NFL Predictions: Week 16

22 Dec

Wow can you believe we’re already at the end of the season??


Week 16

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts 8:20 PM

Andrew – Houston. Ok, Colts, you surprised me and pissed me off, but there is no way the Texans are going to let you run all over them. Wade Phillips has turned this defense in to the NFL’s best, and despite being gone, these players still have pride and won’t let the woeful Colts run all over them. They’ll force Orlovsky to air it out more than 17 times, which is where the problems will creep up for the Colts.

Greg – Indianapolis. Yep. For the first time all season I think, I am predicting the Colts to win. They came off a HUGE win for them last week and maybe now have a bit of confidence going into this game. The Texans usually collapse against the Colts, and while these Colts are nothing like the Colts of the past, I can’t predict them to sweep the season series!

SAT, DEC 24 (ET Time)

One O’clock Games

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew – Kansas City. Ah two of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL in this year. I love making picks like these!! You never know which team will show up! I’m going with the home team here who should be riding high after their victory over Green Bay.

Greg – Oakland Raiders. Emotional high letdown game! Love you Romeo though.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Jacksonville. I can’t believe the Titans lost to the Colts. How embarrassing. I think the Jaguars will do what they do best, which also happens to be a page from the Colt’s victory – run the ball a lot. I think the Titans will bounce back offensively, but Jacksonville’s defense will bend but not break.

Greg – Tennessee Titans. Last week the Titans got EMBARRASSED by the Colts. That is not going to sit well in the locker room this week. They will come out strong at home against the Jags (who are bad in their own right). The Titans are still fighting for that last playoff spot and are in a must win situation.

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Andrew – New England. I’m a little nervous about this game. The Miami/Patriots match up reminds me a lot of the Dallas/Redskins games. No matter how well one team is playing, or how poorly another team is, the underdog always seems to find a way to win at least one of the two games. Miami played well in the beginning of the year and despite some major changes and injuries, I still think they’ll give New England a run for their money for the first 2-3 quarters. The fourth quarter will when the Patriots really put this game away.

Greg – New England. Dolphins always play the Pats tough, should be interesting.

Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Cincinnati. Has Arizona really won 6 of their last 7 games? I refuse to acknowledge that this team is moderately legitimate. I think Cincinnati’s tough defense will stifle the Arizona offense and basically the only thing Arizona has left is special teams.

Greg – Cincinnati Bengals. Arizona is on a tear right now headed towards an awful NFC wild card spot. But the Bengals are also fighting for their playoff chances. I think the fire is stronger in the Bengals for this one.

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – Denver. Once again Tim Tebow will be the beneficiary of a soft schedule and a solid defense to keep him in games. Can’t wait for the pro-bowl talks to come back after he beats the lousy Bills… of course then there is this

Greg – Buffalo Bills. The Tebow legend has been cracked a bit by the pounding they took last week by the Pats. This will be Tebow’s first real cold weather game in most likely forever (Florida boy!). I see the Bills FINALLY winning, even though there are TONS of tickets available to the game.

More picks after the jump!

St. Louis Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Injuries have really hurt the Steelers… but enough to let the Rams come into Hines Field and take a win? I don’t think so.

Greg – Pittsburgh. The Steelers are in the playoffs. They’ll probably rest some players this game (cough cough) Big Ben…

New York Giants at New York Jets

Andrew – New York Jets. I’m torn on this one. I imagine that the Giants will bounce back strong after that rather embarrassing loss to the Washington Redskins, on the other hand, the Jets have historically played their best ball at the end of the season, and they too need to bounce back from a bad loss to the Eagles. Giants really need this win to continue to be a playoff consideration… ahh I really don’t know…  (Flips coin). Jets?

Greg – New York Giants. Yeah this game is a toss up, but I really hate the Jets more.

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins

Andrew – Washington. I’m pretty surprised at how well the Redskins played against the Giants, and it makes you think what if…. No. No! I’m not doing that… Rex Grossman is a turnover machine and it is clear that he can only function when the Redskins are able to thoroughly establish the run with Helu (and Hightower in the beginning of the year). If the Vikings force Rex to air it out they could definitely steal one from Washington on the road, but I’m picturing more of a game like the one against Chicago last year when no one wanted to win, and the Redskins won by a field goal 17-14.

