2011 NFL Week Two Predictions

16 Sep

The Kibitzers after their first week of picks

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that the first predictions post was a bit…. incomplete, obviously, but it’s our first week too (or some other lame unacceptable excuse). Also, while I’m blabbering, those Thursday games really mess me up when I’m trying to write this.

Anyway, I got an early start and there’s not a Thursday game, so no excuses this week. Onward and upwards… on……wards…

(Psst… more after the jump!)

Sunday, SEP 18th 2011 1:00 PM ET Games

Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions

Andrew – Detroit. Of course. What in the world happened to the Chiefs? I haven’t really read up or payed attention to much of that game, but the important thing here is that the Bills destroyed the Chiefs, so the Lions defense alone makes this pick especially easy. The Chiefs defense (especially without Eric Berry now!) made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like a superstar, so expect Matthew Stafford to set some kind of passing record (another one).

Greg – Detroit Lions. I think the Chiefs will def come out stronger than that ..er..performance (?) they gave last week, but the Lions quick defense is going to give Cassel some problems. I still think the Chiefs are an overlooked team and this game should be pretty close, closer than Mr. Brandt seems to believe.

Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills

Andrew – Buffalo. Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I was positive that Denver was going to beat the Raiders (I convinced some stranger of the on the golf course, aaannnd I’m pretty sure he was betting money. Oh well, sucker!). But that doesn’t mean the Raiders have me convinced. A record number of QBs had 300+ passing yards in the first week, and throughout the entire NFL, teams averaged 245 yards…. Jason Campbell had 105 yards, yaayy…. :(, but they won so there’s that. Anyway, the point is the Bills dominated the Chiefs and I really don’t see the Raiders squeaking one out here.

Greg – Buffalo Bills. The Raider have to travel across the country for this one, and you know what that means, never goes well for the cross country traveling teams. With that being said, this game could seriously go either way — but if it goes the way I’m thinking, the Bills will be 2-0?!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew – Tampa Bay. I wanted to make some joke about this game being more interesting if it were between actual Buccaneers and Vikings… but it’s not happening. Anyway, I was loving on the Bucs last year and it looks like either a) teams have figured them out or b) they haven’t gotten in to their rhythm yet (I’m hoping for the latter option). I also think McNabb and Leslie Frazier will eventually get things together for the Vikings but, I’m also kind of hoping they bench him in the middle of a winnable game, and they absorb all of Washington’s QB controversies.   So basically, this could be a coin flip, it just depends on what team gets their shit together first.

Greg – Minnesota Vikings. There is no way that McNabb throws for under 50 yards again. And considering he did that last week and they were STILL in the game til the end, the Vikings should get it together with that wake up call and pull out the win against the Bucs.

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints

Andrew – Chicago. Ok, I ragged on the Bears last weak and they looked aaawwweeeesssomme. So well done Bears, you shut me up (and Atlanta). I’m still a Jay Cutler hater, but to be honest, I don’t think the Saints defense has the personnel to really squeeze Cutler into making enough mistakes to sway the game (I’m sure he’ll throw an interception or two, but I’m counting on the Bear’s Defense stepping up again). Good game for sure. Side note – I originally picked the Saints, so I feel like it’s really just a coin flip.

Greg – New Orleans Saints. Andrew does realize this game is in New Orleans right?! Yes the Bears looks pretty good last week, but if it wasn’t for the self-implosion by the Falcons, that game could’ve been close. The Saints offense just went on a pretty good tear last week while adjusting with some new players. I think the Saints will actually pull away in the fourth quarter of this one.

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

Andrew – Baltimore. Remember all that Steelers/Ravens talk, and all the problems that Joe Flacco and the Ravens have had with the Steelers over the past couple years? Well… long story short here, Tennessee is not nearly the caliber of team that Pittsburgh is, so expect a similar, if not worse beat down on the Titans.

Greg – Baltimore Ravens. Hmm, these Ravens usually start out pretty strong but then get weak throughout the season. And the Titans have…a team? What is going on with them actually? I really don’t know much about that team except the offense is a mess, meanwhile the Ravens looked unstoppable in Week 1, look out for the emotional drop off though!

