NFL Week 8 Predictions!

30 Oct

Andrew had his worst week ever at 6-7 and Greg chugged along at 9-4. Last week was, without a doubt, the worst week of football I have ever seen in my life. Now onto this week.

Week 8

Arizona at Baltimore 1:00 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. Baltimore plays better at home, but wozers is their offense in some trouble. I’m not expecting much from Arizona in this game, but I think Baltimore might want to think about making this a statement game so people don’t start really dogging on them.

Greg – Baltimore. So that MNF game as a fluke right? What the heck was that Baltimore?! But I do think they will bounce back to take over the weak and diminishing Cardinals easily.

Minnesota at Carolina 1:00 PM

Andrew – Carolina. Hmm… if Cam Newton can continue to not turn over the ball, this is going to a team to be contended with. Their offensive line is one of the best in the league and should keep him off his back. Ponder played well in his start against Green Bay, but now with some tape on him, coaches might be able to throw him off his game.

Greg – Minnesota. I have picked Minnesota almost every week, so I guess I should stick with them and hope that Ponder keeps looking good. I wonder what they would have been at if he had started the whole season..

Jacksonville at Houston 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. Houston has emerged as a well rounded team this year, as Arian Foster has proved that he wasn’t a one year wonder. Even if Jacksonville’s defense steps up again this week, don’t expect the same low scoring result against the Texans.

Greg – Houston. Jacksonville’s defense looked unbeatable last week! Where did that come from!? But you know what else I noticed? Their offense is horrible. Houston’s offense on the other hand is figuring things out (aka Arian Foster turned it on). I don’t think the Jaguar’s offense can keep up with the Texans.

Miami at NY Giants 1:00 PM

Andrew – New York Giants.  The Dolphins are so awful. It has to be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Greg – NY Giants. Miami is a pretty bad team — letting Tebow come back and beat you with 3 minutes to go is bad. The Giants should roll in this one — and then Tony Sparano will get fired (he just put his house up for sale)

New Orleans at St. Louis 1:00 PM

Andrew – New Orleans. Once agian, poor Rams. How hard is their schedule. The definitely don’t stand any kind of chance in this game, especially with Sam Bradford still out this week. I don’t know what happened to this team this year, but I think it’s more accurate to say that last year a was a total fluke.

Greg – New Orleans. I don’t think they will have the same offensive explosion they did Sunday night, but I don’t see how St Louis could win this game, man their schedule is tough.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Tennessee. People have been calling for it all season long, but if Chris Johnson can’t get it together against this pathetic Colts team, then I’m considering his season to be pretty much a bust.

Greg – Tennessee. Those poor Colts. Do you think they will fire their coach this season too? They just have collapsed. I think they could hang with the Titans though and make it interesting, but not enough as the Titans pull away in the 3rd.

Detroit at Denver 4:05 PM

Andrew – Detroit. Back to back losses for the Lions isn’t going to sit well, and just in time too, to upset Tim Tebow’s other home coming celebration. I’m pretty sure Tebow is going to throw a pick or two and absolutely flounder out there. For all four quarters this time.

Greg – Detroit. Well Tebow is going to have quite the welcome party when he gets back on Sunday! Maybe they’ll even be playing in the snow! But I don’t see Denver winning this one, I think Tebow will give the Lions some trouble at first of overpursuing. This game also depends on if Stafford plays, which he says right, his ankle is ‘ok’ — we’ll see.

Washington at Buffalo 4:05 PM

Andrew – Buffalo. The Redskins are too injured in their secondary to prevent the Rams from scoring quickly and often. I liked the way John Beck played for most of the game against Carolina, but if his receivers don’t step up in place of the injured offensive weapons (Moss and Cooley aka the leading pass receivers for the past like 5 years), then this game will be yet another sloppy sad outing by the Redskins.

Greg – Buffalo Bills. NO ONE CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS! Coming off the bye week, at home, Redskins have like 20 injuries — apologies to Mr. Rice, but how can I pick them?!

Cincinnati at Seattle 4:15 PM

Andrew – Cincinnati. Best defense in the league baby! Remember when the Seahawks put up 3 points against the Browns? That was awful.

Greg – Seattle Seahawks. Oh God not more games like this.

Cleveland at San Francisco 4:15 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Everything points to San Francisco winning this game, but I swear this is the game where they could stumble. Don’t think it’ll happen, since Cleveland could only muster up 6 in their victory over the pathetic Seahawks, but you never know!

Greg – San Francisco. I would assume, but who knows this year, but SanFran should win this game pretty easily. Cleveland looked pretty awful last week.

New England at Pittsburgh 4:15 PM

Andrew – New England. Pittsburgh has the number one ranked pass defense. The Patriots have the number one ranked offense. Something has to give, and I say it’s the the Steelers in this game.

Greg – New England. Brady and crew go for their fifth straight win against the Steelers..

Dallas at Philadelphia 8:20 PM

Andrew – Philadelphia. I’m pretty excited for this game. I think it’ll be a good match up of defense strength and offensive fire power. This will be a close game, and could even go into over time, with the Eagles squeaking one out.

Greg – Philadelphia. I would think that coming off the bye week and at home, the Eagles will be rested and ready to take down the Cowboys. Dallas has shown signs that they are figuring out their defense and Ryan’s techniques are starting to work. Let’s find out together! But I think the Eagles win this game (close though).


San Diego at Kansas City 8:30 PM

Andrew – San Diego. First off, remember how inept Kansas City was just a few weeks ago. Secondly, who would have thought that this game would determine who the leader was in the AFC West. Thirdly, how shitty is the AFC West!? I mean we knew it was bad, and has been bad, but you would really think the Chargers would have been able to maintain their dominance over this division for ever. Anyway, long story short, if San Diego wants to remain competitive in the league, they need to be able to win games like these.

Greg – Kansas City. San Diego should be undefeated..and go undefeated every year. Their offense is stacked. They have 2 great running backs. Just throw the ball up every play, they’re all 7 feet tall. But they aren’t. They somehow find a way to lose games. Kansas City will be up for this game and they are coming in hot. Close game, but the Chiefs pull it out!

·Bye: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, Oakland, NY Jets, Tampa Bay


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