NFL Week 11 Predictions!

16 Nov

Into the final weeks of the season, pretty crazy. Let’s check in on the stats!

Andrew — 93-49 (64% correct)

Greg — 87-49 (60% correct)

Genesis — 0-145 (0% correct) – You’ll get one buddy!


Week 11

New York Jets at Denver 8:20 PM

Andrew – New York. This is interesting, if Denver wins, then they have the same record as the Jets. The power of Tebow compels them! But realistically, I think the Jets are good enough at stopping the run to place well against the option. There is enough on film and if they don’t want to review their quarterback and headcoach situation, then they’ll have to pull this game out.

Greg – New York. I’m kind of pulled in both directions on this pick. I still don’t think the Jets are very good, but maybe that Pats loss will be a wake up call? The Tebow era has gone better than expected I think, even if he only completed one pass last week..crazy..they are still winning/competing. I think this will be a very interesting game, and a MUST win for the Jets.


One o’clock games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers

Andrew – Green Bay. I like the Bucs. I really do, but they play too inconsistently, and more importantly, Green Bay looks like they have no intention on losing any games this season.

Greg – Green Bay. Could be a possible trap game, the game will be close as the Bucs will play up to the Packers, but the Bucs just aren’t a very good team overall.

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

Andrew – Detroit. The past couple weeks have been rough to both teams. I’m sure both would like to get back to the ways that made them successful (in the Panther’s case, just putting up insane passing totals). I’d still like to see the Panthers turn a corner and maybe finish the season strong…. but I don’t think it will be this particular game, as the Panthers will have a hard time with the Lion’s passing attack.

Greg – Detroit Lions. The Lions are coming off a pretty rough game last week, with a few rough hits/fights. But they will bounce back this week against the Panthers pretty easily.

The rest of the picks after the jump!! And a cheerleader pic!

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

Andrew – Jacksonville. And then there is this game. I’m relying on Jacksonville’s defense to hold the lackluster Brown’s offense to as few points as possible. Not that I have a lot of faith in Jacksonville’s offense to overcome the few points that the Brown’s may score, but there is definitely a higher probability of that happening over the Browns blowing up the Jaguar’s defense.

Greg – Jacksonville. I’m pretty sure the Browns are just out there every week now. They’re not really THERE, they’re just there. The Jags should be able to force a few turnovers and end this one before half.

Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons

Andrew – Atlanta. The Falcons seem like they still haven’t turned the corner when it comes to beating the elite teams, despite playing well in their overtime loss to the Saints, which is not to say the Titans are an elite team, but I do think they could cause some problems for the Falcons. I’m going with the home team on this one, but if Chris Johnson and Matt Hasselbeck both continue to improve, this could go sore for Atlanta fans.

Greg – Atlanta. Even with the reemergence of Chris Johnson (can we say that after 1 good week though?), I’ll have to go with Falcons who continue to improve, despite losing to the Saints last week. The Falcons need to win this game, to be considered an elite team, they must beat the teams they are expected to — and I expect them to do just that.

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Oakland. Remember when people thought the Vikings were going to come out and some how magically beat the Green Bay Packers? What was that all about!? I have been impressed by Oakland’s resolve to continue to win despite losing some key pieces. Carson Palmer will probably continue to throw picks, but they’ll be less costly than his first few, and in time he’ll be back to a top ten quarterback in the league. I can’t say the same for Christian Ponder… (at this time).

Greg – Minnesota. If in Oakland, yeah I’d probably pick the Raiders, but it’s in Vikings country baby!! I think the Vikings should win, learning a few things from the Packers. Ponder seems to be a pretty good draft pick and a good quarterback of the future. Carson Palmer on the other hand might be getting the Raiders offense, but I still think he’s in preseason mode. Vikings squeak this one out.

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Buffalo. This is a perfect opportunity for Miami to prove they’re not as bad as everyone thought they were, and that the Bills in fact are as bad as I have been raving about. But much like the women of the city, we all know what Miami likes to do when given a perfect opportunity (blow them). I think this game will be competitive for a bit, and then the Bills offensive prowess gets back on track and pulls out (just in time) the victory. (Not entirely sure where all the sexual references are coming from).

