Week 5 NFL Predictions!

7 Oct


Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams 8:20 PM

Andrew – Cardinals. The Rams are playing better, for sure… but the Cardinals have stumped much better teams so I have to go with the strong defense on this one.

Greg – St Louis. The Cardinals have been playing some physical football the past 4 weeks. Surprising everyone and jumping out to 4-0, however I still like Bradford at home, and I’m taking his arm against this tough Cardinal defense.


Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM

Andrew – Bengals.  Home team pick here. With the way the Dolphin’s defense has been playing, if this was in Miami I would almost have to reconsider.

Greg – Bengals. Dolphins have been playing a lot more competitively than we all thought, but I am still taking Cincy’s offense to top them.

Green Bay Packers  at Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM

Andrew – Packers. Green Bay got off to a slow and rocky start this season, but I think they’re almost back to clicking on all cylinders. This could be uncomfortable for Colts fans, but will be a good test against an elite team.

Greg – Packers. The Packers offense has been struggling, but I think they are finally getting up to speed and should win pretty easily on this one.
Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City  Chiefs 1:00 PM

Andrew – Ravens. I don’t have much hope for the Chiefs. If the Ravens can stop the run and Matt Cassel continues to struggle, we might even see a Brad Quinn appearance (and then you know it’s all downhill from there).

Greg – Ravens. I think this is a potential trap game for Baltimore, but they should be just fine.

Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM

Andrew – Vikings. I’m picking the home team, but juuuusssttt barely and it’s mainly because I have little hope for the Titans offense. The Titans can stop the run however (held Arian Foster and the Texans offense to less than 100) and it’s not like Adrian Peterson has been cutting up 100+ games this season (one so far)… so if Christian Ponder has to air it out…well I’ll just say this game could be painful to watch for everyone involved.

Greg – Vikings. This game is one the Vikings SHOULD win, and they have not been in that situation in a while. Should be interesting to see how they come out, but I love how they are using Ponder and Harvin together.

Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins 1:00 PM

Andrew – Falcons. The Redskins can’t stop anyone on defense, let alone two all-star receivers. The Redskins only hope would be to try and contain any big plays and give up stuff underneath… and hope for any kind of mistake from the Falcons (not likely).

Greg- Falcons. The Redskins haven’t won a home game in a very long time — that streak will continue.

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Cleveland Browns at New York Giants 1:00 PM

Andrew – Giants. The Browns aren’t…. *that* bad.. but they certainly aren’t good enough to snag their first win on the road against the defending super bowl champions. Sorry Browns fans… I tried…

Greg – Giants. I mean…the Browns are a bit better? But no, Giants win easy.

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Steelers. Pittsburgh fans can collectively exhale with the return of Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, and Rashard Mendenhall.  It still won’t be easy, especially against the Eagles (if they decide not to turn the ball over a million times), but it should get better from here.

Greg – Eagles. I think these teams are going in opposite directions. I see the Eagles with a lot of upside, and the Steelers slowly declining. Should be a close game though!

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers 4:05 PM

Andrew – Panthers. Keep your head up Cam Newton! No… seriously… stop moping. Your team played extremely well against a superior team. Here is your chance to win one for your city. Don’t. mess. this. up.

Greg – Panthers. Yeah I’ve given up on them, but I mean, Seattle traveling across the country for this one, Cam better lace em up tight, this Seattle defense is no joke.

Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars 4:05 PM

Andrew – Da Bears. I had little faith in my Bears lead Fantasy Football team, so I benched them and went with the Bills. Turns out a combination of the two would have provided me an insane number of Fantasy points. Point is… I thought the Bears would struggle against the Cowboys, and the destroyed them. I have little hope for Jacksonville here.

Greg – Bears. This one will be ugly.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots 4:25 PM

Andrew – Broncos. I’m reaaally torn on this one… but I’m going with the upset. I think the Broncos should be solid on both sides of the ball, whereas I always question the Patriots defensive abilities (at least since 2004/5). This could get interesting if Aaron Hernandez is back and healthy, but how effective he will be remains to be seen.

Greg – New England. Tom is going to be sooo fired up for this one. Could be the last time we ever see the Peyton-Tom matchup, make sure to watch this one, should be good!

Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ers 4:25 PM

Andrew – 49ers. The Bills may be able to toss up some points in this game, but realistically, they don’t stand much of a chance if they can’t stop the other team from scoring. I thought that defensive line was the line of the future!? What happened there?

Greg – 49ers. I think this game will make or break the season for the Bills. And as you can see by my pick, I am predicting it will break their season. Across the country, off a devastating loss to the Pats, the Bills keep on reeling this week.

San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints

Andrew – Chargers. I feel for the Saints. I really do. I don’t even think it has much to do with the coaching staff. I think Gregg Williams basically ruined that defense and bailed, and now they are just down right awful. Can’t stop the run or the pass. This will be a tough loss before the bye week, hopefully they can get right afterwards.

Greg – Saints. I mean, they have to win eventually right?


Houston Texans at New York Jets 8:30 PM

Andrew – Texans. If any team this year can follow the 49ers blueprint of dominating the Jets, it is the Texans. Tough schedule for the Jets, and the blows, but things will get ugly this game. You will see Tebow this game, but it’s not all Marks fault… they just need some kind of change or otherwise burst of energy.

Greg – Texans. I think this game will be a lot closer than we expect it to be. Although last I saw, the Jets couldn’t even sell out for this MNF game, that’s embarrassing. However, the Jets will probably have a good game plan to slow down the Texans…for a little bit. Texans will pull away in the 2nd half.


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