NFL Week 17 Predictions! (From a cabin!)

1 Jan

Hey. We are in a cabin in the middle of no where. Still got your picks though!! Happy New Years everyone!

Week 17 SUN, JAN 1 TIME (ET)

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. The Panthers want and need to win, whereas the Saints don’t really need to. I’m not saying that if this was a normal game the Saints wouldn’t win, I just think come third/fourth quarter, most of the starters will be resting and the Saints will be evaluating their back ups, giving Cam Newton the time and space to take a cheap win.

Greg – New Orleans. The Saints back ups will win.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Andrew – New England. Same situation as the Panthers/Saints game, but because of the injuries to the Patriots secondary, it’s not like a lot of the defensive players will be out of the game.

Greg – New England. Want that guarantee for home field in the playoffs. And OBrien better not leave! Stop stealing all our coaches!!

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Chicago. A lot of pride on the line with this game. Both teams thought they were playoff bound in the off season, and both could end with a losing record (if Bears win, then they are 8-8, not exactly winning record in my book either). I originally thought Ponder was out for this game and I put Minnesota to win under the athleticism of Joe Webb, but with Ponder starting, and being as banged up as he is, I think the Bears will get a few key turnovers before his benching.

More picks next!


Greg – Minnesota.

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – New York Jets. The Jets have to, have to, have to win this game in order to have any hope of making the playoffs. I think they’ll do what they can to control their destiny, but the Dolphins certainly won’t make it easy.

Greg – New York Jets. They better not get in the playoffs.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams

Andrew – San Francisco. We’ll see if new head coach Jim Harbaugh gives his playoff bound team any time off, but in my opinion they’ll need all the experience they can get. Maybe a few starters get a break, but I don’t think enough to give the Rams a victory.

Greg – San Francisco.

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

Andrew – Detroit. I’m torn on this game, the Packers are a great team, but might take some time off in this game, but then again, they might end up playing the Lions again in the playoffs so it might be worth their while to come out guns blazing. That being said, the Matt Stafford and the Lions are playing about as well as anyone else is at this point, and the way things are panning out, they’ll get to play the soft NFC East division champion in the first game (should be an easy win for the Lions). I think the Packers will start off strong, show that they’re confident they can win, but ultimately let the Lions have the later quarters for the win.

Greg – Green Bay. The packers are angry they lost a game still. Look out Detroit!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

Andrew – Atlanta. I really hate all these meaningless division games. Did Rodger Goodell think that these were going to be some epic, win and get in play off scenarios? Most of these games are garbage time games. Without a running game for the Bucs, the Falcons should have no problems gaining the upper hand and maintaining the lead hroughout.

Greg – Atlanta. Easily.

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Baltimore

Greg – Cincinnati Bengals. Playing for their lives!

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

andrew – Pittsburgh

Greg – Pittsburgh. Sorry Browns..

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

Andrew – New York Giants

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. I hate the nfc east.

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Andrew – Philadelphia

Greg – Philadelphia

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Andrew – indianapolis

Greg – Jacksonville. MGD runs wild!

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

Andrew – Houston

Greg – Houston.


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Andrew – Arizona.

Greg – Seattle.

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Kansas City. I want this so badly. So much drama around this game.

Greg – Denver. Tebow. Time.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland raiders

Andrew – San Diego.

Greg – San Diego. Remember when Oakland was good/winning?


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