Week 8 NFL Predictions!

25 Oct

Wow week 8..I swear we’ll post how we’re doing so far next week!

Thursday, October 25th
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings 8:20 PM

Andrew – Minnesota. Once again, the Vikings are tough to beat at home. Even though Christian Ponder has been struggling recently, and Josh Freeman (my boy again) has improved significantly, I think the Vikings D keeps them in this one with a big game from the Vikings rush attack.
Greg – Minnesota. I really am happy the Vikings are doing well. I just want AP and everyone to stay healthy for a December playoff push. This is a must win for Minnesota (and a potential trap game going into a bye week), as their next 5 games are SUPER tough.

Sunday, October 28th
Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM
Andrew – Chicago. This Bears defense is no joke, they can shut down just about anyone, and with the all the off field drama with Cam Newton and such, I don’t see the Panthers stealing one on the road.
Greg – Carolina. Yeah I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m going with my boy Cam and someone somewhere in that organization lighting a fire under all their butts to win this game. My ‘shocker’ of the week game.

San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM
Andrew – San Diego. I always get nervous picking the Chargers. This is a game they should win…. right?

Greg – San Diego. I agree with Andrew, the Chargers can never win the games they’re supposed to win. But I think they’ll win this one…

Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM
Andrew – Detroit. The Lions moved the ball well on a tough defense last week against the Bears, but amazingly (seriously, I was legit amazed) could not stop turning it over in the red zone. I think the Lions defense will keep the run game in check, while causing a lot of problems for Russel Wilson. If the Lions can curb their red zone woes, they should be able to keep a handle on this game throughout.
Greg – Detroit. Seahawks are coming off a tough loss to the 49ers where they couldn’t get any offense going. While I don’t think they’ll struggle to only 6 points, I still think the Lions can put up some good offense on the other side. Will be interesting to watch Calvin Johnson match up against Sherman and the other DB’s for the Seahawks.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM
Andrew – Green Bay. I don’t want to gush, but Aaron Rodgers is once again playing phenomenal football. (Looks over to the Jaguars’ bench) EEEeeeesssshh (loosens collar)…. Good luck Jacksonville!
Greg – Green Bay. This is my lock of the week. Jags are without MJD, once again their season is done before it started, and now they travel to Green Bay where the Pack have reemerged.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM
Andrew – Tennessee. I’m definitely torn on this game (I originally had the Colts), but in the end, Matt Hasselback is playing well (and should have been the starter over Jake Locker from the beginning), Chris Johnson should do well against the Colts defense that still struggles to stop the run, and in general the Colts don’t do well on the road, so home team it is!
Greg – Tennessee. It’s around this time every year that the Titans figure some things out (aka Chris Johnson starts running again). I’m going with the Titans, but this game is 100% a toss up. Battle for mediocrity!

New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams 1:00 PM (Across the pond!)
Andrew – New England. Top o th’marnin to ya guv’nah! If this game was legit in St. Louis, I’d be inclined to consider this a toss up (YOU HEAR ME NEW ENGLAND SECONDARY!?!?), but since it’s on neutral turf I’m going with the team that you know can outscore just about anyone.
Greg – New England. I never pick against them! <–THAT WAS ANDREW EVERYONE. But I actually never pick against them, call me crazy! I think I did once maybe? Might just be making that up. But how can you pick against that offense?! Any week they can score 50 points in a half! I hope the secondary doesn’t make Sam Bradford look like a hall of famer 😦 😦 😦

More picks after the jump!

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets 1:00 PM
Andrew – Miami. The Jets played New England extremely well last week, but I think they are going to be emotionally hungover/exhausted for another big time division game. Even though this is a home game for the Jets and it will definitely be a low scoring, close game, I think one or two Mark Sanchez turn overs and the Dolphins will just barely eek out the win.
Greg – Miami. I agree with almost everything Andrew said. I would like to add that the Dolphins are coming off a bye week, and have seen just about everything the Jets can do — because Rex threw it all out on the field against the Patriots last week. If the Jets lose this game, which I believe they will, get ready for the ‘fire Rex’ ‘bench Sanchez’ chants! Also, can you believe Sanchez has been in the NFL since 2009? When are they going to give up on him!?