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – Cleveland. The Browns lost to the what was thought to be the worst team in the league. The Colts were completely ineffective without Peyton Manning, and to be fair, we were expecting that. Who the hell do you pick in this game?  I guess Cleveland, because if the Colts lose to Cleveland, it would be hilariously indicative how far they have fallen.

Greg – Cleveland Browns. Can I really pick the Colts right now?

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets

Andrew – NY Jets. Jacksonville did well to bottle of Chris Johnson and snatch a win from division rivals at home, but they’re just going to be over their head on the road against the Jets. I don’t necessarily think it will be an easy game for the Jets, but New York’s defense will keep Luke McCown confused and out of the endzone, so I don’t see the Jets ever being behind in this game.

Greg – NY Jets. They were SOOO lucky to get out of that Dallas game last week, should be a good motivator for the team and Rex to get things together early and come out strong against a weaker Jags team.

Seattle at Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew – Pittsburgh. First, watch out Seattle, this game is going to be ugly. The Steelers got owned by the Ravens in Baltimore last week, and it’ll feel good for the Steelers to take their frustration out on a team like the pedestrian, soft, weak, pathetic, Seattle Seahawks. Good luck! Don’t believe me? Please watch this, it’s awesome – http://www.steelers.com/video-and-audio/videos/Post-Game-Press-Conferences/a453d961-4ca4-423f-b640-ece864ec6fd6

Greg – Pittsburgh Steelers. I feel kind of bad for the Seahawks in this one, so much disappointment and anger will be unleashed on them. The Steelers head home and I predict a pretty easy win for them.

Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins

Andrew – Redskins. There are a lot of things going on here. One, Tim Hightower really wants to beat Arizona, and I think the team will rally around that. Second, even though the Cardinals threw for over 300 yards like everyone else in the league (again, except for Jason Campbell), they also gave up over 422 to rookie Cam Newton. That is not because Cam Newton is the next best thing to happen to the quarterback position, that is because the Cardinal’s secondary is garbage. Third, the Redskins defense locked down a healthy Giants offense in the second half of the opening game, holding Eli Manning to only 268 passing yards, and the combined rushing attack to only 75 yards. Fourth, the Cardinals are coming West to East, which makes this a tough game. Hmm… fifth… I really want to get the only two games that national magazines had the Redskins winning out of the way so I know that the rest of the season will be awful……………(jerks)………….

Greg – Arizona Cardinals. Do the Redskins really have the secondary to match the deep threats of the Cardinals? They are a big play just waiting to happen at any moment. And normally I would not pick a West to East coast team, however for some reason I’m just not feeling the Redskins in this one. They performed beyond any expectations last week and I don’t see them playing mistake free football again.

Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers

Andrew – Green Bay. Hmm, Packers just beat Superbowl winning Drew Brees and the high powered Saints offense so I don’t think Cam Newton will hold a candle to Brees’ performance, no matter how much ESPN/NFL Network raves about Newton’s weak one performance against what seems to be an awful awful Cardinals secondary. I’m hoping the Packers puts the Panthers back in their place at the bottom of the league.

Greg – Green Bay Packers. This is my lock pick for the week. Yeah Cam had a great week, but he still lost. The Panthers don’t have much else going on, and after watching the Packers offense light up the Saints, I expect the same to be done to the Panthers, except not close.

Sunday, September 18th, 2011 4:oo Games

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers

Andrew – Dallas. The Cowboys will be looking to bounce back from their awful melt down against the Jets, not that I don’t wish they don’t do it against the 49ers but that would just be the most ridiculous thing to ever happen in football. Romo will get his good spot in the light after he puts up solid numbers against San Francisco.

Greg – Dallas Cowboys. They better get back quick or they could slip into the Cowboys funk of just not trying/falling apart again.

