World War Z Trailer Unearthed

22 Aug

If you’re a diehard, brainless zombie fan like we at Kibitzers are, you probably often ask yourself why are there so many terrible zombie movies out there. I mean seriously, how hard is to make a good film about the living dead? Well, Paramount Pictures is taking a shot (remember- aim for the brain) at the classic horror genre with an adaptation of Max Brook’s novel, World War Z. While details are still murky as to how similar the movie will be to the book, we know that Brad Pitt is starring as United Nations special agent, Gerry Lane. Whether Agent Lane is traveling the world to interview survivors of the zombie war or racing against time to stop the spread of the infection remains unclear (read more about the controversy here). Either way, we’ve got high hopes for a zombie film with some big names and a big budget.

While the film is scheduled for release in December of 2012, we know eager fans are dying (and then promptly returning to life) to catch a glimpse of what this epic zombie movie will look like. So as not to incite more hateful rants on YouTube, let me clarify that this is our fan-made trailer for what we think (and hope) World War Z will look like:


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