In Memoriam: 2011 Summer Movies

31 Aug

Well it’s the end of August everyone, and as we turn our calendars to September we also turn the page on the Summer of blockbusters that was 2011. A lot of movies came into this year (many of which we previewed!) with tons of hype only to underperform, while others surprised and are still holding strong in the box office. We even had the same movie from 2009 come out again! So once again we employed our own Andrew Smith to take to the edit bay and make a memoriam. A way for the Kibitzers to say farewell to the Summer and give you the viewer a reminder of what movies did well — and what movies flopped.

So sit back and take in the movies, they are arranged from lowest opening weekend to highest. And before you get all technical and start complaining about us not taking in natural disasters or number of movie theaters it opened in, too bad — that would’ve been tons of work. Enjoy it for what it is. Try not to tear up as we go through the films either.

We even put together a great interactive visualization for you to play with…HERE!


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