Marc Forster Discusses Changes to World War Z

15 Sep

While taking a break from filming World War Z to promote his upcoming film Machine Gun Preacher, director Marc Forster was asked by MTV about the challenges of adapting Max Brooks’ novel to the big screen. SlashFilm posted the interview HERE.

As they point out, fan reaction to the news that the film is taking a major change of course from the book has not been good. But Forster maintains that they are keeping the “spirit” of the book the same. Although he did admit that he expects more “conversation” from fans (a.k.a. relentless complaining on the Internet) about his choice of zombie movement. Forster hints that not all zombies may be slow, decrepit corpses but rather could be the wild, fast infected from films like 28 Days Later or the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake. This leaked video from the set could show us what to expect:


So while to diehard fans World War Z will most likely join the ranks of “not as good as the book” films,  all the hype surrounding a movie that isn’t due out until December 2012 has got to leave Forster and his producers with a good feeling.

Until then, there’s always The Kibitzers’s Fan-Made World War Z Trailer to keep fans a critics occupied:


One Response to “Marc Forster Discusses Changes to World War Z”

  1. Benjamin Compson-Lawson May 15, 2012 at 5:04 am #

    I realize that on your blog you folks clarify that your trailers are fan-made, but for those of us perusing the Youtube site: could you PLEASE post your videos using a different site?? Or possibly just not on a popular site unless you clarify in the thumbnail that your videos are, in fact, fan-made? I mean, at least acknowledge this in the description! By not doing so, and claiming on Youtube that these videos are real, and taking liberties with the property of other directors as you see fit, I’m quite sure you’re breaking some copyrights that (if major internet legislation were to pass) could get you into some serious trouble. Beyond that, it’s cumbersome and annoying to those of us who are actually trying to find legitimate movie trailers!!

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Yours sincerely,
    Benjamin Compson-Lawson

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