NFL Predictions: Championship Round

22 Jan

Just one game separates these 4 teams from the Super Bowl — win or go home! A lot of times, these games end up being better than the Super Bowl itself, so be ready! TO THE PICKS

AFC Championship Game: Sunday 3pm CBS

Baltimore Ravens AT New England Patriots

Andrew – Baltimore Ravens.

Greg – New England. Ok let’s say you’re the Ravens defense. Who are you guarding/locking down? Wes? Gronk? Hernandez? Branch? Think about that.

NFC Championship Game: Sunday 6:30pm FOX

New York Giants AT San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – New York Giants.

Greg – San Francisco 49ers. The Giants have had another amazing run to get into the playoffs and to the Championship round (much like 2007). However, this time, they must travel to the West coast, a trip many have faltered under. The 49ers played unbelievable last week, forcing turnovers and making the Saints look like they were the team new to the playoffs. This week they will face a Giants team that will be sure to test their defense, however, I see this game as a GIANT explosion (get it?) of turnovers/bad plays by New York. I think the 49ers defense will come in amped up to get back to the Super Bowl. I really could see this game going either way, but some key turnovers will be critical against the Giants. You can expect that the 49ers will not be able to score as they did last week against the Saints, so I’ll go with 49ers 23-17.


One Response to “NFL Predictions: Championship Round”

  1. kcyoungguns January 22, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    Hey i agree with why you made your picks.. see if we made the same picks

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