A Trailer within a Trailer

4 May

No, you’re not dreaming (or are you?). Yes, this is fake (or is it?). While you sit around questioning reality and searching for the answer to that splinter in your mind, enjoy our latest trailer (or is it a trailer within a trailer?) BRAAAAAHHM! Take a break from your philosophical musings of self and subconsciousness and pretend for a second that Leonardo DiCaprio and his team of agents are trying to imprison you in your own dreams while Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne lead the resistance against them.  Give it a cool name like the Latin word for dream, Somnium (although I couldn’t resist making the Inceptrix logo), and you have the next mind-bending, action-packed blockbuster. It would make a cool movie (or has it been done already?). BRAAAAAAAHHM!


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