Andrew Brandt Provides His Thoughts on the Recent McNabb Comments

30 Mar
Decided to give this all to you in full conversation stream. I mentioned to Andrew is he had seen the recent Donovan McNabb comments regarding the Shanahans, Redskins, and their (most likely) draft pick RGIII — then this happened.
Me: btw see mcnabbs comments?
9:23 AM Andrew: haha did you see he forgot to mention that he was the worst QB under shanahan other than beck
  who couldn’t even make the miami dolphins
Andrew: my biggest thing is that, basically donovan loses credibility by not including himself on that list [on ESPN], and shit statistics
 me: I agreeeeee
  he’s talking about it right now
9:29 AM Andrew: he also loses credibility because there were wide open receivers when he was playing on the redskins that he would never even get to in the progression
  and he threw the majority of his balls into the ground.
 me: “given how bad it went for you, are you even qualified?” – ESPN
 Andrew: just like he did in minnesota
  who asked that?
Me:  one of the guys on espn
  watching the video
 Andrew: oh to mcnabb?
 me: “did they force you to change?”
  “oh def, I was misused”
 Andrew: (also on the radio this morning the junkies were calling him McNubbs…so funny)
  please. god
  disclaimer, i was excited for mcnabb… but here’s a few thoughts
9:31 AM god. ok.
  here we go!
 me: great.
Catch the rest of the rant after the jump!!!
 Andrew: first, what coach trades his qb to their division rivals? no one, unless you think they’re a fat sack of crap.
9:32 AM secondly, he went from a west coast offense to a slightly different west coast offense… and he played QB, so please tell me how he was misused?
  did he want to be a defensive linemen?
 me: (asked him if it’s mike or kyle)
 Andrew: is this now, or from yesterday?
9:33 AM thirdly. mcnabb came into camp terribly out of shape
 me: yesterday
  same interview, it’s like 7 mins
  “youre only as good as the players around you” -mcnabb
9:34 AM Andrew: ok i’m fine with that statement, but how come when shitty shit shit rex grossman got in there for the last three games he had two 300+ games
 me: “Shanahan is about to lose his ‘genius’ card if this doesnt work out” – the idiot who hosts first take
  good point, but I hate this guy
9:35 AM “if it’s not like a cam newton year, then someone’s gotta go”
 Andrew: yeah, but people in DC have been saying that for the past two years
 ok so. given everything i’ve said…. my biggest point is that if mcnabb had every opportunity to prove that he wasn’t a fat washed up shit head in minnesota
9:37 AM and he went there and took a dump on the vikings, who have adrian peterson and were considered a playoff calibur team with the right QB – even 42 year old brett farve could do it….
  but no. he got benched for shitty christian ponder
9:38 AM because guess what? he’s a fat piece of crap now that doesn’t want to work
  all he wants to do is run screens like he used to with brian westbrook
  hey the eagles moved away from that? and guess what? they cut mcnabb because he wasn’t willing to change
  who has the ego now?
Andrew: ok so, i’ve proven how mcnabb just is a fat turd… now to his next points as a “analyst” he claims that the shanahans won’t tailer their system around RGIII (claiming RGIII won’t be a good fit in DC and there’s too much ego etc.)
  ok ego, fine, i can appreciate that. but here’s the thing…. first off, the shanahans proved they were willing to be flexible with their scheme between john beck and rex grossman
  beck had a lot more boot legs and roll outs because he had the legs for it
  grossman is about as mobile as a statue
9:43 AM so they designed plays that didn’t require him to run and fumble the ball
  if that’s not an indication that they aren’t willing to work around someone’s strengths / weaknesses
  then consider the fact, that they’re not brain dead.
9:44 AM me: haha
  I think it will be very interesting though
9:45 AM Andrew: the fact that they have 1 coherent football thought means that they can clearly see the benefit of moving RG III around and finding the plays that work best for him
  plus shanahan loves the boot
  cuts the field in half, perfect for a rookie
  that’s going to be like every other play, and it’s going to work because RGIII has the speed and arm
  something that neither mcnabb had when he was here, or beck, or grossman
9:46 AM i mean, i agree, if it totally blows up, they’re gone. but that won’t justify mcnabb
9:47 AM right now mcnabb is a huge fat orca whale that’s washed up on the beach, and after the redskins and minnesota tried to push him back into the ocean, he’s now just spewing his filth over the two teams
9:48 AM i mean how many other teams need quarterbacks? why didn’t the browns pick up mcnubbs after he was cut by the vikings? why didn’t arizona if they’re also a QB away and Kolb was injured?
9:49 AM you think other teams and managers watched all the wide open receivers that mcnabb was missing and thought to themselves “oh shit, this guy is fucking awesome!”
  “he’s definitely still got it!”
  fuck. no.
9:50 AM Andrew: and what about miami? i mean they couldn’t piece together a healthy qb for more than a 3 game stretch
9:51 AM so. there’s that, and also. when he got benched and instantly demanded to be released (ego, agian), christian ponder played better than him and so did joe webb
  who the f is joe webb?
  these are scrub kids
9:52 AM also. what producer on ESPN allowed mcnabb to post that graphic about QBs under shanahan and forgot to add Mcnabb to that?
 me: he probably demanded it
9:57 AM Andrew: so basically assuming that RGIII doesn’t have the ego that mcnabb had, then i don’t think it’ll be an issue in the regard.
  is there still a risk it won’t work out? that RG III could come here and bomb and five years from now he pops up somewhere and is crazy good
  yes, but isn’t that always the risk?
9:58 AM me: I suppose so!
 Andrew: phhheeewww i’m pooped, i need a nap now

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