Week 10 NFL Predictions!

8 Nov

Hey everyone, guess what? We have updated results! Thus far Andrew has picked 72 games correctly and 44 games incorrect, however loyal readers will remember that Andrew didn’t make any predictions in week 4, so he has 15 games unaccounted for. Greg  has picked 80 games correctly, and 51 games incorrect, which is averages out to be 61% correct each week. Of the games that Andrew has picked, he has predicted the correct outcome 62% of the time, however with the 15 game difference, he is picking at 55% for the season. Not bad… kind of wish he picked week four, AMIRIGHT?!

The good news is that over the past three weeks, both Greg and Andrew are averaging much higher than their overall average, so we are trending up!
And now for the picks…

oh hai

Thursday, November 8th
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars 8:20 PM
Andrew – Indianapolis. I think this game will be close (and super boring) for most of the night, but in the end I don’t see Jacksonville getting their second win of the season here.

Greg – Indianapolis. Wow, Andrew Luck is playing some pretty good football. Could you imagine if they made a playoff run and met Peyton’s Broncos in them? I can. And it would be interesting to watch.

Sunday, November 11th
New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM
Andrew – New York. Interesting game, should be a decent test for the Giants. They’ll need this game to bounce back and assert themselves against a playoff team that isn’t as good as they were last year. I expect Andy Dalton to have some success through the air, if he’s able to stay upright, so should be entertaining for at least a few quarters.

Greg – New York. The Giants love to have a bad game, slop it up a bit, then come back strong and prove everyone why they are good again. I think this is that game. Eli won’t have the game he had last week and the Bengals have been under performing as of late. Should be a close game, but I have the Giants pulling away late in the 4th.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM
Andrew – Tennessee. Hmm… kind of a toss up here, but I think the Titans have to prove they’re men after getting thumped by the Bears defense last week (not to mention the Bear’s offense crushing them too). That game just broke down all around, but if they play a decent game here they should get the win.

Greg – Miami. The Dolphins are coming off a tough loss to Indy last week, but they have been playing well…surprisingly well. The Titans are coming off just getting annihilated by the Bears on every side of the ball. I think that deflating defeat will carry over and the Dolphins will be able to take advantage early and hold out.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM
Andrew – Detroit. Detroit is a dangerous team, that for whatever reason has struggled this year, but with injuries and Christian Ponder being the quarterback, I don’t see the Vikings standing up for themselves in this NFC North match up.

Greg – Minnesota. This should be an interesting game. The Vikings are playing and then going into a bye, I think they will come out guns blazing early to try and get ahead quick. The Lions are a team I would not want to face in the playoffs this year, they’ve been quietly playing well up north, but I still like the Vikings in this one at home.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots 1:00 PM
Andrew – New England. We all remember what happened last time the Patriots played the Bills… it was surprisingly close for a while with the Bills leading 14 to 7 at the half,  and then the Patriots put the hurt on, outscoring the Bills 45 to 14 in the second half. I don’t think this game will be any different.

Greg – New England. The Pats haven’t lost to the Bills in a very long time, that streak will continue, especially off the bye week.

Rest of the picks after the jump!!

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints 1:00 PM
Andrew – Atlanta. I do feel like the Saints can win this game with a little help (maybe a bad outing from the Falcons who seem to be stumbling towards their first loss) but it’s hard for me to pick New Orleans when they definitely won’t be able to stop both Julio Jones and Roddy White. Once again, until that happens Atlanta will rumble forward until they lose the first game in the playoffs.

Greg – Atlanta. Wow this one is tough to pick. Had my cursor on this one for a while, but I can’t pick against the Falcons right now. While I still think they will lose in the first playoff game they play, I don’t see how the Saints defense can stop them. Stop Turner, okay they’ll pass it. Stop White, ok they have Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and more. This offense is clicking and is extremely difficult. This should be a fun game to watch for sure, hoping for a shoot out.

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM
Andrew – Tampa Bay. Cross country trip against a team playing inspired football is bad news for San Diego. Should be a sloppy one!

