Week 12 NFL Predictions!

21 Nov


Week 12
Thursday, November 22nd

Houston Texans at Detroit Lions 12:30 PM

Andrew – Houston. I got to go with Houston being the all around better team here… but something tells me that this game will be pretty close.

Greg – Houston. The Lions have not won on Thanksgiving since 2003 (if I did my math right). That is a rough streak. And it certainly does not get easier against the Texans. I expect their defense to come out strong after an AWFUL performance last week.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys 4:15 PM

Andrew – Washington. Washington has to be feeling good, and Dallas struggles through just about every game. If Washington can keep the game close through three quarters, then I definitely think Redskins have a chance here.

Greg – Dallas. Washington has some good things going right now. With a win here, they could be right back in the wildcard (and maybe division?) hunt. But it’s not meant to be. If I’ve learned one thing about the Redskins, it’s that they will give you hope and then RIP it away from you. And that, is what they will do to all their fans tomorrow. Romo will have a huge game. He does not lose in November.

New England Patriots at New York Jets 8:20 PM

Andrew – New England. It’s always a gamble what Jets team will show up for these games… on one hand the Jets only live to beat the Patriots, on the other hand they just rallied last week and two weeks in a row (especially on a short week) would be really hard. Meanwhile the score machine that is the Patriots rolls on, plus with BB taking over the defense again… not seeing this game going in New York’s favor.

Greg – New England. Yay they play on Thanksgiving this year! I really hope the Gronk injury doesn’t hurt them today, but something tells me Sanchez won’t have two great games in a row.

Sunday, November 25th

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM

Andrew – Chicago. Bears at home with that defense playing against terrible Christian Ponder. The Bears defense will crowd the box to begin, daring C-P to throw, and throw he will… interceptions, and if Chicago is able to get an early lead, then this game will be all but over.

Greg – Minnesota. So it appears that Jay Cutler might be coming back, but that still doesn’t solve their horrible offensive line. I think the Vikings pull out the mini upset in this one and suddenly, the Bears look human.

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati. Easy-peasey. Oakland has a rough travel schedule this year, but more importantly I want Cincinnati to win this one for Hue Jackson.

Greg – Cincinnati. Slowly the Bengals have been coming back and winning a few games to get in the playoff discussion. Their playoff push starts here, with an easy win over the Raiders.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM

Andrew – Cleveland. Ha… man… I don’t know… a total gamble I know, but this is a tough game and I’m pretty sure Pitt’s defense gave everything they had last game against the Ravens. Not like it’s in Cleveland’s DNA to capitalize on good opportunities, but again, if they’re able to keep the game low scoring and tight through the first three quarters, I think they can pull out a win.

Greg – Cleveland. Had to switch my pick here once I was told that Dixon is now the starting QB for the Steelers. They are not getting any offense out of that. So the Browns win here! Funny too, we were just starting to say the Steelers were on the path to the elite this year…

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM

Andrew – Indianapolis. Colts at home are always a good choice, but I also think they’re out to bounce back from the thrashing they got from New England. Fine you’re not elite, but you should be able to beat the Bills.

Greg – Indianapolis. I wrote the Bills first, then realized it was in Indy, which Luck will feel much better about. Will be interesting to see how he bounces back after a horrible game against the awful Patriot’s defense last week though. Shoot out it is!

More picks after the jump!

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM

Andrew – Denver. Nothing to see here folks… keep it moving, keep it moving….

Greg – Denver. And here come the Broncos for the #1 seed…wow.

Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Miami. The Dolphins continue to distance themselves from Reggie Bush, and it’s for the best. With no run game, the pressure has been mounting on goofy Ryan Tannehill… I expect Miami to shake some things up in the backfield and do everything they can for the win. Look for some funky play calling…

Greg – Seattle. Yep. Across the country they come and steal a win. Miami has been struggling lately, Tannehill is looking like a rookie, and with no wide receivers to throw to, I expect Seattle’s defense to shut him down.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. Falcons have been struggling the past couple games, but struggle no more my feathery friends, the Bucs have zero pass defense so enjoy the open sky/field… meanwhile Tampa Bay is  the best at stopping the run, so be sure to bench Michael Turner in FF if you haven’t already, Greg.

Greg – Atlanta. Seeing as how this year is going, the Bucs will def win this game, but I cannot pick against the Falcons right now. They tried SOOO HARD to lose that game last week, and just couldn’t. Something is on their side this year..

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM

Andrew – Jaguars. Defense will play tough and Chad Henne will string together back to back decent games for the first time in his life. The real question will be – is Justin Blackmon for real, or a one hit wonder.

Greg – Tennessee. Yeah sure why not? Once again, this year of the NFL has shown me no one is consistent. So the Titans coming off a bye, will go into Jacksonville and win easily. I’m guessing the Jags don’t score above 17 points, because that’s the NFL for ya!

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers 4:05 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. I had San Diego since the Ravens are flying across the country, but… I just can’t bring myself to pick San Diego right now. Philip Rivers just can’t help himself by throwing the ball away, and that plays to the Ravens strength. Gotta go with what they know.

Greg – San Diego. The Ravens got by the Steelers last week…barely. Now they can relax right? WRONG! WOOP! Here are the Chargers at home, where they can’t sell out, where they SHOULD win this game. I think a sloppy game will ensue that the Chargers squeak out.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals 4:25 PM

Andrew – Arizona. Home team pick here.

Greg – Arizona. God I don’t know. This could go either way. CAN SOMEONE IN THE NFL JUST BE CONSISTENT?! Both of these teams, are you good or are you bad?!

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints 4:25 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. The Saints are the all around worst defense in the league (yards allowed, against the pass, and against the rush). The 49ers should be able to control the game with their rush attack while keeping the ball out of Drew Brees’s hands. If they can get a few scoreless drives from the Saints (difficult, I know), this one should fall their way.

Greg – New Orleans. This will be a fun one. Who starts at QB for the 49ers?? That will be interesting to see if it’s a distraction leading up to this game. Meanwhile the Saints have won 3 straight and their offense is playing out of their mind. Their only downfall, like many offensive teams, is their defense. If the 49ers defense can just stop the Saints on a few drives, they can win, but I think the Saints are playing too well right now to lose this one.

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants 8:20 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. Green Bay should continue to roll here. I imagine the Giants will do the Tom Brady trick (blitz until you win), but unlike Tom Brady, Green Bay has handled this well in the past (although not last year.. so we’ll see). JUST TAKING SOME SHOTS AT THE PATRIOTS!

Greg – New York Giants. Once again, we find ourselves in a toss up in my mind. The Giants love losing games and then winning the big ones. I think Eli finally plays well again in this one and they take down the Packers in a big game for both teams.

Monday, November 26th

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles 8:30 PM

Andrew – Carolina. I have to assume that the Eagles are completely out of it mentally. I don’t know if they have any drive to bounce back after getting pummeled by the Redskins, but they’re facing a similar situation here with Carolina, so Carolina wins by default.

Greg – Carolina. Yeah Andrew, I’m doing it again. I pick the Panthers every week, and they cost me. Cam usually plays mediocre one week, then great the next. So under the MNF lights, I expect him to shine. This is another toss up though, if the Eagles lose this one, Reid could be fired the next day.


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