San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots

Andrew – New England. “Oh Tom Brady! Let me S your D!” – ESPN. I get it, that was a huge game for Tom Brady, and he deserves all the accolades that he is receiving, but it was against a weak Miami secondary, and on the other side of the ball, the Patriot’s defense made Chad Henne look as good as a QB that deserves to be in the league.  San Diego had the number one defense last year so don’t expect the same results from Brady, and if the Patriot’s secondary looks that bad, this game could go sour for Patriots fans pretty quickly (sorry Greg). But, realistically despite all that, special teams can once again kill the Chargers, aaannddd they’re on the Patriot’s home turf, which you can never expect an easy win with that.

Greg – New England Patriots. To Andrew’s comment, almost 200 yards by Henne came in the final two drives of garbage prevent defense! That being said, the secondary is still weak, but the bend but don’t break defense worked — and should work again. The Chargers have always hated the Patriots, and for good reason, a regular season record of 3-5 since 2000 against the Pats, not mention some critical Playoff loses to them (still hate you LT!). Now the Chargers come West to East into the home opener for the Pats (where Brady has told fans to ‘drink early’ to get rowdy). Either way, this game should be interesting/close and could get chippy again.

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins

Andrew – Houston. Miami just let go of cornerback Benny Sapp after he, alone, gave up 517 passing yards to Tom Brady. Oh. Wait. Scratch that. It was a entire secondary and cutting one guy that sucked the most isn’t going to help them against the Texans with Matt Schwab and Andre Johnson. I think the Texans also have some issues that will get exposed in this game, since that first game wasn’t a real test, but I also don’t think the Dolphins will be able to capitalize on all the opportunities they will need to win this one.

Greg – Houston Texans. The Texans (once again) believe this is their year to take the division from the Colts finally (rightfully so). That means they will not play around with some guys who just got torched by the Pats. Oh and the Texans actually have a WR over 6 feet on their team unlike the Pats…

Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos

Andrew – Cincinnati. Denver, what the F!? It was Oakland! Well, I guess you couldn’t beat them last year either. I don’t know, here are my incoherent thoughts on Denver – new coach, but proven, bunch of scrubs looked good last year on offense, now it looks like the offensive line is made of swiss cheese. Defense should be good, but Dumerville can’t stay health? Geez. All I have to say is that I like Bruce G as the back up for Cincinnati and if the Broncos are as inept on offense as they were on Monday night, then this game will sadly fall into the Bengal’s lap.

Greg – Denver Broncos. No way they can lose 2 games to mediocre teams at home right?! The crowd was chanting for Tebow last week, and while he didn’t get to go in, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in some key situations. The Bengals are coming off a nice win thanks to Gradkowski, but I really do not expect anything from them…ever.

Sunday, September 18th, 2011 8:20 PM ET

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

Andrew – Philadelphia. Ok, I don’t think even Chicago was expecting to beat Atlanta like that, but it happened and it may have outlined the path necessary to take down the Falcons. There are a lot of other story lines surrounding this game, including Vick’s return to Atlanta where he probably still has just as many fans as Matt Ryan does. A win on the road in Atlanta will certainly help the Eagles prove that they can be as good as everyone is projecting that they are. If Atlanta bounces back and gets a win at home, then we’re back to extremely muddy waters at the (projected) top of the NFC. Either way, another good game this weekend.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. This game is going to be pretty awesome — BIRD BATTLE! CAAW! I really don’t know what is going to happen in this game, I don’t think that the Falcons will have 7 turnovers again though, that might help guys!! But the Falcons are at home and while the ‘dream team’ comes in with lots of press, the Falcons will be under the radar as they prepare for a breakout win to get back on track.

Monday, September 19th, 2011 8:30 PM ET

St. Louis Rams at New York Giants

Andrew – New York Giants. Man, I was really hoping that the Rams would come out big against the Eagles. There’s still a chance for them to prove that they can play with the big boys now since no one can prep the Rams as well as a former coach can, but with Sam Bradford shook up and St. Louis having more injuries in one day than some teams had all off season, the Giants will bounce back from being the Redskins’ play thing and get their first win.

Greg – New York Giants. I originally wrote the Rams, but my brain told me no. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Giants are good or even better, but I just don’t see the Rams winning this game. If I were the Giants though, I would expect every trick play in the book against me for this MNF game.


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