NFL Week 7 Predictions!

20 Oct
Well we finally tallied up our picks so far from this season! And we’re doing pretty good (minus my first week where I didn’t pick 10 games..) But so far Andrew leads at 65-23 (72%!!), Greg at 53-27 (59%), And Genesis at 0-90 (0%). Here are our picks this week!
Week 7Bye: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM Games

San Diego Chargers at New York Jets

Andrew – San Diego. Yes, the Miami/Jets score indicates that the Jets are back, but don’t forget they were 0 for 4 on 3rd downs, and only 10 yards on offense for the first quarter. The Jet’s first first down was in the second quarter with less than 6 minutes left. That’s pretty darn bad. If the Chargers defense can keep Sanchez rattled and making poor throws, this should be a pretty easy game for them to win on the road.

Greg – San Diego. How about that drama this week with the coaches! This is the year of the coach  drama I guess! Either way, I’m not comfortable picking the Chargers coming across the country, but the Jets are not good. Yes, they might have a record that looks respectable, but in all honesty, they cannot run the ball, they cannot pass the ball, they cannot stop the run (but they do have Revis!). They can do none of those things consistently..but either can the Chargers. So this is really a toss up I think, but Chargers pull away in the 4th.

Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew – Tampa Bay. Hmm… kind of a toss up I think. Bucs just put it up hard against the Saints, but this is another tough test for them. I’m giving the edge to the home team, but not by much since they’re not at home… they are in London.

Greg – Chicago Bears. What a win by the Bucs last week! What an emotional high!! That will lead to an out of division emotional drop and loss against the Bears.

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Washington. IN JOHN BECK WE BELIEVE!!! We Believe!!!! We….. believe….. In….John… Beck…. we….. oh shit.

Greg – Carolina. I think this game could go either way really — the only reason I’m going with the Panthers is because Beck is starting. While he did show signs of being a good quarterback with a strong arm, he hasn’t started a game since 2007. If Rex was starting (which I think he should have been), I would have gone with the ‘Skins. Toss up on this one.

Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions

Andrew – Detroit. Another tough test for the Lions. This will certainly make them a big time favorite if they can keep the Falcons down. I think they’ll come back from their tough lost to San Francisco and win, but it could still be very very close.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. I think the Falcons are finally figuring out their offense on a consistent basis, but if the Lions win this game, I won’t be shocked (first time I’ve ever written that).

The rest of the picks after the jump!
Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns

Andrew – Seattle. I bet you both teams are kind of like “oh phheeeewww”. I know this game could go either way, but I just like the way Seattle has been able to hang with some of the bigger/better teams this year. I think they’ll show that they’re not quite as bad as their record indicates.

Greg – Seattle. Yeah I mean, I don’t know/care.

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Denver. There’s not much the Dolphins can do against the Savior of Denver, Miami, and possibly the world, the guy is just a winner. If Matt Moore keeps throwing it to the best corner on the team (not to mention one of the top in the league), the Dolphins are in for another long game. I don’t think this will be a particularly good game, but it’s a good game for Tebow to start in.

Greg – Denver. If Tebow wins this game, he should just retire, he won’t be higher than this moment for a while. He’s had two weeks to prepare for the weak defense of Miami so he SHOULD be ready. But I could just as easily see him turning the ball over 4 times and being confused.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Houston. Another close game. I really can’t make up my mind. If Houston was totally healthy, then yeah they would definitely win right now. But they’re pretty banged up and the two players that really set the pace on Offense and Defense are still out (although at the time of writing this A. Johnson still hasn’t been officially ruled out, he’s coming of injury regardless). I also think that that Titans kind of have their back up against the wall. If they don’t pull their running game together and get their defense to play better, they’re not going to do anything this season. So right now, I’m saying that’s a big if and the Titans won’t do any of that and they’ll lose.

Greg – Houston. When is Chris Johnson going to start playing? This season he has 83 carries for 250 yards and 1 touchdown. That’s embarrassing (for him at least). I think Houston will come out, correct some mistakes from last week and pull out the away win.

Late Afternoon Games

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

Andrew – Oakland Raiders. Before Jason Campbell went down, I was tempted to make this my lock of the week. Yes, I’m aware that the Raiders got Carson Palmer, and I’m also aware that he worked with Hue Jackson in the past and is familiar with the scheme… but he hasn’t played/practiced in a while, and the last couple seasons, he really hasn’t been as good as people make him out to be. ‘05 – ‘07 were really his best years, and since then it’s been kind of down hill. But then I thought, wait, it doesn’t really matter who the QB is since they barely throw the ball anyway. Their defense is solid, and they run the hell out of the ball. See ya never Chiefs!

Greg – Kansas City. Carson Palmer is starting. Look for some false starts, mistimed plays, and an out of breath quarterback. I think this game will be close, but the Chiefs will pull it out near the end of the game with some ridiculous play that could only happen to these two teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals

Andrew – Pittsburgh. Arizona just isn’t that solid of a team. I can’t say it’s all Kevin Kolb’s fault, but apparently the Eagles are really good at making their QBs look amazing, and then trading them away for bundles of draft picks. Either way, the Steelers shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this road game.

Greg – Arizona. This team started out looking like they might be pretty decent, and now have just fallen into obscurity again. The Steelers are having a down year by their standards. I’m mainly picking the Cardinals because I figured they can’t be THAT bad right? I feel like they are better than their record (and when will Fitz get fed up and leave??). Close game either way.

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Green Bay. Not an easy game to start Christian Ponder, as I’m not sure if he gives the Vikings any additional edge that Donovan McNabb wouldn’t have in this game, but I also understand the move. Either way, the Green Bay’s defense game plan stays the same – stop the run, put the ball in the hands of the QB, and then blitz like crazy once you’re up by 20. I know the Vikings are pretty good on defense, and can get to the quarterback, but Aaron Rodgers is just playing at a totally different level right now, and I don’t see him slowing down for this game at all.

Greg – Green Bay. Well that stinks for Ponder. Kid def has talent, big tall guy to throw over top. They did work in Percy Harvin more last week, which they need to do A LOT more of if they want to do anything against their ‘rivals’ Green Bay. I just think Green Bay has too many weapons for this game and too strong a defense for a rookie. I will be rooting for the Vikings though!

St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew – Dallas. I know that Dallas is just as likely to have an epic collapse as much as the Rams could play like a champion caliber team, but I don’t really see all that coming together this Sunday. The Dallas defense is clicking and gets after the quarterback better than most teams. If Sam Bradford’s high ankle sprain limits his mobility in anyway, he’s going to get the stuffing beat out of him.

Greg – Dallas. God I feel bad for the Rams. Thought they would go at least .500 this year, not looking too likely. The Cowboys really blew last weeks game against the Pats. I think they come out more focused and look to go up big early in the game against the Rams.

Sunday Night Football

Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints 8:20 PM

Andrew – New Orleans.  Not much to say here. I mean the Colts are playing better, but not well enough to beat the Saints at this point.

Greg – New Orleans. Oh boy…yeah this one could get pretty ugly pretty quickly. Man I wish we had flex schedule already, because no one will watch this. But it’s good to know my Sunday night is free now!

Monday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars 8:30 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. Same thing at the Colts/Saints game. Yes, the Jaguars are playing better, but no they’re not going to beat the Ravens.

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. Yeah, God. Why does MNF go to Jacksonville twice this year?! THEY CAN’T EVEN SELL OUT THEIR OWN STADIUM — GREAT CHOICE GUYS. Ravens roll.


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