NFL Week 15 Predictions!

15 Dec


Doing just Thursday and Saturday right now! The rest will come very soon, we promise!

Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons 8:20 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. I counted the Falcons down and out last week and they came back and proved me wrong. It seems like the Jaguars have pulled together quiet a solid defense, so this could be a long boring game if the Falcon’s ineptitude flares up again. I’m going with the home team that has the ability to points on the board, and if Julio Jones is healthy enough, expect him to have another solid week.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. The Jaguars are not a good team. They got pretty lucky with an unbelievable pre-half collapse by the Bucs. That won’t happen this week. The Falcons’ Matty Ice is FINALLY starting to be the quarterback he was last year. While the Jags defense could make this game close, I see the Falcons pulling away in the 2nd half. Also, I really hate that the Jags got so many night games this year, I doubt they get 1 next year.

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8:20 PM

Andrew – Dallas. The Buccaneers defense won’t be able stand the test of time against all the Dallas offensive weapons. So rookie DeMarco Murray goes down…. well it’s not like Felix Jones was ever meant to be the Cowboy’s back up running back in the first place. Legarrette Blount  hasn’t ran with the same physical force and speed that he had last year and the result has added more pressure on struggling Josh Freeman. This could be a rough game for the home crowd.

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. Saturday night football is back! The Bucs just had a huge collapse last week, but so did the Cowboys. I think the Cowboys are clearly the better team here though and they are fighting for the (horrible) NFC East spot — Cowboys win easily.


Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. I keep picking against the Texans and Yates keeps proving me wrong. Very frustrating. Obviously Wade Phillips has had a good impression on the defense, as it’s completely shutting down opposing offenses. I’m hoping for more of the same in the game with Yates being able to put up enough points on the weak Panthers defense to squeak out another game, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Carolina came out guns slinging.

Greg – Carolina. I think the Texans have had a pretty good run here, we can all agree on that. Yates has played well when he needed to. But I can’t see this winning continuing forever. This game will be close, but I’m looking for Cam to have a late drive to win it.

The rest of the picks after the jump!
Washington Redskins at New York Giants 1:00 PM

Andrew – New York. Not expecting much from the Redskins in this. I think Helu will be slowed down despite the Giants having one of their worst rush defenses in years. I think Rex will throw his obligatory 2 interceptions and Eli will have a field day against the banged up Redskins secondary. The Giants need this game to try and keep pace with the Cowboys to win the game, so I’m expecting a beat down. I’m glad I will be on the road for this one.

Greg – NY Giants. Did you see Grossman passing all over the Pats?! Slow down Redskins fans. The Pats secondary is atrocious. While the Giants’ defense isn’t a whole lot better, can we expect two good games from Rex in a row? The answer is no. Giants win.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills 1:00 PM

Andrew – Miami. Miami was really feeling something there for a while. Their defense stepped up and despite having injuries on all phases of their offense, they were pulling out some wins. I’m thinking Buffalo continues to strong and Miami pulls through in the last couple minutes of the game (I could even see a low scoring overtime/crazy type game).

Greg – Buffalo. This is a toss up. I am picking Buffalo because Miami has to travel north to the cold outdoors. Also, Buffalo has been in such a rut (remember when they were first in the AFC East), that they have to win a game eventually, I’ll be this is it.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM

Andrew – Seahawks. The Seahawks defense has kept them in games, so I’m thinking they’ll be able to completely shut down the injury riddled Bears offense. I know that Seattle will struggle against the tough Chicago defense, but in the end I don’t see the Bears winning again without Cutler or Forte.

Greg – Chicago Bears. Don’t look now, but those Seahawks are making a run again towards the playoffs again! Well that stops this week as the Bears take care of business at home and pull out the win.

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM

Andrew – New Orleans. Hmm… actually, I’m almost inclined to pick the Vikings… almost. With Adrian Peterson promising to be back, I have a feeling Ponder will look more like the quarterback that replaced Donovan McNabb, and less like the quarterback of late. With help from the offense, the Vikings defense might be able actually slow down some offenses. It’s just too bad it’s Saints. Look for a close, low scoring affair in the bubble.

Greg – New Orleans. A new quarterback controversy begins in Minnesota again. Do you start Joe Webb or stick with Ponder? Will be very interesting to see who the Vikings draft next spring, another quarterback if Luck/Griffin are still there?? Either way, the Saints win this one, but it will be closer than expected.

