2011 NFL Week One Predictions

8 Sep

Football is back! We are all pretty excited around here and despite being quiet with our predictions about the lock out (remember that was this summer? Feels like forever ago), the free agency, the preseason, and pretty much everything else football related since the Superbowl, we haven’t lost touch with our ability to pick teams at random. So here we go….

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers 8:30 PM

Andrew – Green Bay. People are already saying could be a preview of the NFC Championship game. Uhhh let’s calm down people. New Orleans is always exciting, but I’m not sure they will ever be as dominate as the year they won the Superbowl. With a shake up in the backfield and some leaders lost on defense, this team might take some time to gel again. I’m also not all up on Green Bay as the rest of the NFL world is.  I understand that they were injured last year, and once they got healthy they won the Superbowl. I also know that they pretty much have the same team as last year. I know all of that. And even though I have a some weird man-love for Aaron Rodgers, I just have the feeling that defenses will adjust and I’m not convinced that some of the more injury prone players will stay healthy. I’m not saying they’ll be bad, just won’t be Superbowl repeat champions. That’s not that bad.

Greg – Green Bay. I’m going with the home team here and oh yeah, the defending Superbowl Champs who have a few more offensive weapons back healthy now. I know the Saints offense always comes out hot and ready for a show, but I don’t see how their defense can do much of anything. Name me one starter on their defense right now. Mmmhmmm.

Genesis –

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM

Andrew – Atlanta. I never have faith in Chicago. I don’t think Jay Cutler will ever be leader that he needs to be. I don’t think the offensive line will ever be able to keep Jay Cutler upright. Also, I’m not that impressed with their wide receivers. Once again, the fate of the team rests on the shoulders of the Defense, which obviously can’t score as many points as Atlanta’s improved offense.

Greg – Atlanta Falcons. I think this Falcons team could go prettttty far this year. Steady qb, great running game, and a new duo of WRs to team up on defenders. This should be a decent test to gauge how they will be throughout the year though, Bears will put up a fight.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM

Andrew –  Cleveland. The Bengals are falling apart at the seems, and will soon take over being the laughing stock of the NFL in place of Detroit, Washington (thank god), St. Louis, and Miami. On the flip side, I’m convinced the Browns are on the up and up. I like the way their defense played the second half of the year and they seem to have a solid core of young players that the teams is building around. I’m not saying they will be championship material anytime soon, but if they keep this up, Cleveland could finally have something to cheer about.

Greg – Cleveland Browns. This one could really go either way actually. I mean, they’re both going to be bad right? And Peyton Hillis will most certainly get hurt in the first three games with his Madden curse now. But I BELIEVE they are the better team here, the Bengals are in disarray, would be a devastating loss for the Browns to lose this one.

Rest of the picks after the jump!

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM 

Andrew – Kansas City. Oh I forgot to throw these two teams in as embarrassing as well. I don’t have much to say about these teams, to be honest. I think both quarterbacks are mediocre at best, but I’ll toss it up to the Chiefs since they have more offensive weapons than the Bills.

Greg – Kansas City Chiefs. I think the Chiefs will be pretty decent this year and might slip in for a Wild Card run — quite contrary to what my counterpart Andrew believes. And sadly the Bills once again are just a mess. Stuck in the AFC East without many promising players to look forward to the future. But their fans are still the greatest right!?

Genesis –

Philadelphia Eagles at St. Louis Rams 1:00 PM

Andrew – Eagles. This game will be closer than people will think. On paper, the Eagles should totally dominate the Rams, but Steve Spagnuolo knows the Eagles well and will have his defense running on all cylinders to keep up with the Eagle’s high powered offense. What’s up with the Eagles’s defensive coordinator? I get that they have an expensive secondary, but uhhh that’s not a good way to start the season.

Greg – Philadelphia Eagles. I agree with Andrew, the Rams will be in the game…for the first half. A few tweaks at halftime and the Eagles will wear down the Rams until the scoreline reads something like 33-17.

Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Andrew – Lions. I love this match up. I feel like these two teams are going to be good for years to come, even though I hate Matthew Stafford because he’s only healthy long enough to beat the Redskins. Anyways, the Lions have a defense that, despite injuries, can absolutely wreck opposing quarterbacks. Either way I’m excited for this game, which you would never have heard me say 3-4 years ago.

Greg – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes they looked awful in preseason and the Lions looked like they might be unstoppable, but remember when the Lions went 4-0 in preseason and 0-16 in the season? I think Tampa still has the better team right now but this one could go either way.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM

Andrew –

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM

Andrew – Baltimore. If the Saints/Packers game is a preview of the NFC Championship, this very well could be the preview for the AFC. Both teams are as solid as they have been in years past, despite getting slightly long in the tooth on defense. This could really be a coin flip, but since I’m not a Big Ben fan, I think Joe Flacco will step up and lead his team to victory here.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 1:00 PM

Andrew – Houston. Without Peyton Manning, Indianapolis is the winner for the Andrew Luck lottery. This could be potentially be the worst year for the Colts, even if Peyton Manning comes back.  Houston is a pretty solid team all around, if their defense can hold up, this will be their year to win the division.

NY Giants at Washington 4:15 PM

Andrew – Washington. Purely homer pick here. I think the injuries to the  Giants secondary along with the loss of Kevin Boss and Steve Smith have set the Giants back a step, which could just be the opening the Redskins need to steal one early in the season.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers 4:15 PM

Andrew – San Francisco. Ugh why does the season open with these awful match ups. Sorry West Coast, you have some awful awful teams.

Minnesota Vikings at San Diego Chargers 4:15 PM

Andrew – San Diego. San Diego can score quickly and from any point in the field, and their defense can help maintain that lead by being on of the league’s best last year. Although I think Donovan will a good fit in Minnesota and you can’t under estimate Adrian Peterson, if Minnesota gets too far behind in the score, I don’t know if Donovan will have the ability to lead this offense from behind.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals 4:15 PM

Andrew – Arizona. I think Kevin Kolb is everything that Arizona was hoping for, which isn’t to mean that he’s going to be the best quarterback ever, but he can throw an accurate ball deep enough to get it to Larry Fitzgharold.

Dallas at NY Jets 8:20 PM


New England at Miami 7:00 PM

Andrew – New England. For the first time ever in a while, New England made some splashes in the free agency… no that’s not a fat joke on Albert Haynesworth and how big of a splash I think he would make in a cannonball contest. Anyway… Miami should have some new weapons, and they do always give New England a hard time, but I would be surprised if Miami was actually that good this year.

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos 10:15 PM

Andrew – Denver. I really don’t like this match up, mainly because I couldn’t careless. But, that being said, Denver’s defense is legit and despite some low profile offensive weapons, they put up some good numbers last year. On the other hand, Oakland is probably the most mismanaged team of all time. They are the Redskins of the AFC West, it’s horribly embarrassing, which is probably why they put this game at 10:15 ET so no one has to watch it.


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