The Curse of the Bmore Pirate Cruise

24 Oct

Arrrgh, forget the Black Pearl and port of Tortuga! Landlubbers  be warned that a more fierce ship and terrifying crew patrol the waters of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. No waterfront store is safe when the Fearless and her drunk deckhands sail into port firing water cannons and terrorizing tourists. Some cowardly codfish run for cover while other scallywags stay put to tempt the mischievous crew. Yet the Fearless is always victorious  and celebrates with music, dancing and (of course) lots of rum.

Led by the Urban Pirates, the Fearless has very few rules while out at sea; be the best pirate ye can be, party hard like pirates do and ALWAYS finish all the rum. Follow the pirate’s code and ye be in for a night of swashbuckling fun. The Kibitzers crew proved their sea legs and dare any of you scurvy dogs to see if ye has what it takes to man the cannons, search for booty and live the pirates life!


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