Cincinnati Bengals at St. Louis Rams 1:00 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati. Not sure what happened here guys. Cincinnati let guy named “TJ” beat them. But, what’s done is done. I don’t think Cincinnati will struggle nearly as bad against the soft St. Louis defense, so once they get rolling they probably won’t let the Rams play catch up.

Greg – Cincinnati. Really thought the Bengals would get it together and win last week against the Texans. But…they didn’t. So now they’re in a must win situation the rest of the season basically. Well it starts with the Rams, who are struggling on offense and to figure out who their quarterback is. Bengals should win easily here.

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM

Andrew – Tennessee. The Colts could never stop the run anyway, so this looks like to be an extra painful game against Chris Johnson. Finally his fantasy football owners will rejoice!

Greg – Tennessee. There are only 3 games left Colts. You have a chance to win in all of them. You should probably show up and play for 1 of them. The Titans offense is finally playing well, so I don’t think the Colts’ defense will be able to slow them down.

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers will take a seat the second half of this game, but not before putting up between 21 to 28 points in the first half… which Kansas City won’t score all game. It’s pretty amazing that Green Bay can play half a game and still win 46-16.

Greg – Green Bay. The path to perfection continues. As long as they don’t beat the Pats in the Super Bowl (wishful thinking on making it..), I hope they go undefeated so those stupid 1972 Dolphin jerks will finally get to smash their champagne instead of pop it. We all hate you.

Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders 4:05 PM

Andrew – Detroit. Hmm battle of the teams that aren’t good enough to win so they cheat/punch/kick/stomp/etc. What wonderful reputations these two organizations have gained. Anyway, Carson Palmer has been terrible, stretching back into his last season with the Bengals as well. I think Oakland might be kicking themselves while Jason Cambell enjoys his ice cream (I basically imagine all players on IR are laying in bed eating ice cream like Forrest Gump). Anyway… aside from all that, the Lions get Suh back and the defense should be recharged. Matthew Stafford has been playing well as of late and I don’t think the Raiders will really stop him.

Greg – Oakland Raider. Suh is back this week, so that should be interesting. I just think the Lions have way too much going on inside their locker room as well as in the media to be totally focused on this game. Toss up, but I’ll take the Raiders at home.

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos 4:15 PM

Andrew – New England. Basically, the worst thing that could happen in football would be for the Patriots to lose this game. I mean, sports “analysts” and broadcasts wouldn’t even have to say words anymore, they could just say “Tim Tebow”, “Tebowtime” and “Tebowing.” Let it go… the Broncos have a really good defense, and despite some positive signs from Tebow in the fourth quarter, he still isn’t that good of a quarterback. Tom Brady looked wonky last week against the Redskins but still put up 30+ points, which is what Tebow might get to in two games combined.

Greg – New England. Tough one. Brady is 1-7 against the Broncos.

New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles 4:15 PM

Andrew – New York Jets. I knew that last week the Eagles defense would respond well to the criticism. Now that they’ve proven they can play, they should sit back and watch New York run all over their lack of linebackers. I think Vick is still hurting and doesn’t have the “it” factor (read speed/mobility/quickness) to really jump start this struggling Eagles offense.

Greg – Philadelphia Eagles. The Jets are in must win mode again this year. This game should be pretty interesting, but I still see the Eagles’ offense being able to put up more points than the Jets can get close to.

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals 4:15 PM

Andrew – Arizona. What a blah game. Cardinals should have this game in the back, especially since Kevin Kolb is out.

Greg – Arizona Cardinals. This team beats some pretty good teams, and then loses to teams like this. I think since they’re at home (and it’s the Browns), they’ll be able to pull it out. The Browns are coming off an all or nothing game last week against the Steelers so could be emotional burnt out.

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers 8:20 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. I think this will actually be a pretty tough game for the Ravens. It’s not fun to go across the country. Ravens have to win to keep the Steelers at bay (and the Steelers are playing in the bay area…………………lolz), so look for a big effort late in the fourth quarter.

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. I really hate the AFC West. Can anyone win out there? Do people not play football in California? Either way, the Ravens should win this game. While December is Chargers time, I don’t see them winning it. This could be a possible playoff preview also though.


Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers 8:30 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Despite Alex Smith’s success this year, this really comes down to one question – can he beat elite teams? I think the answer is no.

Greg – San Francisco. I think this is the first Monday Night Football game I will actually watch (besides the Pats one) this year. They have had an awful schedule this year. Anyways, this is a proving game for the 49ers. If they win this game, people will be fully invested in them, however if they lose, it will make it easy for skeptics to point out how they cannot win the big game. I expect a playoff atmosphere for this one and the 49ers to play up and win in a close one. Should be a great game.


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