Week 7 NFL Predictions!

18 Oct

Wow, we’re already at week 7?

Week 7

Thursday, Oct 18th

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – 49ers. I’m impressed that the Seahawks beat the Patriots, but I’m still not that impressed with them on the road. I’m glad this is a somewhat interesting match up as this division is no longer the wild, wild west who picks just anyone to go to the playoffs. I’m thinking low scoring affair, but 49ers handle the game throughout. In Seattle will be a different story though.

Greg – 49ers. Everyone is going crazy over these Seahawks – and yeah, I watched the game against the Pats. For being the #1 defense in the league, the Patriots put up over 450 yards of offense. If not for dumb plays by Brady (and a horrible secondary), the Patriots should’ve blown them out (I’M NOT BITTER). Now cut to the 49ers, coming off a stomping against the Giants. I have to think the 49ers will come out A LITTLE better this week at home. I think the 49ers win big in this division game.


Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – Buffalo. The Titans have little to no pass rush and are struggling in the secondary, and despite having some of the best running backs in the NFL, Buffalo still loves to throw the ball around. Fitzpatrick should have the time he needs to keep this game out of the Titan’s reach.

Greg – Buffalo. Wow, what a win last week for both of these teams! Huge upsets for both teams — now can they keep it going? I am guessing this will be a super sloppy game, but I give the edge to the Bills at home.

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – Cleveland. The Colts still can’t stop anyone the ground and the Brown’s pass defense has improved significantly with Joe Haden being back…. so while this might not be exciting for anyone except for the people in Cleveland, the Browns should get their first back to back wins in who knows how long.

Greg – Indianapolis. The Cleve with a big upset win last week! But now they travel away from Cleveland and into Indy, to meet up with Andrew Luck. I really could care less about this game. Colts win…sure!

Washington Redskins at New York Giants

Andrew – New York Giants. I love RG3… but this game will be rough. First, no one gets after the quarterback like the Giants (Just ask Tom Brady!). Second, no one stops the pass like the Redskins don’t (I love double negatives!). Thirdly, the Redskins have had a hard time getting pressure on the quarterback, let along getting sacks, and Eli Manning has barely been sacked this year, with that kind of time and lack of coverage, Eli should have a field day. The only hope I have stems from last year (which doesn’t count) and schedule (possible trap game, coming off big win in San Fran and going to Dallas next week). My concern here is that given NY’s strengths, even if they do over look the Skins, they will still probably win :(.

Greg – New York Giants. Well this should be very interesting. If I were a team, I would not want to face RG3 right now, kid is playing out of his mind. However, this week, the other team’s quarterback is pretty good too. Let me give you some stats. The Redskins’ defense has allowed the most passing yards in the NFL (328 per game), and a league-high-tying 15 touchdowns through the air. Plus, Manning is pretty good at home — he has thrown for 321 yards per game and 13 TDs in his past five games at MetLife Stadium.

Rest of the picks after the jump!

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew – New Orleans. The Saints should have adjusted to the new defensive scheme by now and making plays will become more muscle memory rather than having to think it through. If their defense steps up in anyway, the Saints will continue to win.

Greg – New Orleans. I could really see this team go on a 10 game winning streak to end the season.

Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Dallas. The Cowboy’s best and most complete game was week 1 against the Giants, and have been spiralling straight down since then. The Cowboys need this win to right their sinking ship and to prevent some heads from rolling.

Greg – Carolina. Yep, I gave up on the Cowboys, they are just in shambles right now. But then again, the Panthers have been under-performing also. But I’ll take the legs of Cam to get them through this game. I am pretty sure Romo will have a great game though — hit or miss with that guy! Close game at the end though, Panthers squeak by.

Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans

Andrew – Texans. Ravens can’t stop the run. End of story. Now would be the time for the Ravens to prove they can be a team after Ray Lewis leaves… otherwise this team could be rebuilding for a while.

Greg – Texans. Ray Lewis is out, Ed Reed hurting, Ngata might be out, Suggs might be out. Who is on this defense anymore? They better figure it out quick because Houston will be might angry they lost last week..

Green Bay Packers at St. Louis Rams

Andrew – Green Bay. Collective sigh from ESPN as the Packers started their bid for the Superbowl last week. If the defense plays like that every week, then they’re all but a lock.

Greg – Green Bay. Well look who decided to start playing again this year! Are the Pack back? I think so, and I think they prove it again this week in St Louis.

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Minnesota. Arizona was one of the most surprising 4-0 teams, and since have dropped two games where they scored for a combined less than 20 points. I don’t think they’ll get a break from what should be an angry Vikings defense, in a place where the Vikings have beaten the Cardinals eight straight times.

Greg – Minnesota. What a devastating loss to the Redskins last week. But, the Vikes do get to head home where they haven’t lost yet this season. Both teams need this game as a bounce back from tough defeats, but I like Minnesota at home.

4pm games:

New York Jets at New England Patriots

Andrew – New England. With all of the Jets struggles this year, I can’t see them getting it together in Foxborough.

Greg – New England. Brady gets hyped for these games. Coming off some shaky play last week, I expect him to be ready to gun sling.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders

Andrew – Oakland. Long trip for the Jags across the country, going with the home team here. This is a win-able game for Oakland… so who knows what to expect!

Greg – Oakland. Basically, the home team. Yeah I’m not spending anymore time on this game.

Sunday Night Football:

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Cincinnati. The Steelers defense just isn’t there without Troy Polamalu ball hawkin in the background. Injuries to both sides of the ball will keep the Steelers out of this one.

Greg – Cincinnati. Both teams coming off real tough losses last week, and I still see the Steelers going in the wrong direction this year while the Bengals have lots of upside. I think the Bengals will be able to dominate possession and win this one in a lower scoring affair.

Monday Night Football:

Detroit Lions at Chicago DA Bears

Andrew – Chicago. I’m torn on this game… of course I’m torn on any game when the Bears play a team with an actual offense – if Jay Cutler continues to throw INTs, the Bears might never stand a chance, but with the Lions suspect secondary I’m sure Chicago fans are hoping this won’t be the case. Bears coming off their bye week should be well prepared for this home game, especially if the defense continues the way it’s been going.

Greg – Chicago. I like what Detroit is doing, but something about Chicago has me intrigued. They’re 4-1 and playing well. I like them at home at night in this one. I think it will be close and the Lions will come to play, but the Bears will be too much in the end. Close til the 4th quarter.

·Bye: Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego


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