NFL Week 12 Predictions!

23 Nov
Week 12
THU, NOV 24 TIME (ET)Thanksgiving Day Games!

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions 12:30 PMAndrew – Green Bay. Finally this looks to be an exciting Thanksgiving day football game that involves the Lions. The Lions were able to beat the Packers last year when Green Bay had a couple of injuries, including knocking out Aaron Rodgers (for like the third time that year), and their offense has only gotten better under a finally healthy Matthew Stafford. Both teams will be lacking a solid/consistent ground game that will help wear down the opposing defense, so if it comes down to the passing attack, my bet is on Aaron Rodgers, who won’t throw the interceptions that Cam Newton did to allow the Lions back in the game.

Greg – Detroit Lions. I saw a post the other day that Mike McCarthy does not care about being perfect this year, and will probably rest players soon. While no one will be resting for this game (except all of America while eating turkey), I think the Lions will play up for this game. It’s a huge one for them. National television, finally a semi-respectable team — this game should be won by the Packers, but I think the Lions pull it out.

Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys 4:15 PM

Andrew – Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are coming off an over time victory against division rivals on the road, which can be both exhausting and exhilarating for a team, where as the Dolphins have seemingly turned their losing ways around and are now crushing other terrible teams. Tony Romo is by far the best QB the Dolphins will have played since the last game they lost against Eli Manning and the Giants. The Cowboys also have a better defense than any of the three teams that the Dolphins have beat as well, so over all, Cowboys are the better team and are at home = winning.

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. Look out everyone, but Miami has been crushing their opponents the past 3 weeks, easily outscoring them. Has this offense finally found something? Well probably not, because I think the Cowboys beat them pretty easily. The Cowboys are the better team and are starting to get hot on their way to the top of the NFC East — and no one messes with Romo in November.

San Francisco at Baltimore 8:20 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. History tells us that the Ravens will lose the game after their big division game. Enter in San Francisco. Actually,  I think this game will be pretty close and should again be fun to watch, both teams have top premier defenses, as well as some what inconsistent offenses. It’ll be kind of awkward for either brother to go to their parent’s 50th anniversary the very next day!

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. This Ravens team is impossible to predict. But I think at home, on a short week with SanFran traveling to the east coast, they pull out a huge win against the 49ers. I am really intrigued by this game and I think it should be the best of the day. Brother vs Brother!

The rest of the picks after the jump…AND A CHEERLEADER!
SUN, NOV 27 TIME (ET)Sunday, Early Afternoon Games

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. Risky I know, but I’m under the impression that Andre Johnson will be full go, which in principle should open some things up for Arian Foster. Leinart has starting experience, so it’s not like he’s the worst back up in town, and if he learned anything from Kurt Warner it’s throw it deep to your best receiver.Greg – Jacksonville Jaguars. I would pick Houston…if they had a good backup quarterback. It really couldn’t come at a worse time, just as Houston had the #1 seed, they will most likely begin to collapse. But just hand the ball off to Arian Foster and this game will at least be close with the ineptitude of consistency on offense by the Jags.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets 1:00 PM

Andrew – New York Jets. I keep picking the Jets thinking that they will bounce back, and they keep falling on their face. This is a game that they can easily win as everyone now realizes the Bills were never that good of a team to begin with. I know Sanchez will probably throw his fair share of interceptions, which is what kept the Bills in the first couple of games, but I also think the Jets defense will come out to prove they are still an elite squad (though they haven’t been playing much like it). I imagine this game to be pretty sloppy all around.

Greg – NY Jets. If the Jets lose this game and Sanchez has a bad game, let the benching rumors start! The Jets are fighting for their playoff life in this game, they are now 3 games behind division leaders New England and hold no tie breakers with them. Meanwhile Buffalo is reeling after a great start. Both teams are in a MUST win situation, but I think the Jets have just enough to get by and win this one.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati. The Bengals defense will be sure to keep the Browns from putting up more then 10 points in this game, and with Cedric Benson healthy after his suspension, I can’t see any reason for the Bengals to not have an effective run game that will help keep the Browns defense off balance.

Greg – Cincinnati. Man are the Bengals glad to be done with those other tough division games! Onto Cleveland. The Bengals should whip them up pretty good.

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. I think I would have been inclined to pick the Vikings for the first time in a while had Adrian Peterson not gotten injured last week. Even if he’s in the game, he may not be as effective as he normally is, which will lead to problems for Ponder. Even though the Vikings have a solid defense, if Ponder can’t sustain drives, it could end up being a long game for the Vikings defenders.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. I think this is one of the few weeks I haven’t picked the Vikings. I still think they are a great team, but with a questionable AP and Ponder who keeps throwing red zone interceptions (come on!), the Falcons should win this one pretty easily.

Arizona at St. Louis 1:00 PM

Andrew – St. Louis. Everyone knows that the Arizona win over Philadelphia was a fluke, and happened only because Andy Ried was too freaking lazy to change his offensive calls after they traded Kevin Kolb. I don’t expect much from Arizona here.