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM
Andrew – Atlanta. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of excited for this game. I guess I feel that if Michael Vick is going to “play up” for any game, it’ll be the revenge game against his former team (and hopefully not go crazy on the Redskins again). I say that like it’s a switch that can be turned on, which we all know it can’t be…. so I can only assume Vick will have a few turn overs that Atlanta will capitalize on.  Also, like I’ve said before, until someone figures out how to stop both Julio Jones and Roddy White, the Falcons will roll on.
Greg – Philadelphia. BOTH teams are coming off of a bye week, so that’s kind of interesting. I like Philly this year, I think they are the new Giants. Struggling basically every game and somehow managing to win? This would be a huge win for the Eagles that would put them back on the playoff track instantly. Will be a very entertaining game! But don’t worry..this next team will black out the game in the DC area!

Washington Redskins at Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM
Andrew – Pittsburgh. On one side of the coin is Robert Griffin III, the start of a solid foundation and tangible beacon of hope for a fan base that previously clung to any glimmer of light – only to see it turn into smoke year after year. On the other side of this Redskins coin is the defense. Injuries to starting defensive linemen have limited the amount of pressure that the Redskins can apply to opposing quarterbacks, while providing said quarterbacks with all the time they need to completely decimate the dreadful secondary. So… what side do you choose? You want to choose the play making, game changing, record setting rookie, but you know deep down in the pit of your stomach,  that this one man can’t do it all. The side that encompasses half of the team will still fail you, and cast a shadow over the light. Should Robert Griffin III struggle or not preform at the level that fans have come to expect (which is very possible against a veteran Dick Lebeau defense, even if they aren’t as elite as years passed), then there is little hope of a victory. (Sadly, I am still hopefully… would love if Washington went back to .500. Oh the woes of being a Redskins fan).

Greg – Washington. Yeah, I’m doing it Redskin fans. I just do not like what Isee from this Pittsburgh team! I see this as a trap game as the Steelers overlook the Redskins to the Giants next week. The only way this will end well for Washington is if they keep it a shoot out. That is something the Steelers aren’t so good at this year. If RG3 can do things like he did against Atlanta, I could see a very similar story playing out in Pittsburgh..BRING THEM DOWN BRING THEM DOWN BRING THEM DOWN REDSKINS!

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs 4:05 PM
Andrew – Oakland. Brady Quinn is starting for the Chiefs. Great game we got going here!
Greg – Oakland. Oh man, I am a Brady Quinn apologist, but I cannot bring myself to pick them here. And I just don’t care enough.

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys 4:25 PM
Andrew – New York. Dallas’s best game of the year was week 1 against the Giants, in New York, however I’m not expecting a repeat. Giants were pretty banged up to start the season and continue to get healthier, meanwhile, Dallas has completely fallen off a cliff. I think it’ll be a tight game, but Dallas will inevitably mess up at some point and give the game to New York.
Greg – New York. God, I know it. I just know it. As soon as I pick the Giants and not the Cowboys, the Cowboys will most certainly win this game now. YOU JUST SEE.

New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos 8:20 PM
Andrew – Denver. Love the Saints offense right now, does it get more excited / efficient / effective? Probably not. However, the Saints defense isn’t able to stop anyone, and I don’t see them giving Peyton Manning any trouble either. Should be a good game to watch, with the home team coming out on top.
Greg – New Orleans. Look at lil’ Peyton coming back strong and dominating defenses again! NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! I like New Orleans coming up and squeaking out a win. Remember last time Peyton played the Saints? #Superbowl

Monday, October 29th
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals 8:30 PM
Andrew – San Francisco. The Cardinals have progressively been righting their ship, and what I mean by that is, they are once again losing. That was weird when they started off so strong, but thank god that’s over with. The 49ers definitely still have some problems of their own, Alex Smith has taken a few steps backwards after his rather surprising year last year, and the defense isn’t generating nearly as many turn overs as they were last year (fluke year for Carlos Rodgers also), but that won’t stop them from handling the Cardinals who are struggling stop the run (something the 49ers are still amazing at) and struggling get points on the board.

Greg – San Francisco. Arizona really got a Monday Night game? Wow…I guess…good for them? I for one will not be watching this, however, Arizona will keep this game close for the first half. Maybe a defensive fumble recovery or something wacky will happen where they will stay close. I think the 49ers will impose their will in the 2nd half though. Since starting 4-0, the Cardinals have dropped 3 straight now — back to .500 after this one.

·Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Houston


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