NFL Week 9 Predictions!

6 Nov
Week 9

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew – Kansas City. What a game to start our picks with huh? I couldn’t care less about this crappy game. Chiefs have been playing well and are on top of their terrible division.

Greg – Kansas City. Couldn’t have said it better Andrew. Chiefs SHOULD win this game easily, but will probably play down to the Dolphins and it will be close til the 4th.

Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – Atlanta. Anyone really think the Colts have a chance in this game? I didn’t think so.

Greg – Atlanta. The Colts just are not good this year, I don’t think they’ll go 0-16, but if Peyton is close to coming back in week 16 and they are 0-15, does he come in? Just some food for thought because this game won’t be close.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Andrew – Tampa Bay. I kind of feel like this is a bit of a gamble, but if LeGarrette Blount is 100% then, well, I’ll just say, we saw how well the Saints run defense is holding up. The last time they played (week 6), Earnest Graham put up 100+ yards himself, so I think together they could have a monster game. NFC South is interesting….

Greg – New Orleans. Yeah the NFC South is a strange division, are the Bucs good? I guess we’ll find out today, but I don’t see the Bucs winning twice against the Saints the same year. Saints win and they split the series.

The rest of the picks after the jump!!

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – New York Jets. Uh, yeah I don’t know. Once again, the Bills aren’t as good as they seem, but the team seems to be playing extremely well as a unit, and when the offense isn’t getting the job done, the defense has found ways to create enough turnovers to win the game. On the other hand, the Jets haven’t played at the high level that they went into the season anticipating, but in the past they have gotten better towards the end of the season. Basically, I’m banking on the Jets using this game to get hot to close out the season.

Greg – New York Jets. The Bills have a great atmosphere at home now and it’s pretty crazy that they sit atop the AFC East right now. If the Jets win this game, the AFC East becomes a jumbled mess again. I think both teams are overrated and need to stop winning, but the Jets will finally figure some things out and will give Fitzpatrick problems.

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Dallas. I’ll say this, the Seahawks’ record is 2-5 and they are 2nd in their division. That is ridiculous. Dallas is pretty banged up, but I still think their defense will be able to keep the Seahawks out of the end zone enough for big D to win this one.
Greg – Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has been starting to show signs that they COULD be a decent team. So going into this game, they should win easily. However, it’s the Cowboys, do they ever make it easy on their fans? It will be a close game until the 2nd half, when the Cowboys get some defensive turnovers to put this one away.

Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans

Andrew – Houston. The Browns have like one or two bright spots on defense, and that’s about it. I expect the Texans to control this game all the way through.

Greg – Houston Texans. The Texans love to play down to teams, but this season they might be different. Houston wins comfortably. The Browns will be good some year right?

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

Andrew -San Francisco. Remember when the Redskins put up zero points against one of the worst defenses in the league? Yeaa that was last week…… so things aren’t looking up when they go up against one of the toughest defenses in the league. Normally, I would say things like “oh the trip across the country is tough,” and “the home team has an advantage,” but to be honest, the Redskins don’t stand chance here. And to all the people that are saying this could be a trap game for the 49ers – screw off.

Greg – San Francisco. Wow did you read Andrew’s pick!? How do I follow that?

Afternoon Games

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans 4:05 PM

Andrew – Tennessee. Ahhh I don’t know, Chris Johnson isn’t doing much, and I don’t expect him to do much against the tough Bengals defense, but Tim Hasselbeck has had a pretty good season, and I expect him to only get better as he becomes more comfortable with the system. Home team pick here.

Greg – Cincinnati. The Bengals are good guys! This is crazy!! The Titans just have too many question marks this season. Chris Johnson is quickly becoming the biggest fantasy bust this season too.

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders 4:05 PM

Andrew – Oakland. This will be a slop game without McFadden to destroy the Broncos, but in general I expect the Raiders to play well off their bye week. I think their defense will take a note from the Lions game, and pressure Tebow into making mistakes and ruining the game for all Broncos fans.

Greg – Denver Broncos. Tebow has his awful game out of the way now so he can get back to doing what he does now — WIN BABY WIN! (too soon?) — I think this is a risky pick, but I see the Broncos getting things together.

New York Giants at New England Patriots 4:15 PM

Andrew – New England. They haven’t lost a game at home in blah blah blah. There are many reasons why New England can win this game, but I think it will be closer than everyone expects. Eli Manning is quietly having a solid season, and hasn’t been turning the ball over nearly as much as he is prone to. Also, if you look at the games they’ve played this year, the Pats two loses have come against teams that have been throwing the ball well and testing the Pats loosey-goosey secondary. I don’t know, Pats can definitely win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants came in and upset New England.

Greg – New England. God New England’s defense is awful, if there was only a way to express my frustration on here. However, this would be the type of game for them to all of a sudden show up — I predict 2 turnovers and a close game win for the Pats. It helps that the Giants are so banged up too.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals 4:15 PM

Andrew – St. Louis. The Rams have to be feeling good about that win over New Orleans. Even without Sam Bradford, it’s pretty hard to mess up a game when Steven Jackson goes crazy on the field like that. I’m expecting more of the same, and the Cardinals will once again be searching for an answer that they won’t be able to find.

Greg – St Louis. No Kolb in this one (could be good/bad) — but the Rams come in with their new shiny receiver Brandon Lloyd who should be worked in more.

Green Bay Packers at San Diego Chargers

Andrew – Green Bay. Does San Diego have a defense or an offense? That was a huge must win game for them last week and they couldn’t do anything to pull off the win. I don’t see them stopping Green Bay, or putting up the numbers to contend with them.

Greg – San Diego. This is my wild and crazy pick for the week. The Chargers will play fired up for this one, I’m really interested in seeing how this game plays out though. It’s key that the Chargers are still in the game by halftime.

Sunday Night Game

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers  8:20 PM

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Honestly, I think Pittsburgh wants to avenge that big lose in the first game, and they smell blood with Baltimore seemly anemic on offense. Big Ben has been on top of his game the past couple weeks and barring anything totally crazy, I think the Steelers will wrap this game up with time to spare.

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. Here come the Steelers…off an emotional win against the Pats…into another game they need to get up for. They’ll play tired early on and the Ravens will take advantage to take an early lead and not give it up.


Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles 8:30 PM

Andrew – Philadelphia. This hopefully should be a good game, both teams have a lot of potential that seems to come out in bursts. Matt Forte could cause a lot of headaches for the Eagles run defense, but I think the combination of Vick and LeSean McCoy will be too much for Chicago to handle.

Greg – Philadelphia. I originally wrote the Bears on here, but then I actually thought about it. The Eagles are a hot team right now, I don’t see the Bears slowing them down enough to keep up and in this game.

·Bye: Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, Jacksonville


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