Greg – St Louis. Yeah I mean, I’ll just go with the home team here.

Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. The Colts should be excited at the prospect of a porous Panthers defense, as should Cam Newton be equally excited about the terrible Colts defense. I imagine Cam having a career day rushing and passing and don’t think he will throw the interceptions that cost the Panthers the game against the Lions.

Greg – Carolina. Man this one is tough, this is one of the few games left that the Colts actually have a chance to win. But I don’t see enough speed on their defense to contain Cam from free running all over them. And if the game is close late, do you trust any quarterback on the Colts’ sideline?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Tennessee. Good cop, bad cop AMIRIGHT!? I’ve actually flip flopped on this pick a few times. Both teams are middle of the pack on offense (except for the Titans who are last in the league in rushing, eat that Chris Johnson), but the Buccaneers defense have quietly had an awful season. If Hasselbeck is healthy enough, I think this game goes to the home team.

Greg – Tampa Bay. This one is a toss up I think. Both these teams (like almost all of the NFL this year) are inconsistent. But I think Tampa has enough to get by in this close game.

Sunday, Late Afternoon Games

Chicago at Oakland 4:05 PM

Andrew – Oakland. Carson Palmer is starting to pan out in Oakland while in Chicago, Jay Culter, who was having a pretty solid season, is now out for the next 5 or so weeks. I think the Raiders could get tripped up on defense if they stack the box too much against Forte, as Chicago’s speedy receivers can quickly get deep into the secondary, but overall I think if they just manage the game, the Raiders will come out on top.

Greg – Oakland Raiders. With Cutler out, the Bears are in trouble. With as much hate as that guy receives, he is the key to their offense. On the Raiders, Palmer is starting to actually be a quarterback! I think the Raiders will win this game off of THIS GUY’s mistakes. That is, unless the Bears go sign Orton real quick.

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks 4:05 PM

Andrew – Washington. Washington has a history of losing to the Seahawks. The Redskins also can’t seem to win any games this year. If they are going to win another road game this season, this is it. If Rex places as well as he did against Dallas (meaning only one or two turnovers), the Redskins should be able to squeak this game out.

Greg – Seattle Seahawks. I will never again pick the Redskins this season. They just have too many injuries, quarterback issues, offense issues in general, troublesome defense, the list goes on. While almost all that can be said of the Seahawks also – they are the home team and are coming off two impressive wins. In a close one, Seahawks win.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers 4:15 PM

Andrew – San Diego. What is wrong with these two teams!? The Broncos should not be winning the way they are, and the Chargers should not be losing this way. If the Chargers even want to be considered the biggest bust of 2011, they need to win this game.

Greg – Denver Broncos. So this Tebow experiment is going pretty well for Denver. He could very well play them into the playoffs..can you imagine. I actually love it though so far, spread offense, read options! It’s Florida all over again! But good for him, bad for their receivers, because they almost never get it. San Diego is just having a downfall here. This game could decide who goes to the playoffs and wins that division! Either way, it’s a toss up, but I’m going with the hot hand in Tebow.

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles 4:15 PM

Andrew – New England. Vince Young did well against the Giants in his first game back as a starter… with a little help from his defense, but they won and that’s what matters. If the Eagles were healthy (meaning Vick and DeSean Jackson) then this game would seriously test the Patriot’s bend but don’t break defensive strategy. Since those key play makers may be out for this game (or at least not 100%), I’m going with the more consistent winning team here, the Patriots.

Greg – New England. Brady should come out extremely focused for this game early on.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs 8:20 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Can’t play bad cop on this one. Steelers are coming off a late bye week are pretty rested up. Steelers defense is always a good bet, and the Chiefs just don’t have the offensive weapons to really test them. Very little hope for Kansas to win this.

Greg – Pittsburgh. I’m surprised this game didn’t get ‘flexed’ out. Two straight weeks of Kansas City under the lights…can’t…wait. Pittsburgh will cruise in this game.


New York Giants at New Orleans Saints 8:30 PM

Andrew – New Orleans. One of New York’s strengths is the defensive line’s ability to consistently get to the quarterback… but when the Quarterback is Drew Brees and he gets the ball out of his hands in less than 3 seconds, it’s a bit harder to do. This should be a good game, and I’m trying to think of how the Giants might win it, but I just don’t see them putting up the points against a team that is rested and has had extra time to prepare.

Greg – New Orleans Saints. The Giants are coming off a huge loss last week and need to win this game to keep the Cowboys at bay! But they are walking into Saints night. Not an easy task to win there. The Saints offense should pick apart the injured secondary of the Giants. I expect Eli to play well, but not good enough to win with another key turnover in the red zone likely. Saints win by 2 scores.


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  1. Becky November 25, 2011 at 12:12 am #

    Does Genesis not play this game anymore?

  2. Grego November 26, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Yeah he sure did. When reached for comment, he just kind of turned away to the tv and mumbled something.

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