NFL Week 4 Predictions!

28 Sep

So we are coming off a bit of a rough week. This season thus far has been near impossible to predict. Maybe the refs are to blame? Probably not. Make sure to enjoy  special podcast round of picks with Aaron and guest podcaster, Julie! Take a listen!


Cleveland at Baltimore 8:20 PM

Greg – Baltimore. I think Baltimore wins this game, but it will be closer than expected.

Carolina at Atlanta 1:00 PM

Greg – Atlanta. Is it time I give up on Carolina and Cam? I think Cam will bounce back, but Atlanta is just on a different level right now.

New England at Buffalo 1:00 PM

Greg – New England. Cannot remember the last time the Pats lost 3 games in a row.

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Minnesota at Detroit 1:00 PM

Greg – Minnesota. Detroit lost a tough one last week, and while Stafford says he plans to play this week, I am really liking what I’m seeing from Ponder this year. Lions win a squeaker.

San Diego at Kansas City 1:00 PM

Greg – Kansas City. I really have no idea in this game. Yeah, let’s go with the home team.

Seattle at St. Louis 1:00 PM

Greg – St Louis. Seattle is coming off an emotional high (and lots of distractions with it), meanwhile Sam Bradford is having a pretty good year. I look for Bradford to have a good game.

San Francisco at NY Jets 1:00 PM

Greg – San Francisco. Sure they have to travel across the country and they’re coming off a loss. The Jets are disabled. Who is their quarterback? No Revis. No identity. I think it will be a close 1st half, with the 49ers making it easy in the 2nd.

Tennessee at Houston 1:00 PM

Greg – Houston. Lock game of the week!

Miami at Arizona 4:05 PM

Greg – Arizona. This team is under the radar — and their defense is good.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville 4:05 PM

Greg – Cincinnati. I like this offense a lot. Will be interesting if the ground game of Jacksonville can keep up.

Oakland at Denver 4:05 PM

Greg – Denver. Peyton redemption time!

New Orleans at Green Bay 4:25 PM

Greg – Green Bay. Wow, New Orleans at 0-4?

Washington at Tampa Bay 4:25 PM

Greg – Tampa Bay. I liked the way Tampa played Cam Newton — most likely the same scheme for RG3.

NY Giants at Philadelphia 8:20 PM

Greg – Philadelphia. I think this team is ready to take the next step. This would be a huge win for them.

Chicago at Dallas 8:30 PM

Greg – Dallas. The home team, had extra time off, yeah I’ll go with Romo this game.


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