty well lately. I would like to meet the person who is excited for this game though.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens  4:25 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. Big Ben is back… but for how long? If the Ravens knock him around a bunch, he could be out again for the season (or life!). I do think it will be close, I still don’t understand the Ravens offense… they refuse to give it to Ray Rice until it’s a lose-lose situation, and of course he always produces. Is Joe Flacco that bad, do they not have any legit receivers… what is going on!?

Greg – Baltimore. Pretty torn on this one. But I have to go with the (sort of) consistent offense right now with the Ravens (especially at home). The Ravens JUST got by the Steelers 2 weeks ago, and almost lost to the CHARGERS! But I still have to go with them, the Steelers offense hasn’t scored more than 20 points for 3 straight weeks. Think that will change against the Ravens?

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys 8:20 PM

Andrew – Dallas. Can’t bet on the Eagles after the last few weeks. Cutting Babin, clearly sending messages but are they the right ones? I hope this is sloppy as sin and just an embarrassment to both franchises.

Greg – Dallas. I think the NFC East might get my vote for my most hated division this year. Can anyone be good or bad in this division? Every team plays well 1 week, then awful the next. MAKE UP YOUR MIND. So that being said, I’m going with the Cowboys at home. Who knows though, Fowles could throw for 5 touchdowns, that’s the kind of year it’s been. And lastly, the NFC East gets both night games this week?!

New York Giants at Washington Redskins 8:30 PM

Andrew – Washington. Even though New York just stomped the Packers, who are a much more formidable team than the Redskins (all around), I still have to go with the Skins here. The Giants just barely, barely, barely won last time and it was due to some serious busted coverage. If the defense plays any better (which they have been as of late) then this one could be close. Both teams know how important this game is, I expect to see* a dosey.

*I’ll be blacked out in the stands, but I’ll be sure to tell everyone that I was there and remember it clearly.

Greg – Washington. The Redskins have always played the Giants well, even when the Redskins were crap. Now the Redskins are actually pretty decent (masked by the power of RG3 at least). A part of me wants to pick the Giants, simply because, when they need to, they turn it on. This would almost solidify the division for them (plus the Redskins are horrible in night games). But I gotta go with the hot hand of RG3 and see what he can do!


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