NFL Week 14 Predictions!!

8 Dec

Whelp another late one again. Really sorry folks, it’s been a long week for us. I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!!!


Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers 8:20 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Somewhere along the line I forgot about Pittsburgh. Are the under the radar or something? Is that possible? I doubt it. Anyway, they are certainly above the lowly Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh needs to win all of their remaining games to keep pace with the Ravens, or at least to snag a wild-card spot, and I don’t really see Cleveland putting up much of a fight in two of the next four games.

Greg – Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have (pretty) quietly been flying under the radar this season. They are fighting for the AFC North, but have been playing good ball without being noticed. This ‘rivalry’ of these two teams has been extremely one sided, with the Steelers winning 14 of the last 15 against the Browns — make that one more for the Steelers.

More after the jjuuuuummmmp!


One O’clock Games

Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets

Andrew – New York Jets. With Revis taking away Tyler Palko’s best receiving option and well let’s face it, the Chiefs haven’t scored more than 10 points in their last five games. The Jet’s late season push will at least continue through this game.

Greg – New York Jets. The Jets are in must-win mode (again) going towards the playoffs. And while (if they make it) I think they’ll lose in the first round to whoever they play, they will win this game off a few key turnovers. Last week the Redskins made the Jets look dominant, which they are not at all and have a lot of holes to fill.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars

Andrew – Tampa Bay. Ugh, not looking forward to this game. Both have pretty weak defenses and it’s not like either one of these teams are scoring machines. I keep thinking Tampa Bay will flip it around and they keep disappointing me, but once again, my bet is on them.

Greg – Tampa Bay. You know, it’s games like this that make me question who is watching this? Neither team can sell out their stadium. It seems that football in Florida is just dying. One too many teams maybe? Either way, this ‘battle’ will come down to the the Bucs just outplaying the Jags. I haven’t seen anything good from the Jags in a while.

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins

Andrew – New England. The Patriots are being really nice about how serious they are taking this game. Like really really nice. Even the New England reporters are already talking about the Broncos game, but the important thing here is a win will help secure New England’s playoff spot and that’s why the Redskins don’t stand a chance.

Greg – New England Patriots. With a Jets loss, the Pats would clinch the AFC East.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Panthers. Hmm… I really don’t about this. The Falcons aren’t…. what I thought they were going to be considering how well they played last year. I don’t know what’s up with Matt Ryan, but it’s been a rough year. Atlanta should be able to establish the run in the beginning of the game, but Cam Newton can air it out as well as anyone else and can force the ball into Matt Ryan’s inconsistent hands. At this point in the season the Panthers are actually the better team.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. I was thinking about the Falcons last night. For coming into the season with such high expectations, they have really dropped the ball. I do think this week they pick themselves back up and get things back on track against the Panthers.

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Andrew – Baltimore. Well this is an easy one.

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. Doesn’t get much easier for the Colts.

Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Philadelphia. I know, picking the crappy Eagles on the road against what seems to be a pretty tough Miami defense. I’m banking on Michael Vick being healthy and bringing life to an otherwise anemic offense. I also think that when challenged the Eagles defense can respond well, and right now everyone is counting them down and out.

Greg – Philadelphia. I don’t see the Dolphins continuing this streak of good play. I think Vick will get back in there and make some plays to break out of their slump and get a win against the Dolphins.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

Andrew – Detroit. Despite improving through a rather rough rookie season, I don’t see Christian Ponder being the kid that throws the team on his back at this point. Once again, this hinges on Adrian Peterson, if he plays, then this could be close, but if not, then the Lions shouldn’t have a problem with this game.

Greg – Minnesota Vikings. The Lions are coming off a thumping from the hot Saints, while the Vikings are coming in off a tough loss. I think the Vikings rebound on the road and take down the Lions in an upset.

New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – New Orleans – No better offense in the league (including Green Bay), and even though I think New Orleans will win this game, don’t forget what St. Louis and Steven Jackson did against the Saint’s run defense. With the way Chris Johnson is running, I wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends up being harder for the Saints than one might think.

Greg – New Orleans. This team is hot right now. Their offense is clicking, but they have been masked by the success of the Packers and 49ers. Even with Chris Johnson finally running again, I don’t see the Titan’s defense slowing down this offense enough.

Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers

Andrew – Green Bay. Considering how poorly Oakland has been playing recently, I don’t really see them being the team to take down undefeated Green Bay.

Greg – Green Bay Packers. I think there is like a 7% chance Oakland could actually win this game.

Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew – Bengals. Can not believe that the Texans won last game. Just goes to show you how having Andre Johnson back creates more opportunities for everyone else. I would be surprised if T.J. Yates has the same kind of success as he did this last game against a solid Bengals defense. Andy Dalton on the other had has a little bit more experience against playing tough defenses (Ravens, Steelers) and even though they didn’t win, all but one game was competitive. I expect this game to be close, with the Bengals gaining the lead with time to spare.

Greg – Cincinnati Bengals. Ok Texans, you’ve done well the past two weeks without Schaub. But can you keep it going three weeks? The Bengals have been limping there way through division play so will be happy to be at home against another injured team.

Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Broncos. Well with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte out, you can pretty much kiss Chicago’s offense goodbye. I know that the Bears will give Tim Tebow a tough time, but again, look for him to win in a low scoring affair late in the fourth quarter.

Greg – Denver Broncos. The Bears’ offense is pretty much decimated. The Tebow legend grows.

Sunday Afternoon Games

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals 4:05 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Well San Francisco is one of a few teams that has already locked of the division, so even though I’m sure that the 49ers want to keep winning, there is a chance the could rest their starters late in the game and Cardinals come back to win in garbage time. I’m hoping the defense holds tight and this game doesn’t slip from the 49ers, but it’s possible.

Greg – San Francisco. I don’t think the Cardinals really have a chance in this game, but I mean, this could be a good trap game for them!

Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers 4:15 PM

Andrew – San Diego. Philip Rivers couldn’t have been better in their last game. I’m not expecting more of the same from Philip, but on the flip side it’s not like the Bills are making a compelling case for why anyone thinks they should win this game.

Greg – San Diego Chargers. As usual, the Chargers get their SWAG back in December. And with the cross country trip (and horrible play last 5 weeks), the Bills won’t be able to win this one.

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys 8:20 PM

Andrew – New York Giants. My bet here is that the Cowboys crumble in the last minutes. It should be a good game between heated division rivals. I don’t think the Cowboys are nearly as good as their record may indicate and realistically the NFC East is just embarrassing.

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. This game could decide the NFC East! But I’m going with the home team because I think the Cowboys (right now) are the better team. The Giants are coming off a disappointing loss to the Packers, which they had a lot of emotion going into, look for a drop.

MON, DEC 12 TIME (ET) 8:30 PM

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Andrew – Seattle. Both teams are totally worthless at this moment. Almost all star players in this game are injured. How is this the Monday night game?!

Greg – Seattle. Home team, who cares. My Monday is free!


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