Greg – Buffalo Bills. Miami is a really bad team. While they have figured out somewhat of an offense (just throw the ball to Brandon Marshall as much as possible, duh), they still have issues moving the ball consistently. And with their defense against the Bills offense, I don’t see how they could stay in this game.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Andrew – Dallas. The Redskins typically play “up” for big games and especially division games, so while I feel like the Redskins COULD make a game of this, the fact of the matter is right now the offense sucks so bad, that there is no chance in hell they’ll win. The Dallas defense front will just eat Rex Grossman alive, force him into error after error after error (and so on), until possibly we see Beck again, and then the media and fans will rub Shanahan’s reputation quote in his face, like that haven’t been doing since ooohh… week one?

Greg – Dallas. I picked the Redskins last week for the 2nd time all season. I will never make that mistake again. Dallas rolls. If the Redskins change their quarterback again, one of the Shanahan’s should instantly be fired.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Andrew – Baltimore. I imagine this to be a low scoring affair, as both defenses will cause issues for the opposing offenses, so with this in mind, I’m going with the more well rounded offense, despite Baltimore’s previous offensive woes.

Greg – Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens have been off a bit the past couple of weeks. I think they will come out better, but I believe the Bengals can win this game. Going into Baltimore won’t be easy and I expect a super close game, maybe a late drive by Dalton?!

Afternoon Games

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – San Francisco. I could say a lot about the Cardinals and how much I hate them for beating the Eagles last week, but I’ll hold out because I know they’ll get the beating they don’t deserve, but need, in this game.

Greg – San Francisco. How about this team huh? Are they headed towards the NFC Championship game this year to lose to the Packers? SanFran should roll in this game.

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams  4:05 PM

Andrew – St. Louis. Once again, both teams get a quick sigh of relief as they probably feel they are finally playing a team with each other’s skill set. I’m going with the home team that has the better ability to control the game clock, but neither team really stands apart from the other.

Greg – St Louis. Seattle only can win at home, and the Rams have to win some games eventually right? Both these teams have a lot of work to do, remember when the Seahawks were in the playoffs?!

San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears

Andrew – Chicago. The story line for this game should be “THE BATTLE OF QUARTERBACKS THAT EVERYONE SERIOUSLY HATES”. I was doubting the Bears, but after last week’s performance and the Chargers special teams issues, this game could have punts only and the Bears will win. Jay Cutler seems to have found a rhythm with his receivers and until Cutler has his expected, but unpredictable, terrible game, I’m sticking with the Bears.

Greg – San Diego. The Bears got a big win last week, but I don’t see that offensive explosion carrying over against the Chargers. The Chargers only play up to teams, which they will do for this one and will beat the Bears by 2 scores off of some Cutler turnovers (he’s overdue for a bunch).

Sunday Night Game

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants 8:20 PM

Andrew – New York. The real issue for the Giants has always laid squarely on Eli Manning’s shoulders, but now, he seems to have moved past his fumbling bumbling ways, and is leading his team to victories week after week. Even if Vick was healthy, the Eagle’s offensive line is so porous that the Giants would just have their way with them. I definitely don’t see the Eagles pulling off any kind of upset in this game.

Greg – New York Giants. No Vick in this game right? Eli is having a career best year and the Giants have a chance to run away with the NFC East here. I expect them to put this one away early, as long as Eli is smart with the ball. The only way they lose this game is if he turns the ball over 2+ times.


Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots 8:30 PM

Andrew – Patriots. The Chiefs don’t have a passing attack strong enough to really test the weak Patriots secondary so they’ll never really be able compete with New England’s ability to score early and often. That’s all I have to say about that.

Greg – New England. It’s sad that Cassel doesn’t get to make his return to New England, we all still love you and wish you well. Thank you for a great year — but your backup is pretty bad.

·Bye: Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Houston


2 Responses to “NFL Week 11 Predictions!”

  1. klownboy November 16, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    I’m picking the Bengals to shock the Ravens on the road Sunday. GO STEELERS!!!

    • Grego November 16, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

      I like your style. I hope they win, going out on a limb here!

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