Greg – Tampa Bay. Yeah, tough to choose a Chargers team that is not playing well and traveling across the country this week for a 1p start.

Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers 1:00 PM
Andrew – Denver.  No way that this week the Panthers have the same kind of success that they had against the Redskins. The Redskins defense is horrible, and the Panthers literally got handed a touchdown which is weird, but either way, Denver’s defense shouldn’t have a problem with inconsistent Cam Newton, while Payton Manning will tear through the Panthers like butter.

Greg – Denver. I think this game will be a lot close than expected. Sure, Peyton will have his fun, but it’s around this time when I think he will start to slip up and begin getting tired. He’s been throwing a lot this year (as usual), but he is also older/out for a year/recovering from surgery. Panthers got a bit of confidence last week beating the Redskins, and I think that helps keep them in this game, but Peyton in the 4th puts it away.

Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM
Andrew – Baltimore. Maybe if Darren McFadden was healthy the Raiders might stand a chance, but I’m not  expecting much from them here. Ravens shouldn’t have any issues with this as they come refreshed from their bye and Oakland has to travel across the country once again (tough year for them with that).

Greg – Baltimore. I think the Raiders can win this game, I don’t like the Ravens this year at all. That said, they should win this game.

New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks 4:05 PM
Andrew – Seattle. Not betting against the Seahawks when they’re at home… at least not when they’re playing the woeful Jets.

Greg – Seattle. Ok, so the Jets are traveling across the country, to play a team that doesn’t lose at home. This season is getting rough for the Jets. Look for a sloppy game here.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles 4:25 PM
Andrew – Philadelphia. Aahh NFC East. The battle of which team wants to lose more. Both teams are extremely talented, but find impressive ways to lose games, which lead to a lot of off the field distractions and pressure. Andy Reid should be able to handle it better than Jason Garrett, but we’ll see how that translates to the playing field. This is a toss up given how much these teams love to lose.

Greg – Dallas. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s don’t predict the NFC East, because they all lose just when you think they are going to win — and vice versa. So that is why I am going out on the crazy limb. The Eagles SHOULD win this game, but I’m going with the Cowboys on the road in a must win for both teams.

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers 4:25 PM
Andrew – San Francisco. Don’t really have much to say, I just don’t see this one breaking for the Rams. They’re not even that bad, just can’t hang with the big boys yet.

Greg – San Francisco. This is a big game for the Rams, if only to keep it close, which I think they can. The 49ers will just be too much for them to play 4 quarters with.

Houston Texans at Chicago Bears 8:20 PM
Andrew – Chicago. UUUGGHHH I am both extremely excited for this game and completely torn. It’s 100% possible that the Texans can win simply by destroying Jay Cutler… I mean, where is the Bears offensive line?! But! The Bears are playing inspired football on defense and have literally won games by themselves, so for me, the odds tip slightly in favor of Chicago. Basically if the offense can string together one or two scoring drives they can sit back and let the defense do the rest.

Greg – Houston. The Bears are playing OUT OF THEIR MIND right now…on defense. I still don’t trust their offense. While Forte is getting going, I like the Texans in this one. This basically is a test for both teams to see how they’ll do in the playoffs. Should be a lot of fun to watch. I think the Texans offense will ultimately be able to do more damage than the Bears offense could. The Texans defense is also one of the best in the league, yet have not been given the credit they deserve. 4th in points allowed (17) and 3rd in total yards (286!). I think they will come in fired up to prove something on the road.

Monday, November 12th
Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers 8:30 PM
Andrew – Pittsburgh. I mean I guess everybody gets at least one prime time game. Funny fact I recently re-learned, Jim Zorn is the quarterback coach for the Chiefs. He’s just the worst right?

Greg – Pittsburgh. This one has the formula to get sloppy. The Steelers already said they will not hesitate to run the score up — guys, that’s a slap in the face to the Chiefs. Some good bulletin board material there to keep the game close…in the first quarter.

·Bye: Cleveland, Green Bay, Arizona, Washington (thank god)


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