Greg – Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings showed last week that they can move the ball — using duel quarterbacks and throwing just about everything out there on the field. The Redskins are still recovering from a ton of injuries (like every season, maybe fire that conditioning coach), and I don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the faster Vikings offense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Carolina. Carolina has won three of their last four in dominate fashion including a drubbing of the Buccaneers, in Tampa Bay, just earlier this month. The Panther’s 5-9 record is not nearly indicative of how well their offense has played, which will surely cause more problems for the Tampa Bay defense. The lack of running game for Tampa Bay has really hurt their ability to establish a balanced attack and maintain control of the game clock. With the way the Panthers can move the ball, things could go sour for the Bucs in a hurry.

Greg – Carolina. Remember when Andrew was all over the Bucs? Now look at them. I think the Panthers win this game easily.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Andrew – Baltimore. Even though Baltimore certainly didn’t play like a playoff bound team in their loss to San Diego, I don’t think they’ll let their AFC North division record take a hit with a loss to the Browns. Even if Baltimore struggles a bit, I don’t really see the Browns putting up the points necessary to win this one, on the Raven’s defense no less.

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. Man the Ravens can really disappoint you. Just when you think they are getting going. Now they go and lose Boldin for the rest of the season too?! Well don’t worry Ravens fans, it’s still enough to beat the Browns.

Late Afternoon Games

San Diego Chargers at Detroit Lions

Andrew – San Diego. This could be an awesome game… could be… but we’ve also seen both teams take terrible nose dives. San Diego loves to play big in December so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one. Plus, I have the feeling that the Lions aren’t 100% on offense. If Kevin Smith can stay healthy, then their running game gets a boost, but that hasn’t really seemed possible for him yet, so we’ll see.

Greg – San Diego. If we have learned anything over the past 6 years, it’s that the Chargers OWN December. Even though they travel up north to Detroit, I still think they will pull off the win in a close game.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Dallas. I’m torn on this one too. I was really impressed with the way the Eagles put the screws to the Jets, where as Dallas as lost some seriously sad games this year, including one to the Cardinals (refusing to acknowledge them!)…. But Dallas is playing to keep their playoff hopes alive, and it’s a home game, so I think Dallas will do everything they can do to win this one.

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles are still somehow in this awful NFC East race…how. I don’t know. But I don’t think they will have enough consistency to carry them anywhere near it. And it would end today with a chance for the Cowboys to move 1 step closer to the playoffs, at home.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Andrew – San Francisco. The 49ers really put it to the Steelers (and me with my prediction) and I say that the Seahawks, at best, are as good as an injured Pittsburgh team. So that being said, the 49ers should have no problem heading up north for this game.

Greg – Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers are coming off a huge win. EMOTIONAL LETDOWN! But one thing I did notice last week is that they really aren’t that good on offense. Their redzone inefficiency is incredibly awful. The Seahawks are once again on their hot hand towards the playoffs, I think they pull off a close upset.


Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers 8:20 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. Sooo that was….weird…. right Green Bay? I’m a little disappointed that Matt Forte and Jay Cutler are injured, because mid-season when both teams were performing at their peak, this would have been a great great great game. But, injuries are common place in the NFL so it’s to be expected. Without much help on the Bear’s offense I think Aaron Rodgers will do what he normal does and wear out the defense, which lead to plenty of scoring opportunities. If for some reason the lack of Greg Jennings really is that big of a deal and no one steps up in his absence, then this could be as ugly as the Kansas City game. I’m not saying that’ll happen, but it’s a sad possibility.

Greg – Green Bay Packers. Well great, now the Packers are back to being angry that they lost. I remember people saying that the Patriots should lose a game in 2007 to regain focus towards the playoffs. Well we’ll see what happens now if they should’ve done that. I think the Packers put the Bears away early and rest their starters, so it will end in a closer than usual score.


Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Andrew – New Orleans. I like the way the Falcons have pulled themselves together the last couple of games, but it won’t be enough to overcome division rivals on the road. This game will be a tough test for both teams and could end up an exhilarating shoot out….hopefully… otherwise I see the Saints coming out strong and staying on top the whole game.

Greg – New Orleans Saints. Wow the Saints are on an offensive tear right now. Yet they are still under the radar! If they win this game, I think they’ll get noticed again (seeing as Brees will be breaking Marino’s record). This game SHOULD be fun, but we’ve seen the Falcons not play to their potential a few times this year. Hope it’s a great game though.


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